White People Have a Problem With POC


Be honest. Tell me if the following is illogical and immoral: White people have problems when it comes to people of color (POC).

The reason why I’m talking about this is that I’ve been in a cyclone of an argument with a commenter on another blog about this statement. He told me, in so many words, that my statement is illogical and immoral. He basically makes this claim that it is not rooted in logic and was similar to a racist statement against POC such as “Most black men are prone to crime or deviance” or “Most Latinos in this country are illegal and are ‘stealing’ jobs away from ‘real’ Americans.” The one who wanted to kill my comment and secretly want me to give in and tell him he’s right was a white man supposedly from outside the U.S.

To make a long story short, I, for reasons unknown, took it upon myself to tell him how I could care less. I provided examples to back up my claim. I used white privilege to help support my sentiment. I even tried to tell him that racism is illogical. Still, no matter what, I am wrong. I was the illogical one. And he knows more about logic than I do. After all, he used math to support his argument. So, that must mean he’s right. Right?

*Rubs temples and takes a deep sigh!*

I’ve admitted over and over again that I am no expert in a lot of things I talk about in race-based forums and blog threads. However, I do know that I am a black man in America, a racist white supremacist nation who’s legacy includes the hatred and devaluing of black life up to this moment as you read this. As of right now (at least) one more black youth have been the target of white paranoia. Another racist video against blacks has surfaced. Many white conservatives have lost their minds after President Obama’s re-election to the point where they want to secede from the Union or wish for the President’s death, whichever comes first. And the list goes on and on. So, again, how am I wrong?

The reason for my comment comes from what I see everyday, all the time. They come from my own personal experiences including observing the trolls that appear sporadically in anti-racism sites. They come from the articles I read from other bloggers. They come from the books I’ve read. And they come from the experiences of other POC. Whether or not it is “logical” or not should not be an issue to drag on just to prove a hollow point.

Like I said in a previous post, “I see the world through a different lens as (white people), and my view isn’t always bright and sunny. Most of the time, it’s more clearer than their vision because I’ve experienced things they can not and – for some – will not understand.” So, this leads me to conclude that this back-and-forth about my statement having a lack of logic is an illogical attempt to shut me up for the sake of reciprocating shame and guilt through baseless, empty criticism.

They way I see and interpret the world through my personal perspective should not make it less significant. Even if what I said was illogical, that doesn’t mean it’s not important to contemplate especially if there are tons of evidence to bolster it.

And this thing about it being immoral doesn’t make sense. You see, according to the commenter, again, I have made a generalization about the white race, and that is just wrong. Like I said, he believes it is just as bad if he were to generalize black people as lazy criminals. In other words what I said was racist.

This same commenter is vehemently enforcing his sense of superior virtue and intelligence on me without realizing that he has appeared as a hypocrite as his sermons have not once been directed at the actual people who have indeed left racist comments. He also has not even considered that the racist mindset in the hands of the power can have disastrous outcomes for POC. And don’t think you can have the last word if you explain that statements such as mine about white people and their racism was not created out of thin air. History and political, economic and social machinations have played outstanding roles for the varying mindsets of today’s POC in this nation. So, shouldn’t it be logical that POC are the way they are because of those instruments?

So, let me ask again. Is the following illogical and immoral: White people have problems when it comes to POC. You check out the beef here.


12 thoughts on “White People Have a Problem With POC

  1. To answer your question. I personally do not see it as immoral or illogical. In my eyes you can’t place logic on a persons experience. I felt like hearing that commenter say that or rather seeing him say that made me feel as if he was saying that others experiences was false or a lie. I can agree that generalizing is wrong, but he refused to give an example of where white racist do not have an issue with people of color.

    I felt more so he was offended by what you said and not the generalization at all. Maybe some secret guilt he is hiding.

  2. I don’t think anything you said was illogical nor immoral. Eco’s brand of “logic” is just so circular and self-serving that there’s simply no winning an argument with him. For someone who is so obsessed with logical thought, he sure seems incapable of actually using it. I’m convinced he’s just talking out his ass in a desperate attempt to prop up and protect his white fee fees.

    I’m also waiting for him to respond to me. Either he didn’t read my comment or he just can’t find some bullshit allegory for “math” to pad his reply to it.

    1. He also denies that he was emotionally charged by the comment. I think he was. Why else would he spend so much time telling me I’m wrong and not explain why? My comment must’ve struck a few nerves with him.

