Sandy’s Wrath

The pictures speak for themselves.


11 thoughts on “Sandy’s Wrath

  1. This just so tragic, Now the New York people know how the Katrina people were going through in the 9th ward. I saw a horrible news story about a Staten Island ma n refusing to help a black woman with two young children who were swept away. I can’t believe another human would treat someone like that. I heard that Staten Island is very racist. So very sad.

    1. It’s official. My trust in humanity is DONE with a capital fucking D. Two, small, innocent, beautiful children lost their fucking lives because no one wanted to help this woman find them. Fucking heartbreaking and extremely sad.

    2. I read about that one. That made me physically ill reading it. If anyone deserves a good punch in the face and more, it’s that asshole.

    3. I read the same story myself. I am concerned that instead of becoming more compassionate, individuals like the ones who would not help the woman who lost her two children, will instead become more intractable and continue to scape goat and blame POC for what is happening to them. It seems that they will go to ridiculous extremes to do this, case in point, is our economy and how they are blaming POC for it, instead of those who destroyed the economy. My other concern is the more privation and hardship these type of people face, the more genocidal and evil they are prone to become.

      1. Exactly. Like I wrote in another post, blaming POC, blacks especially, seems like the way to go. However, blaming those responsible, who are largely white males, is unacceptable even by some of our own. I asked why is that so. Why must society blame POC for its faults that they didn’t cause, but it’s not right to blame those who are the direct and indirect causes which happen to be largely white and male? I know blaming people won’t get anything done, but if so, why does it happen in the form of acceptable scapegoating? You know what I mean?

  2. Now the white people know how the 9th ward Katrina victims felt. They had lots more resources than the povert striken Katrina victims. So my question is why didn’t they get their asses out? That’s what I heard white folks saying . “They just weren’t smart and they drowned”. Well i have feelings for the Sandy victims but at the same time i feel karma is a bitch, you can’t judge people. Are they going to be called refugees in their own country? Treated like second class citizens. That’s the difference between Sandy and Katrina to me. This is just my personal observation and thoughts.

      1. Tell me about it. If you go on youtube it’s like an ode to the Hitler youth not only that they talk like their ish don’t stink. And to hear them tell it the history of this country is distorted because their ancestors NEVER did anything wrong.

  3. I just remember being at my place of employment some of the white employees having a discussion about how the people in the 9th ward were victims because they weren’t very smart and should have gotten out when they heard a storm was coming. This pissed me off. I think now that some were too poor to leave and for whatever reason they shouldn’t have been treated the way they were treated by the government.

    1. Those white employees obviously weren’t smart themselves because if they were, they could’ve considered that some people were unable to leave. Also, there are folks in middle and upper class homes who chose to stay as well.

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