America Is Uncivilized

Why pledge allegiance to a country that doesn’t care about you?

The following will contain a considerable amount of what some will call “anti-Americanism”. Viewer discretion is advised. 

I’m angry and depressed again. That’s nothing new, of course. I’m vexed as hell over the past few days over recent incidents.

First, I’m still trying to wrap my head about – yet, another shooting of unarmed black teenager by a white male over some music. I can already predict that the usual racist sites will try to demonize the victim and turn the shooter into a hero. I can feel it in my soul that the shooter will likely get punished lightly for his crime. Hell, some fools don’t even see it as a crime as the white man was just “protecting himself”.

Second, this blow-up by white folks over Obama’s election has gotten crazy. Still, I’m not surprised, which in itself is sad as hell. I heard that in New York, a black couple was attacked by two white males over Obama’s re-election. From what I’ve heard, there was some blood spilled which obviously meant that some punches and kicks were thrown. I’ll give you three guesses as to who was doing the punching and kicking.

Third, someone send me a link about a married black couple murdered in front of their children. The suspect is a white male who, witnesses says, was shooting a gun in the neighborhood while the brotha was playing basketball with his son. The brotha asked the dude if he would stop firing his gun. Moments later the old man came to the house and shot them them while the children watched!

Finally, and I get into much detail over this last one, but it’s fucked up the way children are brought up in a society that cares less about their safety and future. I know little kids who are literally struggling to survive. Their parents are screwed up by a screwed up society whose general mentality is “Let them eat cake.” So, it’s not so surprising when I hear of the violence they witness. It weighs heavily on their precious hearts, and helps turn them cold to the hostile world around them. Society has turned it’s back on them. Yet, it turns around and cast all blame on them as if they were born that way.

I’m going to come out and say it. I know I will risk the attraction of pseudo-patriots who will consider my message “anti-American”. I know there will be people who will say to themselves, or to me, that if I don’t like it here, I should go back to Africa as if I was born there to begin with, as if my ancestors came here on their own free will. I know some will, as expected, will call me a racist because, you know, white people can do no wrong. But I will keep it real regardless, and the reality is that America, the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”, the country of baseball and apple pie, the nation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness where hard work and moral values can help you achieve the American Dream, the America that some consider is the greatest country in the world ever is an UNCIVILIZED nation.

How dare I talk about America like that? How dare I not? I’m using one of the amendments that grants me freedom of speech, especially if it’s against the priceless facade of what America is. I don’t have the luxury or the privilege to live in la-la land. I can’t afford to, not while the world around me is coming apart.

How is America uncivilized? The following questions will answer that:

What kind of civilized nation is born from violence, murder, rape, slavery and oppression against certain people on the basis of an apocryphal doctrine of supremacy based on skin color?

What kind of civilized nation would then rewrite such histories to cover its own ass and brainwash the people into learning a fake history that all must know in order to progress in an education system geared towards the programming of its citizens into having love and pride in a dysfunctional order?

What kind of civilized nation would hold on to excuses as to not talk about its own pathologies such as racism, sexism, ageism, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia, and any other kinds of isms and phobias you can think of that does nothing but divide society and allow the hyper-wealthy to gain more wealth, power and freedom to do what they want even if it fucks up the entire world?

What kind of civilized society criminalizes groups of people based on color, ethnicity, sexuality and religion and will allow it to continue in the name of justice?

What kind of civilized society’s justice system is organized so that crime will continue and that criminals return to prison instead of helping them find employment all in the name of “corrections”?

What kind of civilized society would not only allow the inflow of drugs to enter communities, but will support it in an effort to create this fake form of judicial oppression against (only) poor people of color better known as the War on Drugs?

What kind of civilized society would maintain its mindset of blaming any and all victims for problems not largely their fault and not advocate accountability to the those who greatly cause such problems in the first place?

There are numerous questions to ponder. Yet, some people consider it wrong and “un-American”. This and more makes me want to holler. It is a painful reality that one can only do so much in such a disturbed and troubled country.  The job I have and this blog is all I can do right now. In the end this frustration will go away and will be replaced by another reminder that I live in savage republic of deceit and hatred that seems to continue to no end.


11 thoughts on “America Is Uncivilized

  1. If this post could be two Marvin Gaye songs It would be Inner City Blues And What’s Going On? All this madness does indeed make you want to holler and throw up both your hands.

