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Interracial crime of white criminals against innocent blacks continue to be a problem in this society. Yet, black people can not express their outrage over such crimes without getting saddled with reminders from others that we should really be upset over (so-called) black-on-black crime. Sadly, some of those people who feel it is their job to tell what to feel to what are members of the black community.

I used to be one of those black men who thought we were our own problem. I didn’t want to blame the white man. And I thought something was wrong with us. It wasn’t until I did some heavy duty reading and research that I discovered that the problems facing some black communities across this nation were not entirely our fault. Yes, I still believe that we, as a people, must take accountability for what’s going on. The thing is we have, and part of the time, some black people take all accountability.

The problem is that if we conclude that we have a certain mental pathologies coming from some primitive fluke in our culture, we would ignore the realities that institutional racism still has a significant impact on communities of color. In a sense we would excuse any and all policies and actions taken against us because we believe that it is in our best interests. It is anything but.

It is not in our best interest to become the last hired and the first fired, become always suspect and getting shot because of it  and imprisoned at such stupefying rates. It has done more harm than good in the community. It’s not because we give society reasons to see us as undesirable criminals. It is because they see us that way due to the sickness of racism, and they want to make sure many of us do not progress.

Think about it this way: You’ve been in prison on a felony conviction. After you’re released – if you’re released, and apply for employment, you must indicate that you have been to prison. As a black felon the chances of you gaining any kind of immediate employment are slim.

Now, time passes and you’re still jobless. You’ve tried your hardest, but no one wants to hire you. You need money for food. What could you do?

Chances are you will end up breaking the law in order to get some money. You don’t want to, but you have to do something to survive another day. You may rob a store, burglarize a home or sell drugs. You don’t like to do it. You know you will risk going back to prison or killed, but since no one wants to give you an honest learning, what is there to do?

People, including blacks, must get it through their heads that we are not some sort of criminal race who lives for trouble and violence. Most black criminals are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They are poor, stuck between a rock and a hard place. Society pretty much has gave up on them. So, they have no choice but to commit crimes, including the violent ones.

This is not to ask for sympathy for the thugs and gangsters, but they are the end result of a system design to make sure they never advance. Some are fortunate enough to succeed above and beyond expectations. However, many are caught in the abyss of failure and destruction. It is society’s greatest shame to find excuses to allow this to happen continuously.