The Freedom of Expression

I’ve been a blogger for more than two years. I’ve written a lot of stuff concerning white racism and how it effects communities of colors, especially black communities. And I will continue to do so as long as white racism continues to exist.

I have a right to express myself through this blog, the same rights as all bloggers, including the more racist and sexist ones. Freedom is not reserved for the ones who use for their anarchic purposes to stir up hate and hurt. Just as they have the right to express their repugnance, I have the right to tell them how wrong they are especially if they step to me first.

Not everyone’s going to agree with your statements, and one has to be humble in order to take in criticism. However, there are privileged assholes out there that hate it when you speak your mind. They can’t take it because they think you’re talking about them. In some cases it may be the case especially if you’ve contributed to the pain in some way. Instead of thinking, for only a second, they barf their antipathy right in your face accusing you of being the very thing you’re fighting against. They may call you a racist, sexist or any other unpleasant name that appears in their secluded minds in a attempt to avoid guilt.

To that I say bring it on. Calling me out online will not make me concede to their personalities or lack thereof, let alone make me coward to their imaginary sense of might. As a black man in America, I see the world through a different lens as them, and my view isn’t always bright and sunny. Most of the time, it’s more clearer than their vision because I’ve experienced things they can not and – for some – will not understand. Those who won’t understand have no room to tell me how to think and feel especially if it makes them happy and satisfied in some twisted way.

It’s ¬†frustrating that some of these same drones have the audacity to tell me how wrong I am to think and feel the way I do in a world that essentially caters to their egos. Yet, these same clowns have never, nor will they ever, go to the internet thugs who’s mindset is the descendant of the mentalities that built this nation. It makes me wonder if they know what the hell it means to be a good person.

So, yes. I will continue to talk about white racism and it needs to go away. I will call out the fools that support it, even the ones who don’t even know it. I will speak for myself and allow others to speak for themselves. And if this concerns some of you out there, too fucking bad. Move the hell on.


20 thoughts on “The Freedom of Expression

  1. I get whites on my blog all the damn time. If they don’t like what you have to say, fuck em. This is your house.

    By the way, why are they on a blog designed by a black man? I thought we were niggers?

    1. Good question. If we are inferior to some of these fools, why do they bother to come. My only guess is that they have a complex and they need to reassure themselves that they are “better” by tearing down others. It’s the old bullying tactic.

  2. I am so extremely glad you wrote this. I had the exact same thoughts and more as the debate with eco lodged on for days. The sad part was that he really did not understand the bounds of the things he was saying.

    I personally was particularly disturbed by a few things he said. 1. That he was constantly telling you that you were changing the subject yet if you notice it was him who was quick to change it. 2. He extreme need to argue with you. and 3. His ability to avoid answering any question presented to him. I could never figure out what it is he was actually upset about. I personally do not believe it has anything to do with your generalization as he claims because is it not a fact that if you are a white racist then you do have issues with people of color. That to me is not a generalization. I had to go back and think about that statement myself to realize that. I would love to ask him what the issue truly is, but I don’t want a week worth of excuses and run around from him.

    I am glad you are standing by your statement and should not once change it. He wanted you to change it and if you feel strongly about something, then you should never change for anyone.

    1. I don’t know what eco’s beef was either. When you try to ask him, he never answers the question. I’ve explained it the best I could, but he still wants to hear himself talk. What really tipped me over was that he tried to sucker punch me by saying that I didn’t want the think that a white man was being correct (or something like that). To me that was white maleness showing.

      1. That was derailment on his part. He figured if he can get you mad then he can throw you off your game or get you to stop asking him question that he could not answer.

  3. And I’ve been reading commenting and blogging for a little over a year.
    Brotherwolf was one of the first visitors to my blog.

    Due to the pain which he writes so eloquently about I sometimes skip a post or two; but this man has a rep as someone truthful honorable and sincere.

    I myself strive for the same goals but our opponents (and their really should not be any) are implacable –

    I was already atheist from early childhood –
    and now at 50 from what I’ve learned and experienced –

    people members of our own species are your biggest obstacle and most dangerous threat ,

    and some groups function as predators –

    no different from any of the other animals – insects,reptiles,birds,mammals seemed to be divided into prey and predators –

    and prey “talking” to predators is pointless and futile –

    they didn’t construct themselves they are just functioning according to nature.
    Its the way of life ,your born/jumped in as one or the other or somewhere between and you do your thing until you die

    speaking of which “brotherwolf” is the ONLY active blogger I know to regularly do post mordems ,homages to those who have died (the great equalizer of friend and foe and one of the reasons I grow braver the older I get – because my end just like yours is inevitable) .

    In closing I must say thank you brotherwolf for being you.

  4. I guess white people come to black blogs for different agendas. It’s very naive of me to think that they want to learn about how racism affects black people and people of color. I’m sure as i’m late coming to this thing called the blogosphere that there a things i’m learning about called trolls that just want to yank people’s chains. I thought this would be safe place for black people to talk about their issues about how this thing called white supremacy has affected us. But I’m learning everyday. Just when i thought i had it all figured out i learn i didn’t know anything. But i continue to learn new things everyday. The pen is mightier than the sword. Keep using your words to fight injustice Brotha Wolf.

    1. @ Mary

      I really like what you said and I agree. The thing I realize more than anything is white racist will say so much online and you could not hear a word of them face to face. I have met some white people who genuinely want to learn, but the blunt of them just want to spew hate and anger towards blacks in order to feel better about themselves. I feel they are jealous and afraid. As times change more people are rising against racism. That power they thought they had is crumbling. Belittling people is really the only thing they feel they can hold on to make them feel better right now.

    1. Oh, I wasn’t disappointed. I was amazed. I was amazed at how hard and pathetic his arguments were. He couldn’t argument, at least not fairly, and he wants me to give in and say how he’s right.

  5. @sharina; I am so flattered by your kind words. I saw that craziness on Abagond’s blog with that eco character. You and tehnoun and darqbeauty were so eloquent in your comments but I think that eco because of his lunacy was not trying to understand what you guys were saying. You are so articulate I really like your comments.

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