Guest Post: The Negativity of Black Celebrities

by Lavern Merriweather

It seems like you can’t be a black person in this country, who is a celebrity, and not have every little thing you say and do come under scrutiny. It’s like white people expect you to be on your best behavior at all times of the day and night. You are never allowed to be human and make mistakes like the rest of us, and certainly not the same ones as white celebrities, many of whom, have proven how short they fall of the morality meter. Their transgressions, no matter how messed up, are quickly forgotten and easily forgiven while black folks are not.

Take for instance the recent untimely death of legendary pop star Whitney Houston. Her body wasn’t even cold yet before the nasty comments started spewing from the mouths of hateful a**holes. Two white shock jocks by the names of John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, who work for KFI in Los Angeles, were temporarily suspended when they called Ms. Houston a ‘crack ho’. Apparently, Whitney was the ONLY female celebrity dealing with the issue of drug abuse. Actually, it was more like she was the only one who bore the brunt of mean-spirited, malicious, snide comments concerning her problem, and it was a problem.

It is not a license for stupid pissants to say cruel things about her. I have yet to hear one heartless comment towards the late D-list golddigger Anna Nicole Smith. Despite Ms. Smith doing everything when she was alive to be a walking, breathing, comedy skit, instead, she is afforded more respect than frankly – I think – she even deserves.

In fact there are many white female celebrities still living who are not only drug addicts but have allowed their lives to devolve into a complete mess. The names Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love come to mind. Yet, they are rarely made the butt of such spiteful venom even by the very people who hated on Whitney every chance they could get (I’m looking at you Wendy Williams).

As if that weren’t bad enough damn near every white male blowhard on late night TV would take hateful potshots at Whitney all while having guests on their show who were also drug addicts. If that is not some straight up, racist hypocrisy then I don’t know what is! Except, maybe the dreadful waste of time that hasn’t been funny in 25 years better known as Saturday Night Live, a show where the ‘actors’ often took great delight in showcasing skits were Whitney’s unfortunate drug habit was attacked with reckless glee and abandon (Remember, this is the very same show that has employed so many crack heads that they should have their own special wing at the Betty Ford clinic.) but did two separate tribute shows to their dead stars Chris Farley and John Belushi, both of whom had a notorious history of drug problems culminating in their deaths at 32 and 33.

Yet, they never get even half of the vitriol Whitney Houston received, both in life and death. Instead, we have some weepy eyed white person in the media saying how we should feel ‘bad’ for them because they have a disease and can’t help themselves. I guess what is a ‘disease’ to white celebs is just a s**tty personality trait in black people seeing how Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden,and Ricky Williams were not given the disease argument. No, they are just pathetic stupid Negroes with too much too soon.

The same thing can be said for former child star and perennial tragic figure Gary Coleman because when he passed, the biggest topic the media could focus on was his one-time domestic battery arrest. As I have stated previously, I don’t condone violence against women, and this is not a rallying cry for black celebrities who make wrong choices. What I am saying is if this were say…white male actor Eric Roberts who has a track record of domestic violence against his ex-wife Eliza that just recently passed, I seriously doubt even one white member of the media would be making that aspect of his life fodder for their news story like they did with Gary, like they do every time it’s a black person especially if they are accused of something nefarious.

There are still white male sports writers who will harp on Kobe Bryant’s rape accusation by a white woman from Colorado in 2003 but are somehow incapable of continuously mentioning the rape accusations against white players such as Mark Chmura, Christian Peter and the twice accused Steeler quarterback Ben Rothelisberger.

It’s not even just players either! NBC sportscaster and embarrassment Marv Albert was accused of biting and sodomizing a former female friend 15 years ago. But to hear other white males in the media tell it, that case was all about money, and ‘poor’ Marv was just being railroaded because he’s a ‘celebrity’. So, by their logic, being white and famous is a hindrance. Riiiiiiiiight.

I brought up the race of the accuser in the Kobe Bryant case because I feel that also always plays a significant part in how we are judged by the media. For the longest of times in this country, insecure, jealous, bitter white males have held the belief that all black males are insatiable when it comes to sex. They believe black men have some biological instinct to never keep it in their pants, that they are natural born predators and no women’s vajayjay is safe around them, least of all a white woman’s. In fact even when the sexual contact is consensual as in the case of golfing legend Tiger Woods, there is still a mentality among the throngs of white male media that believe there is just NO way possible a young, pretty, thin white woman would lay down willingly with a black man. Including one who is half Asian and a billionaire on top of that, but that is a post all in itself that’s why this going to be continued.