  3. I see what I now understand is the inspiration for this post. I saw that madness over on Abagond’s blog. That eco and all those other idiots were just so unreal. Sharina, tehnoun, darqbeauty you were eloquent in your comments trying to make those racist internet trolls comprehend why we feel the way we do. But you can’t fix stupid. So they will continue to thrive in their ignorance. But you guys fought valiently. That eco was trying to use mathmatics to explain his crazy logic. But he was offended by your comments. The color aroused idiots always get offended when you call them out on their crap. You express yourself and say whatever you want. Screw eco and all the other trolls.

  4. I haven’t had a chance to read the whole thread over there yet, but as I said in the other thread, I think that that’s a perfectly logical, correct, and moral statment to make. It’s true in the same sense that the statement “Americans like football” is true. Not all Americans care about football, or watch it, but football has a huge shadow throughout American culture, and there are a whole slew of cultural artifacts, refereces, etc. that Americans consider commonplace that rely on a basic knowlege of football tropes to understand. Similarly, there are white Americans who don’t have a problem with POCs, but racism has a huge shadow throughout American culture, and there are a whole slew of cultural artifacts, refereces, etc. that Americans consider commonplace that rely on a basic knowlege of racist tropes to understand. And, like football, these tropes are actively propogated by a whole slew of white folks, and a whole bunch more just laugh them off/ignore them, which amounts to having a problem with POCs. [pedant]Also, it’s secede from the nation, not succeed.[/pedant]

    1. The guy I was arguing with thought that what I said applies to all white people. It wasn’t the case. I even made that point, but no. He still wants to harp on that subject.

      Also, thanks for the correction.

  5. Brothawolf,

    Would you ever argue with anybody about whether the earth is round, or water is wet, or fire is hot, or crocs are maneaters?

    Would you ever argue with a 5 year old retard?

    Then why would you argue with albinos about racism?

    Of course, those are all rhetorical questions. You don’t owe me an answer or explanation.The point is, arguing with these anti humans just pedastalizes them and dignifies their willful ignorance. You know the truth, let it set you free. You don’t need corroboration from a bunch of INSANE, SOCIOPATHIC, NEANDERTHAL NUTCASES who HATE truth and LOVE to deceive.

    If I could make a suggestion it would be to give them the time and attention they deserve: NONE.

  6. To put that picture in perspective, the guy in it is Heinz-Christian Strache. He’s a politician in Austria’s anti-immigrant third party who thinks the Tea Party is “highly interesting.”

  7. I get a similar thing when calling out male privilege. I call out a single male person for being a sexist shithead on a single occasion, and all of a sudden I’m a misandrist and an anti-male sexist incapable of thinking clearly through the problem because hormones (though I’m trans, so no one can decide which hormones).

    And I get a similar thing when I speak out against racism specifically targeting indigenous people, in cyberspaces that are not well attended by indigenous peoples (if ever). All of a sudden, I’m racist against white people and worshiping indigenous people as if they are perfect and can do no wrong and never fought wars, even though I didn’t say anything like this at all and was actually saying “stop indigenous genocide, stop denying it, and read from indigenous writers themselves if you think you can’t take my word for it because of my skin colour”. It’s incredibly childish and, as you point out, hypocritical.

    And I HATE the “submit scientific evidence for this claim or I’ll ignore you” and typical western philosophy mental gymnastics just to derail the issue, rather than attempt to engage it sincerely. You just know its going to be followed by claims that calling them out on their social privilege is an ad hominem. Even though privilege is a function of systemic inequality and therefore in no way a personal attribute existing in a vacuum for which I now pick on them by calling them out for it. Guh.

    Keep talking back. Keep your voice raised, and even if you’re pressed to the wall, keel swinging.

    1. “And I HATE the “submit scientific evidence for this claim or I’ll ignore you” and typical western philosophy mental gymnastics just to derail the issue, rather than attempt to engage it sincerely. “

      What annoys me the most about those jackasses is that they have no fucking clue what ‘scientific evidence’ actually consists of in this context. There’s a complete fuckton of empirical evidence regarding the ways that the system is rigged for the benefit of (cis, straight) white men, which is available to anyone for the price of 30 seconds on Google. There are endless studies showing the economic, social, etc problems heaped on minorities, and they all show the same damn results. What the hell do these people think that ‘scientific evidence’ is.

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