Open Thread II

Since the other Open Thread has been swelling. I decided to create another one. Remember, this forum is open to any and (almost) all topics.


34 thoughts on “Open Thread II

  1. Brotha Wolf, I noticed that in the African American community, there are many payday loan stores and title loan establishments. I feel this futher enslaves black people to be in financial ruin forever. These types of establishments aren’t in the white community. I think it’s deliberate. Uneducated and unsuspecting people who can’t manage their finances. What do you think. I also noticed with grocery stores. All the best produceis in the white community. It’s priced much higher, but the best vegtables and fruits and freshest poultry are there. If black demanded better if we are living on budgets then they wouldn’t bring the left over junk to the black community. We need to demand better.

    1. Having Noticed these phenomena for many years counter tactics evolve – payday loan stores and title loan establishments – avoid ,do not use.
      Uneducated and unsuspecting people – educate yourself,spread the knowledge and trust no one.
      I also noticed with grocery stores. All the best produceis in the white community. It’s priced much higher, but the best vegtables and fruits and freshest poultry are there – go there until I grow my own which will be even fresher.
      We need to demand better. – demanding is just a forceful form of begging.

  2. I meant to say that black people need to demand better. When I compared the two stores It just made me sad and angry. I wish we could grow our own vegtables and fruit. The whole system is created to benefit non blacks.

    1. brothawolf

      Until blacks get out of the slave mentality,we’ll never be free. Frankly, I getting tired of the same shit, different day syndrome with us.

      All we do is talk.

      We don’t know what to demand without others telling us what we want.

  3. The question is how do we break free, and is there are a way at all?
    brothawolf said this on November 12, 2012 at 3:57 am

    reminds me of something I was thinking about slavery recently – what about the slaves that escaped?,that definitely did happen,and many times.

    what of those that endured and though captive where never broken?

    What of all the bountiful contributions given to the world by both the slave and the free?

    In regards to the media content posts and guest posts ,particularly the Lion and the frog post – years before I came to a realization ,call it a vision if you will – that anyone and everyone will one day be able to “make” a film or video on their desktop computer of the same quality (production values,effects,etc) as anything Hollywood has or could ever produce.

    Those recent post lent fuel to the fire of my desire and the need for that day to come to past.
    And so i continued to search and collect the software that could do the job.

    Imagine media content – films ,videos,animation,music the way you want it (not just when you want it) – your gender,ethnicity and phenotype displayed as you would choose and approve of.

    And who has the final say – why YOU of course.

    I’ve seen A lot of things come to past I doubt I would have even dreamed of – both good and bad, so this one’s just a matter of when.

  4. I found a great made for tv movie on youtube: Bloch der Kinderfruend–translated Bloch the Children’s Friend…

    Now the thing is entirely in German without subtitles, but the whole teacher sex scandal thing seems to be prevalent in other Western countries.

  5. ^ Yes…this time around, it showed what could happen when a 13 year old is smitten with her married male teacher and she doesn’t get her way–like yikes!

    Then it kinda showed that some Germans still carry a sort of Nazi/Gestapo mentality–the teacher said he never touched the girl and only saw her as a little sister, but the school personnel and the girl’s mother kept going after the guy until finally they almost kill him.

  6. @ Brothawolf:

    I just wanted to tell you that you’re doing a terrific job blogging about race issues. I deeply respect your thoughts as they resonate with me deeply. Keep it up!

    Oh, and I wanted to thank your guest posters for their entries as well. Great job, you guys! 🙂

      1. Oh, you’re welcome!

        I may submit a post someday. I’m not much of a writer, though. Btw, you’re doing a great job refuting that annoying little bug, eco. He’s already proven what typically racist whites do. Blame and derail. Keep your head, BW! 😀

  7. Ok Brothawolf,

    So i am back with another interracial dating saga from another white female classmate:

    Yesterday i was talking with her–we will call her Danielle-and she was telling me that ALL her ex boyfriends got married to other women immediately after they broke up..for some reason, she added that the one she still has feelings for is Black. Ok..i was kinds caught off guard. She said his mom called her “white trash” but that his wife looks a lot like her (Danielle). She said “Phoebe, she called me white trash! But his wife now looks like me. I don’t understand why she didn’t like me?”

    I said: “Well, what was your relationship like with her? When you were visiting them did you make an effort to get in the kitchen with his mom and help her cook or prepare foods, or simply try to learn how she does things?”

    Ummm interestingly enough…silence from Danielle. I went on to explain, “Maybe his wife clings to other Black women in his family, especially his mother.”

    I have this question in my mind now? Why is it that white women involved romantically with Black men have no genuine relationship with Black women and vice versa–white men with Black women have little interactions with Black men? I know not all whites with Blacks are this way, but i have observed here lately that this is quite common. Needless to say, Most of Danielle’s friends on Twitter and Facebook are white females.

  8. The other night i was at a pharmacy getting chocolates and eyeshadow. A white lady was on the aisle. She saw me walk up–i was wearing a skirt and a pink blouse–not the store uniform–and she asked “do you work here?” I said no and kept shopping.

    Then she started going on about how Iman cosmetics and Milani cosmetics were being racist for excluding her. She was all “You know i feel it should be a white college fund. I mean i’m not racist because i would marry a Black Man, but i just feel it should be equal across the board you know.”

    I kinda laughed as she obviously didn’t realize that the whole cosmetic wall IS dedicated to women her complexion (Revlon, Covergirl, etc) yet she complains about WoC being able to buy the only two lines in drugstores that address our needs?

    She also kept following me around the store. I just wanted to shop in peace.

    1. Is it me or do these white responses get more and more predictable? It’s impossible to take the fears of white oppression seriously, especially if you’re the oppressed and that society still vastly caters to their color and ethnicity. To me they’re just whining why isn’t everything made and designed for them and why can’t POC just accept it.

    2. You should have pointed out to her that White cosmetic lines were racist because they will have 15 shades of makeup for White women and only have 3 to 5 shades for non-White women, knowing that we come in a million more shades and complexions than they do. And then she goes on about a White college fund and claiming that because she would marry a Black man, that exempts her from racist status. N***a, please! Somebody call a Wambulance.

      1. @Mickey,

        I have been noticing a trend lately that the MOST racist white people will not hesitate to go to bed with a Black man or woman. She can’t even wrap around her mind how important it is for Black women and other WoC to see themselves as the beautiful and cherished jewels we are so how in the hell could she raise a healthy-minded Black girl that she has had with a Black man.

        SMH at the damn stupidity…

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