Guest Post: The Negativity of Black Celebrities Pt. II

by Lavern Merriweather

You can check out the first part here

As I said previously, even when Tiger Woods was having consensual bump-bump with unknown white female jump-offs, the media still tried to spin it as him being some sort of serial rapist to the point where ETV host Ken Baker interviewed a former Tiger mistress named Bridget. She sat there crying the whole time as if she were telling a story about being hideously violated. Newsflash Miss Thang, you knew this man already, and you knew he was married. So, please save the crocodile tears for Mick Dundee.

That goes double for fame whore and head trick Joslyn James who, for some odd reason, known only to her hired a lawyer. I understand the pain of being played by a man, but since when does that justify hiring a lawyer, especially when you aren’t even taking any legal action against your one time sugar daddy? Most women in this world have felt the pang of having a man kick them to the curb. You cry your eyes out, and then, move the hell on. NOT hire a shyster attorney addicted to camera time.

The same could be said for many white males in the media. Unless someone is accused of a crime, you have no business using the word ‘alleged’. If we are going to start treating adultery like a crime, then there are a s**tload of white male politicians who need to get sentenced to life imprisonment or the death. But it’s not in spite of the media trying to make Tiger out to be some menace to society. It’s because they can’t handle that he already had a beautiful, blond, Swedish model-wife, yet had the gall to go out and find more beautiful young white women to hook up with. It’s bad enough he had already invaded their last bastion of white maleness golf, but doing it while banging eager smoking hot white tail? Oh, hell no!

Tiger Woods and Micheal Vick both made the list of most hated athletes, which they might as well have called ‘Negroes we are mad at’ because the list was almost exclusively filled with black males. But they always throw that obscure ‘athlete’ tag out there as if they would ever vilify white males with equal aplomb. Yeah don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Speaking of Vick while I find his actions despicable I also find it very telling that there is more outrage towards him for killing dogs than there was at accused rapist Ben Rothelisberger or the recently discovered child molester Jerry Sandusky. So killing dogs is somehow viler than preying on little boys? Obviously it is in their little world.

Then again, that is the MO of the media. There are countless white athletes like wife beating hockey player Patrick Roy who have done far more heinous s**t than Vick, but he’s the one getting all the hatred. Just like Barry Bonds who you would have thought was the mastermind behind 9/11 the way the public and media were carrying on. I have yet to see even a third of that outrage directed towards outright cheaters like Roger Clemens, Mark Mcgwire, Alex Rodriguez, Irish swimmer Michelle Smith and now tarnished cyclist Lance Armstrong.

With the requisite group rushing to defend Mr. Armstrong and other white males while damning Barry Bonds, it never fails. Even when your dead, you still get maligned. When TLC member and singing star Lisa ‘left eye’ Lopes passed away from a fatal car crash in 2002, white owned networks such as VH1 and MTV felt the incessant need to continuously bring up her burning former boyfriend and Atlanta Falcons running back Andre Rison’s house to the ground. Never mind that she did it out of anger at him for hitting her or that she died while in a foreign land helping victims of a devastating earthquake.

It’s misery that sells and for black folks who are famous, misery sells best of all. That way white people never have to think about the messed up nonsense that goes down in the families of white celebs they love like when Marlon Brando’s son Christian shot and killed in cold blood his half- sister’s baby’s daddy. This compelled her to accuse her own father of orchestrating the crime and calling the beloved star ‘the devil himself’ before tragically taking her own life after suffering from a history of self-mutilation and drug abuse. Former sex symbol Ryan O’ Neal once held a loaded gun to his own son Griffin’s face. Then, was later arrested for being in possession and doing drugs with younger son Redmond. Be aware that he also punched Griffin in the face and knocked his two front teeth out. I guess that father-of-the-year contest was right around the corner.

And don’t even get me started on the Kennedy family or as many whites in the media like to call them ‘America’s royalty’. Well, I suppose that’s accurate seeing how they also had a murderer, pevert, rapist, and fatal ‘accident’ just like the royal families did back in the day. Not to mention many family members that were alcoholics and drug addled, but still, they are viewed as the pinnacle of class, sophistication and what any good family should strive to be.

The same can-not be said for their African-American counterparts, the universally famous Jackson clan, particularly stand-out son Michael. Although I understand why the name Michael Jackson conjures up some not-so-pleasant feelings among black folks, I have to strongly disagree with the naysayers and haters. Let’s cut through the old proverbial crap cake shall we? I am forever convinced as I have been from day one that the media making his life a living hell had absolutely nothing to do with protecting children. Like it or not, the evidence is overwhelming in support of that theory.

I could name about 15 different white male celebrities who have had some very cringe worthy ‘relationships’ with minors, and some were outright pedophiles, but were never vilified even for a day. For example when French director and child rapist Roman Polanski was finally nailed after over three decades on the lam in his home country for the rape of a 13 year-old girl at his house in 1977. The Hollywood community rallied around him in record numbers. Even signing a petition for his freedom (rubs temples for an hour before I continue) with some of the biggest names in the business demanding for his immediate release.

O-M-G! You’re kidding me right? Actually, no. They were dead serious and the media, which had a perfect opportunity to rip this slimeball and his supporters a new one, let it go because they adore the people speaking out on his behalf. Talk about HollyWEIRD!

Then again, why should things change after this long? Many white movie stars of yesteryear have behaved in ways that would have landed us regular folk in the slammer. Consider that Charlie Chaplin married two 16 year-old girls when he was well into his 30’s. Errol Flynn was accused of murder, statutory rape and domestic violence, yet is called the most charismatic leading man ever. And if you have ever seen the movie “Mommie Dearest” like I have, then you will never want to watch another Joan Crawford performance without the urge to punch her right in her damn mouth!

Believe me when I say, this isn’t an attack on all white celebrities, just the ones who are major league f**k-ups that will still have people overlooking their bad behavior because they are funny or cute or a ‘good director’. And I am certainly not trying to be a warrior for famous black people that are screw-ups either. I just don’t feel that they should be held to a higher standard when all it really amounts to is a double standard.


6 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Negativity of Black Celebrities Pt. II

  1. Like Paul Mooney said, they are helpless when they want to be and do whatever the heck they want to do when they want to do it. Tiger Woods got his much needed wake up call, so I don’t exactly feel sympathy for him. However, they are obsessed with black misery, this is why playing by their rules are useless, no matter how horrible they are it is never worse than a black person simply breathing.

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