  2. @Brotha Wolf
    I totally agree with you. I’m starting to think you’re reading my This is one of your best posts I’ve seen since following you. I actully got into a big debate about three years ago repeating the very things you say i this post. They just don’t “get” it. I guess you have to be in the oppressed group to truly understand what we deal with. I used to love debating whites in person(and internet) about racism and oppression. But it’s a lost cause. They either don’t understand–or don’t care since it doesn’t directly affect them. But I’ve pretty much stopped doing it.
    I like those questions you asked at the very end. The question about criminalizing certain groups of people got me to thinking about an interview with the late great author Amos Wilson. He was asked about black on black crime and how it correlates to powerlessness. Here’s part of the interview:

    Interviewer: So you’re saying that the rising tide of Black-on-Black crime is a direct result of the position of powerlessness that we currently occupy vis-a-vis the restructuring global economy?

    WILSON: Yes, to a very great extent. We don’t think of crime as serving a social function. Some people’s negative behavior serves the interest of other people. For instance, Black children dropping out of school serves the interests of other people’s children, who then don’t have Black people to compete against. Our dropping out becomes a service to those who then can enter the positions for which we are no longer in competition…. As a matter of fact, during the first reconstruction, Blacks were robbed of the 40 acres and a mule promised them by the U.S. government as part of the REPARATIONS for slavery. A lot of people think that’s just a myth; but that was an actual act of Congress. This would have given Blacks an economic leg up, an economic independence which would have served as a platform for our political independence as well…. the white planter recognized that if you gave Black people this kind of land, they would not be able to use them in the cotton fields; they wouldn’t be able to profit from their destitution. It’s important to understand how you actually create poverty in a people so that you can use their services. You strip them of everything; therefore, they become utterly dependent upon you, and you use their dependency as a means of creating your own wealth and power.

    Black people aren’t poor by accident. This serves the interest of somebody. The energy that we put into hurting each other is the energy that we can’t use to compete against other people. The stereotypes of Black-on-Black crime serve as a justification for other people to take advantage of us. But in a deeper sense, it serves to hide the criminality of whites. It makes us think that whites in America are not criminals and have not created a criminal.

    I couldn’t agree more.

      1. This is true, but of course there’s been a great deal of effort expended in this country to make sure that black people especially stay poor, so that kicks it back to what Wilson was saying. Not to say that there aren’t deliberate policies to keep poor whites poor, of course, but they’re not targeted. That is to say, there’s a whole lot of policies aimed at keeping poor people poor, and those affect everyone who’s poor, but there’s a whole extra suite of policies aimed specifically at Black poor people, which I think is what Wilson was getting at. I’m just basing that on what was quoted above; I’ve not read the book in question, although I now want to.

  3. civilized society ,civilized nation all civilized means is that your socity has cities.
    That it would mean you have a standard of conduct based on higher moral standards such as truth honor dignity etc is a misnomer.

    Also while the events you indicate are tragic horrible and unfortunate they are by no means restricted exclusively to african/black/melaniated americans.

    Any cusory examination of the news will show that every group of sapiens on this planet has its share of this type of shit.

    And while its easy to focus on the us vs them of it,what about when its us vs us?!

    Also I have to wonder ,whats really going on in your life (and/or what occured earlier) that you would consistently and exclusively focus on the negative, not that you don’t do it will skill wit and eloquence – but still?!

    1. Mbeti,

      The thing is that a lot of people especially those on right, think that this country is civilized when it’s general mentality and worldview is mostly barbaric.

      The tragic events I talked about are by no means exclusive to Black Americans, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t speak out on them, especially since it could happen to me at anytime, anywhere. With Black Americans, some events reopen racial wounds, the wounds this nation has yet to treat.

      Yes, I can focus on us versus us. In fact I have, but my problem is that society thinks that’s what it’s all about. They never want to find what it was that made us fight against each other and we can’t have that discussion without bringing up white supremacy. That is where we talk about them versus us, and that’s where it will be harder to do.

      I know I should bring up more positive posts to balance things out. Right now, the negatives are coming up more often and I see more of that than the positives.

  4. I totally agree with you (and I am white, myself). This country is not only uncivilized, but it is insane. The horrific scenes from the ’60s have come back. It sickens me and saddens me. It should not have to be this way. The wealthy elite have put into play a system that, as you said, divides us, and sets us against one another, because it takes our eyes off the corruption and Big Brother laws being instituted to keep society divided. I’m scared to live in this country now.

  5. To all those who are wondering why for 400 hundreds yrs why the Black Hebrews in this So call American are suffering so, for 400 hundreds we have been trying to get on our’s feet, this uncivilized American has done everything in it power to hold us back, It kill all of our leader’s, it took our names, language, culture, minds, body, skin color, our freedom, we are invisible, Y would America do this ? Because they don’t give a fuck about US!!!

  6. America dont give a fuck about the lost 43 million Black Hebrews here in her, we have lost everything that may us human, we are invisible, and we are kill ourselves daily, in if Almighty GOD don’t help US we are going to walk off the planet.

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