The second part is coming soon.


50 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Negativity of Black Celebrities

  1. Okay, I do agree with this. I do believe that black celebrities, like blacks in general, have to do twice as much work and behave three times more properly to get even half the respect of whites.

    However, I would like to point out that Lindsey Lohan, Anna Nicole, Robert Downer Jr., Charlie Sheen, and Marv Albert (and quite a few others) have all been, and continue to be, the butt of jokes. Anna Nicole’s death brought out some very vile behavior. Is it what Whitney or Michael Jackson got? Maybe not. I’d have to do/see a comparison. I can say that I wouldn’t be surprised if they got it worse, though, because that is the nature of our system.

      1. I’ve seen it, to be fair, but it’s never anywhere near to the same degree, and it also ceases immediately if they die or if they recover. With black celebrities, there will be mockery the very second they mess up (sometimes before even), and it will continue even if they die or get get better. The media and public at large simply refuses to let them live it down under any circumstances.

        Excellent article, and can’t wait for the second half.

      2. I’ve seen them being made of plenty. I don’t think Britney Spears will ever be able to bounce back the way she was.
        As much or as harsh as black celebrities. No, likely not.
        My point, though, was that you can’t say it doesn’t happen. You can, however, say that it’s not nearly what black celebrities have to deal with. I don’t know if that’s true, but I don’t doubt it either.

    1. My point is yes they are made the butt of jokes but there are also MANY people who will defend them and say they have a ‘disease’ and that we should feel sorry for them.Whitney has never been afforded that luxury and still isn’t. There are people mocking her after she has passed and dying seems to be the ONLY way Micheal could get people to leave him alone.

  2. What black celebrity could have pulled off that Charlie Sheen foolishness. And you are right about people making horrible jokes about Whitney and Anna NIcole and Britney Spears were some hot messes. It just goes to show you, whites can get away with everything and people have amnesia about it.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think anyone other than Charlie Sheen could have pulled off that foolishness and gotten away with it. Strangely enough, the man made a new career out of the whole thing. I don’t think that’s been done before.

      1. Let’s see… something about hooked on drugs, caught with hookers maybe (?) and being an all out wackadoo. But what cinched it for him was a single drugged out interview of complete narcissistic tomfoolery in which he coined such internet greats as “winning” and “tiger blood”. He’s been an internet meme-hero ever since, and recently I saw a commercial he did poking fun at his success while still being on house arrest (he was driving a mini in his house, I think).
        So now he’s making money off the whole thing. Crazy, and yet it does make me laugh.

      2. All that stupid ‘winning’ nonsense he would say in interviews,having a harem of stupid young women and calling them ‘goddesses’,brandishing a machete at reporters,saying he drinks ‘tiger blood’,going on crazy rants and his history of violence against women where one time he threatned a female prostitute and she was hiding in the bathroom in fear for her life while he was trashing the hotel room. He was also a regular customer for Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss.

  3. And they continue to make jokes about Michael Jackson. And Michael Vick will never live that dog killing drama down. They will always bring that up.

  4. I think this applies blacks to people as a whole, not just at the celebrity level. In fact, I’ve often thought that, if I were white, perhaps it would be easier for me to forgive myself for all my flaws and past mistakes. I sometimes wonder whether the way I judge myself is a result of years of indoctrination and being judged more harshly due to my appearance. i think it is.

    1. It also shows that no matter the socioeconomic status of blacks, if one screws up, it’s just “proof” to racist whites of the black person’s inferiority. We don’t have the privilege of being judged as individuals.

  5. @brothawolf,

    Charlie Sheen has been known to beat his women as well as being a major womanizer, including dating porn stars. It is well-known that he solicited prostitutes for years. He was/is an alcoholic & drug abuser. He called his ex-wife Denise Richards the n-word in a ranting phone call. I believe he shot at one of his ex-girlfriends once and injured her in the process. He went on a famous tirade where he had an online meltdaown and railed against his bosses on his show “Three and a Half Men”. As a result, he lost his job and tried to make a half-ass comeback with a tour that, from what I understand, his fans hated.

    1. And yet, people are more reminiscent over Chris Brown’s beating of Rihanna. Don’t get me wrong, both men must be held accountable for their actions, but racializing domestic violence is nonsense.

  6. Two things:

    1. What we fail to realize time and time again is that despite all of their racism, white people have an innate desire to look to black people as leaders…this can be observed with the attention and respect Obama receives in Europe and in other nations where whites are the majority.

