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White racism makes no sense. I know it’s a simple statement to make, and it’s one of those “Well duh” facts. However, white racism is not illogical simply because of the ridiculous notion that skin tone determines superiority. White racism is known to negate thinking to the point where it also contradicts itself often.

For example, one of the rules of being a white racist is that white skin and European features indicates a high level of power, intelligence, purity and virtue over all other “colors”. Black skin, on the other hand, symbolizes frailty, stupidity, foulness and evil. It has been the “rule” for ages now, and sadly, in my opinion, it will continue after we are gone.

So, it would make sense that blacks would act the part after they’ve been told by white men that they are wicked and unintelligent over and over again for centuries, give or take a few decades. It would seem plausible that blacks in America would assume the role as the “savage inferior to the mighty white man”. Yes, it’s a good explanation. Except, most black people in the United States do not fit that description.

The ones that do are usually the ones most racist whites go after to reaffirm their stance. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that they see black people behave the way their people (other whites) told them how they (blacks) act. Yet, you hear some whites gripe and moan about so-called black violence. You hear them wonder why black people, as a whole in their minds, can’t or won’t behave. They don’t believe that the majority of the 40 million black people in America are not violent criminals. They believe the reverse, and that society is falling apart solely because of them.

This explains why some whites (and nonblacks) can’t believe it when they come across a black person that is well dressed, articulate, educated and well mannered. Yet, even that is a problem for most white racists. You see, being a black person that is successful scares the shit out of some white folks. They can’t allow any black man or black woman to have more power than them. And don’t get me started on their ever-present suspicion of retaliation for the evils of slavery because of that fear.

In conclusion black people are “supposed” to be boorish brutes, but many of them are not. Those that do make white people pissed off because they are…well…violent criminals ruining society. They want them to be good, but not “too good” especially above white people. Sometimes it makes me wonder why so many of us still worry so much about what they think when they’ve made up their incoherent minds about us already.