The Slaughter of Gaza

The following is a compilation of information pertaining to the Israeli attack on Gaza. Over a hundred Palestinians are killed in the Gaza strip. Most of them are civilians. This is the result of Israel’s new attempt to terrorize the Palestinian people. 

This is an excerpt from blogger Gaza Mom entitled Gaza Under Fire 2.0

“On the evening of November 14, Gaza time, shortly before Maghrib prayer, Israeli warships unleashed a series of deadly attacks on crowded Gaza City on more than twenty locations, the first of many more in the days since. Thus far, 16 Palestinians have been killed, including a 7-year-old girl, 10 month old Hanin Tafish, a pregnant woman, and a 13 yr old aspiring soccer player-Hamid Abu Daqqa. He died in his Real Madrid shirt, before he could finish the second half.

Among the dead: Hamas military commander Ahmed Jabari, whom Israeli liquidated in an extra-judicial killing, as it has dozens of times in the past with no heed or consequence. Jabari was instrumental in the prisoner swap negotiations that led to the release of abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, and was noted for his role in transforming Hamas’s armed wing. He has evaded Israeli assassination attempts in the past (one in which his son was killed). His killing signaled a clear escalation on part of Israel, and a deadly reminder to Palestinians that they can be squashed like ants at a moment’s notice when and where Israel pleases, so long as Israel is never held accountable. Israeli officials have named this latest deadly assault “Operation Pillar of Cloud”– a reference, noted Ben Soffa, to a manifestation of God. (“Why not just go the whole hog & say it’s a divine act?” he continued.)”

This is an excerpt from Abagond’s blog post entitled Operation Pillar of Cloud: Israel Continues To Destroy Gaza

Israel says it is trying to take out Gaza’s rockets. But it bombs more than just military targets. It bombs houses, wells, graveyards, government buildings and police stations. It even bombed the old BBC building knowing it had reporters. About 70% of the people it kills are civilians, mostly women and children.

It gets worse: On the first day Israel purposely killed the very person who could deliver a long-term ceasefire and who was in fact working on it with Israel: Ahmad Jabari, the top military commander of Hamas. Hamas is the ruling party in Gaza.

Israel is massing 75,000 soldiers for a possible ground war. Way more than it sent to fight four years ago during Operation Cast Lead – and way more than the 15,000 soldiers Gaza has.


8 thoughts on “The Slaughter of Gaza

  1. I’m getting tired of the US coddling Israel and its war crimes. It’s both revolting and immoral, and it’s pretty much asking to get dragged into another war somewhere down the line. Supporting Israel is one thing, but doing so unconditionally is lunacy.

  2. When it comes to global politics i have to admit i am not knowlegeable. But i think America is complicit in what’s going on in Gaza. It feel we have that nation’s blood on our hands. I’m just saying.

  3. I love how people with no bloodline connection at all with Abraham who converted to a religion that bear in mind they selected which parts of this religion they were going to practice now can lay claim to something that does not involve them in anyway. And will kill for the right to do so. And his story are full of these types of delusion

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