The Wicked Witch of the Right

Coulter gives you another reason to dislike her while she gets paid for her hatred.

I am all for freedom of speech. I really am. However, freedom is not a license for anarchy or hatred. Those who use their freedom to say the most ignorant and vile things don’t realize that it’s not exclusive to just them. So, if they have the right to talk shit, others have the same right to flush it.

Case in point, Ann Coulter, who has made a living of finding things to hate and talk about them as if they should be disposed of like trash, has once again gave us another reason why many people don’t like her. Some of those people happen to belong to the Latino community.

Coulter wrote an article entitled “America Reaches El Tipping Pointo”. In it she spews her limitless racism blaming Latinos for the Nation’s plight, Mitt Romney’s loss for Presidency and just basically described them as the lazy underclass. She refers to (most of) them as “the poorest of the world’s poor” who apparently came to this country to sit around and have as many babies as possible and live off welfare. Why? Because like what most conservatives believe, people of color (POC) don’t have a good family or work ethic like white people do.

Anyone who’s familiar with Coulter’s “work” knows what to expect: unsophisticated name calling usually directed at Democrats and liberals and malevolence towards POC who are seen as “the problem” with American society all while making money off of her venting. Coulter is part of a cult that yearns for the “good ole’ days” where white men rule and POC and women knew their place. Unfortunately for them, those days are gone. Yet, they hold on to it like ticks on a dog’s ass hoping those days would come back. Coulter is one of the living embodiments of their resentment of losing their power, and they will blame the entire world before realizing that they are at fault.

This latest example of what I like to call Coulterisms is directed towards the Latino community as the saga with immigration policies moves on to a new chapter. Coulter is going mad with fear over the changing demographics to the point where she demonizes a community using baseless and racist claims. She operates from the white racist mentality of ethnic exclusion, painting Latinos as worthless bums who are invading this nation in droves. Again, her article is based on nothing substantial or empirical. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains:

“According to a study released by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a non-partisan group that works on fiscal policies to help low-income Americans, Hispanics made up 16 per cent of the population in 2010 but received just 12 per cent of benefits. In contrast, non-Hispanic whites accounted for 64 per cent of the population and received 69 per cent of entitlement benefits.

Please keep in mind that some people believe that Latino immigrants are “stealing” jobs away from Americans. Now, you have pundits like Coulter saying that they’re lazy and live off welfare. This is not unlike the usual perception of blacks. Most people, especially white, claim that most blacks are poor because they lack a work ethic. They are lazy, in other words. Yet, when there are blacks who have attained good careers, and they are, they cry foul and blame affirmative action. Look at how they are treating Barack Obama for instance. It shows that there are no good POC in the minds of these sheltered clowns. You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.

And another thing, if most people who are on welfare are non-Hispanic whites, then why are people on the Right believe otherwise? It’s no surprise that the GOP is possessed by blind, twisted faith and mind numbing ignorance, and they know there are a lot of people, particularly mostly white and some POC of any economic class, who are just as lost. They play on that reason to get support using mostly racism as their mind control device. They use the poorer (not necessarily the poorest) population against their best interests in order to maintain their power by demonizing POC – among other things, and when they get that power, the faithful voters are discarded still keeping their faith.

This is why Coulter and her conservative clique is dangerous to this nation’s stability. They don’t really love America. They would rather see it destroyed than getting over their isms and phobias. They don’t mind lying, hating or stirring fear as long as they get fame and fortunate in return. Whoever gets hurt will have to suffer for the sake of the Right.


24 thoughts on “The Wicked Witch of the Right

      1. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard a peep from her concerning some of her Republican politicians regarding their views on women and rape. Makes you think.

  1. Anne Coulter has mad a career out of the stupid feces that spews from her stupid mouth. I guess that’s her job to yank people’s chains. Maybe if we ignore this idiot it will go away. I guess she is what they call a provocateur. I can’t stand her.

  2. And just because she’s bumping uglies with Jimmy JJ Walker she thinks that gives her a pass to make comments about the African American community. *eyes rolling*

  3. The presidential elections have been over for a month and some days and Queen Ann is still singing the same racist song. I guess those two pie throwers got sick and tired of yaking.I know I’am.

  4. Racist whites make my head hurt. How in heck can Mexicans be lazy yet steal the jobs of Americans? They are so delusional it is not even funny. Many of them fear that when they become the minority that POC are going to treat them exactly how they treated us for years.

    1. Exactly, the statement you made in the beginning is an example of those “damned if you do or don’t” statements. POC are just no good to them, and they hate to admit for the fear of looking like racists.

      1. Not only that, you have people making racist comments and then saying, “But I’m not racist.” That’s just like a middle-aged man having sex with a 10-year old child and then turing around an saying, “But I’m not a pedophile.” Or a man having sex with another man and saying, “But I’m not a homosexual.” What were we told as kids – actions speak louder than words.

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