Video: The Fresh Outlook: Misrepresentation of Minorities and Women in Hollywood

Thanks New Black Man

What are your thoughts?


9 thoughts on “Video: The Fresh Outlook: Misrepresentation of Minorities and Women in Hollywood

  1. I don’t know dude; seems like another attempt from white women to claim their “minority” status. As of now, i am always skeptical when i see the words women and minority in the same sentence. It is usually code name for feel bad for white women and help them get to the top with white men…

    btw, did you read the first link i posted in the open thread?

    1. Yes, but was it towards a specific comment or at the post itself?

      I think when they’re talking about women, they’re talking about women in general. But you’re right, white women have a leg up when given certain roles. Yet, even they get sexualized in some starring roles. In any case white women have privileges over women of color. Yet, they don’t have quite as much as white men. So, the issue is more complex than realized.

      1. I have always found it strange that women were considered a minority in American when we are actually the majority. And, yes, whenever women’s issues come to the forefront, it is really about White women, not women of color.

        Also, the fact that one of the White men in the video got beligerent when the Black man said that Denzel Washington did not get “a look” for “Malcolm X” spoke volumes. He was quick to mention Denzel’s Oscar nomination for Best Actor, however, the Black guy swiftly let him know that he lost for a positive role and later won for a negative one. That point was reiterated with Halle Berry’s win for “Monster’s Ball” and not “Introducing Dorothy Dandrige” which was an HBO film and other roles for Black actors and actresses. I agree with everything that he said. Hollyweird has an appetite for Black negativity. Black positivity falls by the wayside.

  2. @Mickey,

    What i mean is this: the term “women” in this society as it is being used in the clip is default for white women. The women of color are included only in the term “minorities”.

    When white women are on television discussing “womanhood” or things that relate to women in terms of economics, education and other opportunities they are in fact referring to only themselves…sorry guys and ladies, i just don’t buy the clip.

    Until women of color gain a platform to talk about us and our communities, i have heard enough of the sob white women’s stories.

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