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by Lavern Merriweather

It seems like you can’t be a black person in this country, who is a celebrity, and not have every little thing you say and do come under scrutiny. It’s like white people expect you to be on your best behavior at all times of the day and night. You are never allowed to be human and make mistakes like the rest of us, and certainly not the same ones as white celebrities, many of whom, have proven how short they fall of the morality meter. Their transgressions, no matter how messed up, are quickly forgotten and easily forgiven while black folks are not.

Take for instance the recent untimely death of legendary pop star Whitney Houston. Her body wasn’t even cold yet before the nasty comments started spewing from the mouths of hateful a**holes. Two white shock jocks by the names of John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, who work for KFI in Los Angeles, were temporarily suspended when they called Ms. Houston a ‘crack ho’. Apparently, Whitney was the ONLY female celebrity dealing with the issue of drug abuse. Actually, it was more like she was the only one who bore the brunt of mean-spirited, malicious, snide comments concerning her problem, and it was a problem.

It is not a license for stupid pissants to say cruel things about her. I have yet to hear one heartless comment towards the late D-list golddigger Anna Nicole Smith. Despite Ms. Smith doing everything when she was alive to be a walking, breathing, comedy skit, instead, she is afforded more respect than frankly – I think – she even deserves.

In fact there are many white female celebrities still living who are not only drug addicts but have allowed their lives to devolve into a complete mess. The names Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love come to mind. Yet, they are rarely made the butt of such spiteful venom even by the very people who hated on Whitney every chance they could get (I’m looking at you Wendy Williams).

As if that weren’t bad enough damn near every white male blowhard on late night TV would take hateful potshots at Whitney all while having guests on their show who were also drug addicts. If that is not some straight up, racist hypocrisy then I don’t know what is! Except, maybe the dreadful waste of time that hasn’t been funny in 25 years better known as Saturday Night Live, a show where the ‘actors’ often took great delight in showcasing skits were Whitney’s unfortunate drug habit was attacked with reckless glee and abandon (Remember, this is the very same show that has employed so many crack heads that they should have their own special wing at the Betty Ford clinic.) but did two separate tribute shows to their dead stars Chris Farley and John Belushi, both of whom had a notorious history of drug problems culminating in their deaths at 32 and 33.

Yet, they never get even half of the vitriol Whitney Houston received, both in life and death. Instead, we have some weepy eyed white person in the media saying how we should feel ‘bad’ for them because they have a disease and can’t help themselves. I guess what is a ‘disease’ to white celebs is just a s**tty personality trait in black people seeing how Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden,and Ricky Williams were not given the disease argument. No, they are just pathetic stupid Negroes with too much too soon.

The same thing can be said for former child star and perennial tragic figure Gary Coleman because when he passed, the biggest topic the media could focus on was his one-time domestic battery arrest. As I have stated previously, I don’t condone violence against women, and this is not a rallying cry for black celebrities who make wrong choices. What I am saying is if this were say…white male actor Eric Roberts who has a track record of domestic violence against his ex-wife Eliza that just recently passed, I seriously doubt even one white member of the media would be making that aspect of his life fodder for their news story like they did with Gary, like they do every time it’s a black person especially if they are accused of something nefarious.

There are still white male sports writers who will harp on Kobe Bryant’s rape accusation by a white woman from Colorado in 2003 but are somehow incapable of continuously mentioning the rape accusations against white players such as Mark Chmura, Christian Peter and the twice accused Steeler quarterback Ben Rothelisberger.

It’s not even just players either! NBC sportscaster and embarrassment Marv Albert was accused of biting and sodomizing a former female friend 15 years ago. But to hear other white males in the media tell it, that case was all about money, and ‘poor’ Marv was just being railroaded because he’s a ‘celebrity’. So, by their logic, being white and famous is a hindrance. Riiiiiiiiight.

I brought up the race of the accuser in the Kobe Bryant case because I feel that also always plays a significant part in how we are judged by the media. For the longest of times in this country, insecure, jealous, bitter white males have held the belief that all black males are insatiable when it comes to sex. They believe black men have some biological instinct to never keep it in their pants, that they are natural born predators and no women’s vajayjay is safe around them, least of all a white woman’s. In fact even when the sexual contact is consensual as in the case of golfing legend Tiger Woods, there is still a mentality among the throngs of white male media that believe there is just NO way possible a young, pretty, thin white woman would lay down willingly with a black man. Including one who is half Asian and a billionaire on top of that, but that is a post all in itself that’s why this going to be continued.

The second part is coming soon.