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Lyrics included

I’ve searched the open sky, to find a reason why.
Oh Lord, Why Lord?
The colour of my skin, is said to be an awful sin.
Oh Lord. Why Lord?
No, I cannot understand. No, I’ll never never understand.
Oh Lord. Why Lord?
I’ve got to give and give again. Much more than I can give.
Oh Lord. Why Lord?
In this world you made so sacred,
I only find problems and hatred.
I just can’t seem to find, find a new place.
When every move I make is so unsafe.
I feel the weight of their everlasting hate.
But I still live in hope and faith.
Oh Lord. Why Lord?
I wait the change, but nothing seems to change.
Oh Lord. Why Lord?
So now you’ve heard my sadness
in a story and a song.
Oh Lord. Why Lord?
Tell me why Lord, just can’t understand.
Tell me why Lord. Tell me why lord.
I’ve really got to know. Tell me why Lord.
I gotta know. Tell me why Lord.