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There is a terrible trend that came with the advent of camera phones when they were given the function to record. It is a trend where violence – real violence – especially inter-gender violence is seen as entertaining. These videos literally get millions of hits on popular social websites where posting videos is the primary objective. What’s even more disturbing is that certain videos which discuss the problems of violence are largely overshadowed, not garnering as many hits as those where pimp slapping another human being seem to get a lot of attention.

Yet, we can not assume that just because they got millions of hits, it means just as many people watched them. Each ‘hit’ is counted as someone clicking on the thumbnail with the screenshot of the video they want to see no matter how many times they want to see it. There are no limits as to how many times they can see a particular video.

Plus, you have to take into account the repeat and refresh functions. There are some rumors going around that those who are desperate for online popularity will increase hits to their own videos. It sounds like a wild idea, but it helps.

The video I posted is that of a drunken Australian woman who was later literally pushed off of the train by the passengers she was agitating when it came to a stop at a station. It was obvious that if she hadn’t been forced off the train, things wouldn’t gotten worse. The other people, all males, tried to egg her on while she was instigating them to fight her. Luckily, things didn’t go that far. Still, inter-gender violence seems to be worthy of recording not necessarily for awareness or activism but for entertainment.

It is the same with women of color (WOC). Some people hate to admit it, but violence against WOC recorded on camera is usually for a few yuks and giggles. To add insult to injury some of those giggles come from men of color (MOC). It is a disturbing reality to know that physical abuse against WOC is not only unimportant, but is considered stimulating to watch. In the minds of viewers they quickly try to dismiss the problem and deflect blame onto the victim. They assume that somehow, she deserved her ass whooping.

MOC did not start this anti-woman mentality, but it seems popular online mostly due to the negative racism against POC, women especially. This is a complex issue that must be handled at the source, the hearts and souls of men and women, but mostly men. The male supremacist logic is damaging not just to women, but to men themselves.

Misogyny against women has been around long before the invention of camera phones, the internet, video recorders and even television. Now, it has become online entertainment for (mostly) low-brow audiences. Shutting them down won’t solve the problem, but if there isn’t a plan to confront this issue, more and more violence will continue and someone will be recording it for viewing pleasure.