Same Old Shit

Trayvon Martin must be rolling in his grave, and George Zimmerman’s supporters must be cheering their asses off. “Another no-good black thug nigger dies. Thank God for Stand Your Ground!” Be ready for more incidents like the following to happen in the near future:

From Gawker through At the Bar

Lt. Rob Schoonover of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department said 45-year-old Michael David Dunn and his girlfriend, both in town for Dunn’s son’s wedding, pulled up and asked the teens to turn down the music in their car.

Investigators reported that words were exchanged between Davis and Dunn, but did not elaborate.

The confrontation ended after Dunn, a gun collector, pulled out a weapon and fired at least eight shots at the SUV, striking Davis twice.

None of the vehicle’s other occupants were injured.

Dunn’s girlfriend, who was in the store buying wine at the time, returned to the car having heard a “popping” sound, and the two bolted from the scene. The unnamed woman told investigators Dunn admitted he “fired at these kids,” but claims they were not aware someone had died until hearing it on the news.

Dunn, a Satellite Beach resident, was arrested Saturday at his home on charges of murder and attempted murder. He was booked into Brevard County jail, where he is being held without bail.

He is expected to be returned to Jacksonville shortly after pleading not guilty through his attorney Robin Lemonidis.

“It will be very clear that Mr. Dunn acted very responsibly and as any responsible firearms owner would have acted under these circumstances,” Lemonidis told reporters, but would not elaborate.

Like I said at ‘At the Bar’ when I heard about this, I have no doubt that if these were a bunch of white kids blasting their music, there would not have been an exchange of words because Dunn would look at them as simply having a good time, and no shots would have been fired. And before some of you argue about how this “is not about race” or “white folks don’t blast music”, let me stop you now by telling you that you are wrong on both counts. I know some racial epithets were thrown at the young black folks and I knew white youth that played their music very loud. Yet, none of them were shot by a gun-toting fanatic.

If that wasn’t enough, remember the news last year about the two white teenage girls who made a racist video against blacks? Well, it happened again! This time, we have different girls now dressed in blackface telling the world how amused they are about black people:

From Colorlines

According to the YouTube description of this video the two stars of this terribly racist blackface rant are University of Minnesota Duluth students. 

The two young women go through a variety of stereotypes in the 5-minute video—they touch on gangs and gun violence, slavery, fried chicken, collard greens, apes… the list goes on. 

As expected they got caught and are sorry they got caught. So, they issued this half-assed apology:

Both women in the video, Rachel Cooper and Jessica Heid, responded to the video.

“We were doing facials and it happened to have been a brown facial mask,” Cooper said in an email. “We had to leave it on for 12 minutes. During that 12 minutes, we horribly decided to make a video that we regret and are not happy about. This was made over a year ago.”

Cooper continued her email in an apologetic manner.

“I am saddened and sick to my stomach and sorry for anybody it offends. It was not mine or hers intention at all and we are embarrassed about it. We understand we cannot do anything about it now but apologize and inform people we did not paint our faces or put that on to purposely make a video. It was something that just happened after putting the facial cream on and we are so deeply sorry. This video does not define our true selves at all.”

Jessica Heid also replied to the video.

“That video does not define who we are… it was accidental… we did not intend to hurt anyone with it.”

Those of us who are not born with white skin and European features in a white privilege world knows that it doesn’t matter if they never intended to hurt anyone. The video was offensive for a list of reasons, reasons these girls most likely don’t understand or care to. And they don’t have to know because that is part of white privilege, not worrying about “other” people’s thoughts, feelings or opinions even if and when they are offended.

I am reminded in the blogosphere of that piteous fact. Not only that, I was told how my thoughts, feelings and opinions were wrong and even immoral. When I commented that white people have a problem with people of color, it was the same as being depraved and racist. Yet, white-on-black murders and racist videos are not quite as bad, or at least not worthy of being outraged and embittered over the kinds of people who do it repetitively for many years. Am I the only one who sees a major flaw in that rationale?

What are your thoughts on this?


54 thoughts on “Same Old Shit

  1. Brothawolf:

    Whites are becoming unglued. Please know that this is just the beginning. For 500 years, Demons have plagued the earth. Their time will come to a crashing end very soon. They feel it too…hence the growing hatred.

  2. Taken from blogger Brother Mac Lyons title of his blog. This is appropriate. Same shit Different Day. I mean this insanity will not stop. These color aroused bastards are just out of control. It this supposed to be some kind of stand your ground bullshit. It’s Trayvon Martin all over again. And that mess with those females. GTFOH with that. Don’t insult our intelligence. You are sorry your butts got caught. It’s always something.

  3. And it has always been my experience, when you call them out on their racism they turn it around and say you are the racist. I was in therapy because i was so depressed from expreriencing racism on the job. The therapist a white woman said it was me who was the racist. I gave her the finger and got my purse and shashayed my cute little chocolate ass out that office. And they want to know why we are so angry.

    1. Cute little chocolate ass, huh? 🙂

      But seriously, what you’ve been through with the therapist is probably one of the reasons why so many of us don’t seek that kind of help. We run into people like this that tells us that we are at fault.

  4. Been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to come to these blogs…

    It frightens me that pulling a gun and firing multiple shots into a car of young people over music is considered something a “responsible gun owner” would do.

      1. I had a lot of personal stuff in regards to my job and living situation, then I went and got into a car accident, lol. Its good to see you still writing!