    2. In fact even when the sexual contact is consensual as in the case of golfing legend Tiger Woods, there is still a mentality among the throngs of white male media that believe there is just NO way possible a young, pretty, thin white woman would lay down willingly with a black man.

    This statement relieves white women of their thinking in this way too…white men and women do not live in separate communities, they don’t for the most part attend different schools and white women are the mothers of white men, therefore it is plausible to say that a majority of white women feel this way. The hallmarks of racism only makes them appear “softer” because they can’t do what the white men do and dominate media outlets…that isn’t their responsibility. So they believe it silently.

    1. I don’t think they look at them as ‘leaders’ per se. I know a lot of them seem to think that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the only two ‘black leaders’ for the entire national black population. I tend to think that to them we are more like a monolith and a black person doing wrong is the default in their minds.

      1. Maybe there is a bit of thinking black people are a monolith–but i have to say that they desperately want black people to lead but if black people keep following their lead…i see it too much in their behavior to believe otherwise….

    2. Funny you should say that because I was on a website where this white women was trying to absolve white women for their involvement in lynching. When another commenter named Ann said they were willing participants she started whining that white women weren’t as ‘strong’ as white men and therefore were just innocent bystanders. I swear I could see her tears flowing through the computer.

      1. Not as strong my ass! What about the White women who purposely lied on Black men saying that they were raped when in truth they were:

        1. Raped by a White man who, most likely, threatened them and/or their families if they told anyone. (This actually happened in a small, Louisiana town decades ago. A White man who was a prominent figure in the town raped this White woman and she said a Black man was her attacker. The mob selected a purely innocent Black man, cut his penis off, stuffed it in his mouth, and lynched him. Eventually, the truth came out and the Blakc man’s family was given a small monetary compensation.) I call this the “Cover Up”.

        2. Closet Whores. (Back in the day, a “good girl” saved herself for marriage and if a woman was “hot in the pants” discovered that she was not a virgin, she could easily say a Negro raped her.)

        3. Closet Negro-lover (They dated/slept with Black men, but did now want their fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, etc. to know about it. And if it was discovered, they could yell rape.)

        I have even heard of White men telling White women to openly lie and say that they were assaulted just so they could go out and lynch a Black man. It is fucking nuts the things you will find when you do your research.

  7. We don’t need to demand or ask for them to see our humanity we take it and tell them to shut up and sit down. All the jokes made about Whitney and how I played into it, I wished I could take it back, but I don’t want to kick any celebrity, especially black celebrities when they are down. I dont exactly care for Chris Brown or Rihanna, but they are far from the poster children for domestic violence.

  8. If you want to see the difference in reporting when it comes to reporting on celebrities, read the National Inquirer, the globe gossip magazine and the other gossip rags. Not are they only full of shite, they are as racist as all get out, but they are also hilarious in a perverse kind of way…sort of like unintentional satire. Yes I have read these rags over the years, they help one’s bowels move!

  9. @phoebeprunelle
    Her rational was that because white women were not physically strong enough to ‘stop’ white males then they shouldn’t share the blame. When Ann argued that many times you could see white women in pictures standing next to white males smiling as they brutally lynched black males she got very defensive.

    1. Oh puh-lease. That’s the lamest excuse I’ve heard to date. So what if they weren’t strong enough to stop white men. They still could’ve done something against it. Plus, much of the lynching was a result of their lies about being raped by black men. These heffas can go somewhere with that bullshit.

      Do you have a link for this by any chance?

  10. Brotha Wolf, I read this one post by blogger Xavier James. “Somebody tell Michael Vick To Stop Taking About Them Damn Dogs” I wish I was more tech savy and knew how to put up links. But You can find it on Xavier James Uncensored. Micheal Vick was pouring his heart out to Pat Robinson on the 700 Club. Pat Robinson with his predjudiced ass. He gives christians a bad name. But brother Vick just needs to forgive himself and move on.

  11. The National Enquirer were the ones that leaked Whitney in her casket. I think Whitney’s sleazey sister in law had something to do with that. If she did and took money for that then that is shameful.

  12. I agree with hollywood being racists toward black celebrities. I’m also aware of that movies that are being made… there are hardly any black actors in any of them. we are slowly fading out. it is up to us and black celebrities to do something about it.

    1. I think – if anything – we should create our own media, and we have done a lot thus far. We can not rely on Hollywood to consider it’s racism when it’s still run by white males. All we can do is create our own films.

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