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The War on Women Continues: This morning I woke up to disturbing news about a woman who was shot to death while riding her bike near Longfellow school in Berkeley. I’m not sure why she was killed nor do I know her name but what immediately came to mind were the two teenage girls, Bobbie Sartain and her best friend Raquel Gerstel shot over 40 times in Oakland the other week…

What also came to mind was the recent kidnap and sexual assault of an 16-year-old autistic girl, with the mental capacity of a 6 year old. She got separated from her youth facility in East Oakland and was preyed upon by a man who kept her in bondage for 3 days.. Police eventually caught up with 36-year-old  Gary Steven Atkinson, who was long known to be a predator…But the damage is done. Trauma has been inflicted..

All this…

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  1. Violence against women is especially black women is at an all time high. Black male youth it seems it’s open season on black people male and female. Whether the perpetrators be the police or domestic partners and significant others or other black people. It’s just a vicious circle.

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