        Bullies always try to use weird logic to justify their immoral nature, and racists are no different. They like to see themselves as “victims” and have a strange way of making their victims feel bad about defending themselves. It goes from needlessly shooting a young man to death over music to “responsible gun ownership”. I am fully expecting the media to try to dig up this young man’s “past” to find some way to justify why he somehow deserved to be shot like that. Watch them paint his killer as some nuanced, complicated victim of circumstance and black criminality.

        I feel that with Obama’s reelection we will see more situations where people think it is okay to just shoot down black people under some guise of “self defense”. It seems like there’s this rush to put young black kids in their “place” through violence or humiliation. Like somehow, black people “deserve” the most extreme amounts of violence and degradation against their person. Even with the blackface; it is like they want to force feed black inferiority down the throats of black people now that their “superiority” has been threatened, yet again, by people of color standing their ground.

      2. I hope you’re okay.

        Yeah, the media will likely go in that direction, and I know conservative and racist cesspool websites will definitely demonize this young man and paint his killer as some sort of “hero”.

        I can only say that many white people are sick as hell with being entitled and superior. I know a certain commenter will call my comment racist and illogical, but it doesn’t change what I feel.

      3. “conservative and racist cesspool websites”
        There’s a difference?
        “I can only say that many white people are sick as hell with being entitled and superior. ”
        Seriously, ever since the idea of studying things that happened to people who weren’t white in schools was floated, these assholes have been whining that it’s a conspiracy to make white people ashamed of being white. Well, you know what, assholes? You’ve succeeded. I’m damn well ashamed of being white now, if being white means being associated in any way, shape or form with you worthless shitstains.

      4. But seriously, you shouldn’t be ashamed of being white. You didn’t do anything wrong. So, you shouldn’t have to feel this collection emotion. My mom and dad told me the same thing whenever a black person commits a crime.

      5. Eh, that was a slight exageration for effect. It’s not that I’m ashamed of being white per se, its that whenever one of these assholes spouts off and then looks at me for support, assuming I agree because I’m white, it makes me want to shower off. (And punchthem in the face, but that’s generally inadvisable)

  5. I’d say that white people have a serious problem with POCs, although growing up in the lily-white area I did it wasn’t obvious to me until I started following news and politics regularly. I still don’t understand it, and no white person I’ve asked has ever been able to give me a coherent explanation, but it’s there, and anyone who says otherwise is either deeply ignorant or has a serious problem with people of color (Or both). Seriously, though, it’s like pulling teeth to get most white people to talk about it at all, and the ones who will are usually the ones saying and doing the most racist things.

      1. More often than when? More often than in the 90s, I think, or even the 80s, yeah, but meuch before that, I’m pretty sure shit like this happened all the time, it just didn’t make the news much because the news gave even less of a shit about black people at the time.

  6. Dear Lemonidis, define “responsible”. I’m not sure you actually know what it means. You probably think the blackface idiots were “being responsible camera owners”.

      1. @Brothawolf, the surface looks like its wrong, but getting down to the subconsciousness of these girls is an entirely different matter…

        It is there playful way of expressing how much they admire blackness–as imitating certain sub cultures of blackness is the closet they will ever get to being black.

        Some whites will express their obsession with blackness the way these two have; others will take their obsession to a hateful level.

  7. Wow, This happened in Florida again? My God what in the wide world of sports is happening in Florida? So that sister is locked up in jail for just shooting the gun and this dirt bag is going to walk a free man.

    1. Actually, south Louisiana is not that bad. Yes, there are assholes in that region of the state, but that’s everywhere. North & south Louisiana are like night & day, more or less. At least where I live, everybody tries to get along. But I’ve always been told that north Louisiana had a lot in common with Mississippi.

  8. This case as well as Trayvon Martin’s case really disgusts me. These two young men didn’t have to die. I feel so sorry for their families to lose these promising youths to guntoting, overzealous, racist assholes. It’s not right. What happened to them should never should have happened. RIP Jordan Russell Davis. 😦

      1. @ Brothawolf:

        I don’t blame you. You have to constantly watch your back because these racist fuckers are out for blood.

  9. @Dalillama You calling people shitstains?? Get the hell out of here with that CRAP! I’m so sick of you albino mutants coming on black blogs. Your kind are a cancer on HUE-Mans everywhere. All you do is spread your vile hatred for non whites! Shouldn’t you be on Stormfront or Chimpout? We need simpleminded FOOLS around here! Brotha Wolf is just being nice letting you post on his blog. I hope he blocks you at some point.
    And for the record,you should be ashamed for the genocide,murder,land theft and slavery your “people” have done to everyone you come in contact with. Go screw yourself!!

    1. The shitstains to whom I referred are the white asshols I was describing earlier in that post. I’m sorry that wasn’t clear.

  10. Ye gawds… *SMDH*

    I’m speechless but not surprised. The mudering fuck will get a slap on the wrist and be free to live his life. The racist little cunts will turn on the white waterworks and get a pat on the head. Their lily-white little worlds will be eternally protected in their fairy-tale bubbles. Ah, privilege!

    1. And you already have people trying to say “It’s not about race.” as if they are trying to keep the peace. I understand where they are coming from regarding crime, but they are being rather naive to assume that race may not be a factor in the crime. One person asked “How do you know it’s not about race?” and another said that bringing up racism is a “crutch”. Of course, we all know that there are people who will want to deny racism in any act where POC are victims of violence at the hands of Whites.

      1. It’s funny how they say that we make race into an issue in many topics while they try to racialize problems and pathologies as being problems only nonwhites have.

  11. I’m ashamed to share a skin complexion with all these shooters and women giving themselves facials.

    On the upside, I’m going to have a brief giggle about how Freudian that sounded, then go back to being furious about what that dickshit lawyer said. Responsible firearms owner, my ass!

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