Davey D, hip-hop activist drops some serious knowledge concerning politics and natural disasters. He goes in hard on Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his seemingly lack of concern for the victims of this tragedy. I encourage you to read this because Davey D asks some very important questions that are imperative in this year’s election.

Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

Last night I was looking at the footage of the devastation throughout New Jersey, parts of New York and up and down the East Coast and was saddened and shocked to see how much many of us underestimated the type of havoc Hurricane Sandy laid on folks.

Thousands were left homeless. Millions of people were left without power and water. Millions had no heat which was crucial considering that Sandy unlike most hurricanes was not one that came when the weather was warm. This was essentially a winter storm, one that dropped several feet of snow in some places.

It was surreal looking at the carnage and recalling that it was just a few nights before, many were on twitter and Facebook taking what some were calling ‘a storm of storms’ , lightly. Many saw this Frankenstorm as no big deal, especially since it was a category 1 as opposed…

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  1. That was an excellent article. “Bravo” to Davey D. He’s a good writer. He called Mittens out on his b.s. Romney didn’t care about the disaster victims. This jerk has shown us time after time who he is. I hope voters use their brains when it comes time to go to the polls next week.

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