Lighter Notes

I’ve been thinking about the topics of my blog lately. Most of them deal with white racism from the point of view of an individual black male. My perspective is not universal, especially among other black men, but I digress. While I have said it’s hard out there for a black man, and black women as well, I should still try to balance things out with the content on this blog. Most of what is posted, my yours truly, is mostly depressing. Even though what I’ve written was imperative, I should try to look at other views including those of a lighter nature.

Brotha Wolf is a blog in search of truth and justice. It talks about issues often silenced by the mainstream and caused by the mainstream. However, I failed to give the viewers a variety of subjects. It is mostly due to my ignorance of many subjects discusses in socially conscious blogs such as the ones in the list on the right. Plus, I try not to overstep my boundaries and present myself as an arrogant know-it-all talking about subjects I know little about. Still, I managed to touch on a few, but I prefer that someone who’s well experienced and knowledgeable in those areas.

Part of the reason for guest blog entries is for some people to express their views on issues that affect them. I want them to tell it how it is from their point of view. Some opinions differ and is not agreeable by everyone including myself. Yet, I am very grateful of their entries.

Another thing I’ve considered is the balance of the tones of my blog. Most of the entries are, needless to say, depressing. So, I’m thinking about producing more lighter blog posts. I will not discontinue writing for truth. However, I must learn that life isn’t always dark especially for people of color.

Lastly, and some people may disapprove, but I will lighten up on white people. I will still talk about white racism, white supremacy, etc., but I will not condemn an entire group. There are some good white folks out there, some of them are truly aware of what’s going on. But, there are whites in this world who are truly lost just like some people of color are blind to the realities of the world around them and beyond. I can not hate en entire group of people, including some whites who do not deserve it. That’s not saying that I will suddenly become a black conservative and kiss white ass, but to resent an entire group will not help anyone including myself. I am aware of the crimes and privileges of White Americans, but I don’t nor can I hate them.

There will be some changes made, and I hope you all will help me.


6 thoughts on “Lighter Notes

  1. while I applaud your post, whites have NEVER eased up on us for 500 years so why give them the courtesy?

    Expose them at every chance you get. Spread knowledge of what racism is, how it hurts us and how to heal from it.

    I will.

    1. I will, but I simply can’t wage a war against an entire group. I will continue doing posts on racism and its effects, but I will also contemplate on lighter subjects in the near future.

  2. What honesty. As a reader of your site I have to commend your self-reflection. I am hard on Whiteness. It is one of the greatest evils in modern history. Whiteness hurts white people spiritually, ethically, and morally. Sadly too few realize that fact. The challenge is to separate white people as individuals from the social constructs which drive mass behavior relative to a given person. Never forget Brother Brown, the nameless white abolitionists, and our allies in the Civil Rights Movement who like most could have looked the other way but risked their lives to stand on the line with us.

    I love my white brothers and sisters as human beings. I love them as I love all people. That isn’t easy and it is a long journey I am still struggling with. But, once you make that cognitive distinction life is a lot happier, easier, and good. Plus, the love principle creates many opportunities that I will leave unstated.

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