This is all the more reason why the black community needs to work harder than ever to defend and support our sistas against such bullshit.

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Davey-D-brown-frameNot a good week for sisters… First we have Rollingstone Magazine releasing their much ballyhooed 50 Greatest Hip Hop Songsof all times. They assembled a panel of 33 artists taste makers, label executives etc.. As they scoured through over 30 years of recorded material, Rollingstone and their panel could only come up with 3 female artists who put out songs worthy of being on their Top 50 list  Missy Elliott who was 38, Lauryn Hill (45), Salt-n-Pepa (46)…So sisters were told don’t trip after all,  who cares about a damn rap chart?  There are bigger fish to fry..

Perhaps that bigger fish was tennis star Caroline Wozniacki who has been accused of doing a ‘racist’ impersonation of fellow tennis player Serena Williams. During an exhibition match in Brazil against Maria Sharapova,Wozniacki stuffed her bra and shorts to replicate the body of the curvaceous Serena. She then strutted around…

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  1. They have been resentful of the Williams sisters every since they hit the tennis court.Tennis is an a white elitist sport and some racist non black people just can’t take it that a black woman is successful. But Serena continues to boldly show these racist jerks with her strong confident style. They hate to see a strong black queen. Maybe it scares them. As for the sister with the short hair responding to that racist jerk’s response about her hair that is some b.s. there too. I think that is messed up they fired her because of this. I get so tired of this racist crap here in the United Snakes of Amerikklan. It’s an on going fight for sisters and brothers.

  2. When overweight news anchor Jennifer Livingston responded to a viewers derogatory comments about her appearance on air she didn’t get fired. But I forget African Americans don’t get a pass for responding to negative comments. I’ve read other comments in other blogsites and people feel she should not have responded. I guess we are just supposed to take everything lying down. Some commenters said she is at fault for bringing race in the situation. This is so tired black women always having to defend their hair.

    1. In our society, it is always the fault of the POC for brining race up when the comment has a racial undertone to it. The male viewer was pushing his White standard of beauty onto a Black female. He basically said, “You are a nice lady, but please do something about that Negroid hairstyle because, although it is part of your heritage and you have a right to be proud, it makes my White ass uncomfortable because non-European hair scares me.”

    2. And some pissants say Ms. Lee made it about ‘race’ when the asshole who wrote the comment in the first place called her a ‘black lady’. But oh it’s not about race right now I see king of the douchebags Greg Couch is defending Wozniacki by claiming she and Serena are ‘friends’ and that Serena is ok with it. Well if that’s true then Serena is just as big of a fool as Wozniacki.

      1. That’s what I don’t understand about the first case you mentioned. The second case with Serena and Wozniacki doesn’t negate the fact that people are offended by this even IF they weren’t.

  3. Ugh, this is just a huge version of the “tone argument”! Someone says something racist to a black person, tries to “correct” her appearance (because, its so damn hard to respect a black woman on her own merit, its much better to criticize her on something superficial! And as we know, all white men have ownership over black women and their hair), and the PoC is the one punished for not taking it.

    Black people, more than any PoC, are expected to follow the legacy of their ancestors as “servants” with no rights on their person. You, as a black person, are expected to nod and say okay, even feel grateful that some idiot decided to police your body and denigrate your hard work, because your “black”, and therefore you are flawed and must always be reminded of that fact. Ms. Lee should have been “grateful” that a single, likely much less accomplished, white man decided to grace her with his criticisms. The logic is thus: She was wrong in feeling any sort of self satisfaction or pride in her person. In wearing the short style she wore, she was displaying pride in her “blackness” enough that it set off red flags in a white man. And in responding to this in a way that did not acquiesce to such disrespect, she broke another taboo, hence she lost her job.

    You are not supposed to stand up and correct the bigot, no matter how off kilter he is. If you don’t have the good graces of a white person who is willing to play “defender”, you aren’t entitled to feel any pride in yourself. And God help you if you have enough self confidence to fight back. Then your the Sapphire “harpy” who wasn’t “professional” and you suddenly deserve to lose your job.

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