Guest Post: Dumb Donald Trump

by Lavern Merriweather

If there is one thing that wealthy entrepreneur and star of TV’s “The Apprentice” Donald Trump can be counted, it’s that he’s always good for a laugh. You certainly can’t expect him to develop a successful casino for you, give you solid marriage advice or even find you a really good discount on Rogaine. But he is very good at making himself the target of a joke with his blowhard arrogance and buffoonish personality.

The latest instance is being his moronic, screechy, racist rant on twitter after president Obama was soundly elected into office again and will reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for another 4 years. That makes a lot of people myself included very happy. Those who aren’t, though, is the requisite panel of ‘grumpy old white men’. And yes you are old Donald despite marrying women 20 to 30 years younger and trying to be a father at 65. You are an old man and too old to be acting like such a fool. Or maybe it isn’t an act.

I used to think that the ‘Donald’, as he so humbly refers to himself, was just trying to be a s**t starter when he kept harping on President Barack Obama’s birth certificate and questioning for the 5,000th time whether or not he was truly a natural born citizen. Unless he knows something about geography that the rest of us don’t, Hawaii IS in America. So, if you were born there, then duh, you are an American citizen.

Now, after reading his goofy a** tweets, I’m starting to think that this dumba## is 100 percent serious, and that can only mean one thing, that all this ‘birther’ talk is a poorly, veiled disguise of angry, white, elitist, conservative males who are pissed with a capital ‘P’ that a man, who doesn’t resemble them in any way, especially skin color, is the leader of the country. These racist a-holes can’t deal with the fact that the sandbox isn’t just for them to play in anymore.

Wake up, Donald! It ain’t your world, and I’m no longer a squirrel just trying to get a nut. Now, I have the potential to be first lady or FLOTUS as some people call Michelle Barack’s wife. And that is precisely what is making Mr. Dump Trump flip his wig and lose his s—t causing him to write some garbage like this:

“We can’t let this happen. We should march to Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided! Let’s fight like hell, and stop this great injustice! The world is laughing at us! This election is a total sham and a travesty! We are not a democracy!”

Okay. First off Donald, that is exactly what we are, since Obama used the SAME method that every other politician running for president has used to get himself elected, the Electoral College. It’s the same system that has been in place since the so-called founding fathers came up with it some four centuries ago. So, just because some whiny, racist, egotistical prick is mad, that will not change 400 years of history.

Second of all, the only person getting laughed at is you, because you are a fool, because you have become a fatter, uglier whiner, an older and dumber male version of Sarah Palin. It amazes me to no end how now, all of a sudden, these white people on the right-wing nut side want to cry foul. Granted the right had many daggers for Clinton when he became president also, but never to the point where they wanted to totally upend the very system that men, who they not only look like, but look up to created.

If you want to place blame, Dumb Donald, then look no further than at a picture of either Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin. Oh, by the way, this country already was divided and that’s solely because of white males like you, white males who can’t handle that their world isn’t what it used to be and was not going to stay stuck in 1952 or whatever period you felt most like ‘the man’ in. As for that whole ‘take this country back’ meme I hear your cohorts wail, take it back for who? The Native Arawaks you stole it from? Yeah, that’s right. You aren’t the only game in town. Matter of fact, you never were, because there were people of color here long before Columbus, that rapist, slave owner, murderer, pedophile, adulterer, ever even set foot on these shores.

But that’s another part of history men like you can’t or won’t accept. That’s why you piss and moan even when you are a  multimillionaire with a beautiful young wife, a thriving business and a hit TV show. Brotha Wolf once said that whiteness is a hell of a drug. Well, apparently so is the arrogance that comes along with it. I’m surprised Stump Trump didn’t say he was going to hold his breath until his face turned blue. He can let it turn purple for all I care. Trust me Trump when I say we wouldn’t miss you, your loud mouth or that dead half eaten fox on your head. Mr. Obama is president of the USA once again. DEAL WITH IT, PUNK!


11 thoughts on “Guest Post: Dumb Donald Trump

  1. Donald Trumped, a sack of shit in a cheap suit with funny looking hair, whichever way you slice it! That hair has got to go! Someone shave his head bald quick! Classic comic fodder this gem.

  2. No he’s not going to let it go….

    Ever since Obama humiliated him with that disney movie clip, he’s had it in for Obama…

    Like how dare you black Harvard graduate man be smarter than me???!!! An outrage!

  3. God that rug! When is he going to wear normal looking toupees?
    Bald head?Ugh! I want to be able to have a full apetite for lunch. Im getting nauseous at the thought of seeing the Donald having one.

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