Violent Vids

There is a terrible trend that came with the advent of camera phones when they were given the function to record. It is a trend where violence – real violence – especially inter-gender violence is seen as entertaining. These videos literally get millions of hits on popular social websites where posting videos is the primary objective. What’s even more disturbing is that certain videos which discuss the problems of violence are largely overshadowed, not garnering as many hits as those where pimp slapping another human being seem to get a lot of attention.

Yet, we can not assume that just because they got millions of hits, it means just as many people watched them. Each ‘hit’ is counted as someone clicking on the thumbnail with the screenshot of the video they want to see no matter how many times they want to see it. There are no limits as to how many times they can see a particular video.

Plus, you have to take into account the repeat and refresh functions. There are some rumors going around that those who are desperate for online popularity will increase hits to their own videos. It sounds like a wild idea, but it helps.

The video I posted is that of a drunken Australian woman who was later literally pushed off of the train by the passengers she was agitating when it came to a stop at a station. It was obvious that if she hadn’t been forced off the train, things wouldn’t gotten worse. The other people, all males, tried to egg her on while she was instigating them to fight her. Luckily, things didn’t go that far. Still, inter-gender violence seems to be worthy of recording not necessarily for awareness or activism but for entertainment.

It is the same with women of color (WOC). Some people hate to admit it, but violence against WOC recorded on camera is usually for a few yuks and giggles. To add insult to injury some of those giggles come from men of color (MOC). It is a disturbing reality to know that physical abuse against WOC is not only unimportant, but is considered stimulating to watch. In the minds of viewers they quickly try to dismiss the problem and deflect blame onto the victim. They assume that somehow, she deserved her ass whooping.

MOC did not start this anti-woman mentality, but it seems popular online mostly due to the negative racism against POC, women especially. This is a complex issue that must be handled at the source, the hearts and souls of men and women, but mostly men. The male supremacist logic is damaging not just to women, but to men themselves.

Misogyny against women has been around long before the invention of camera phones, the internet, video recorders and even television. Now, it has become online entertainment for (mostly) low-brow audiences. Shutting them down won’t solve the problem, but if there isn’t a plan to confront this issue, more and more violence will continue and someone will be recording it for viewing pleasure.


23 thoughts on “Violent Vids

  1. OMG but I don’t agree. Sorry Brotha but I refuse to go along we can’t allow ANYONE to get away with acting a fool because of age,gender,race,disability what have you. A**holes come in all shapes,sizes,and colors. There was no misogyny there was a stupid drunk woman who was being loud,obnoxious and abusive. If one of those men actually did hit her she would have cried foul there’s an old saying ‘don’t start none won’t BE none’. I’m a woman but I’m done with a capital D this mess that women can be a complete fool and face no consequence. We are all accountable for the path we take and the choices we make there should be no picking and choosing who is at fault when it’s plain as day. Just like with the bus driver in Cleveland regardless of the marginalization of black people particularly black women doesn’t ouright absolve us of our behavior nor should it.

    1. This video is tamed compared to the ones that’s been showing up. I agree that she was the instigator. Still, it could’ve gotten to the point where a brawl would happen. Instead, they pushed her off the train when they’ve stopped at a station.

      Regardless of who’s at fault, this kind of behavior is deplorable, and in poor black communities, it’s sad. The problem is that those kinds of problems in poor black areas of the country are seen as entertaining enough to exploit and show to the world because that’s what people want to see. That’s why WSHH is up and making money. That’s why shows like Jerry and Maury are popular. People want to see fucked up people act like fools, and the joke is always on black people.

      1. I wonder what percentage of WSHH visitors are white. Especially if it could be compared to the percentage of American Internet users that are white.

  2. First the bus driver and now this lil reese video of this little punk ass putting his hands on a young woman, because she asked him to leave her home. Him and his other cowardly friends assaulting this young woman. Courtesty of world hiphop. As far as the Austrailian woman that’s just crazy. At least they didn’t beat her up. Spitting is the lowest thing you can to do to another individual. It’s all pretty effed up.

    1. It almost got to that point in the Australian video. I still saw a lot of misogyny in that video. Even if those videos didn’t exist, it would continue. That’s why people must have this honest discussion about this kind of pathos.

  3. World Starr Hip Hop. The Lil Reese video the same dirtbags that bought us the uppercut video with the bus driver. Where are the men to step up and defend a woman when she is in distress. That Lil Reese video is disgusting as well.

    1. It is, but in this society, ignorance and violence is profitable. It’s what helped build this nation. There are people who abhor both videos, especially on sites like

    2. But let’s be fair here SHE wasn’t in distress because she was causing all the trauma.It would be one thing if she were sitting there minding her own business and the men were harassing her but she was the instigator. If women in this coutry truly want equality then we need to take the bad with the good and not cry sexism when something is our fault. She was being drunk,belligerent and stupid so she doesn’t get to play the gender card. If she were around another group of women she probably wouldn’t have been as bold. Let’s not kid ourselves here many women will take advantage of the unwritten rule that a man is never suppsoed to hit a woman.

      1. I don’t disagree with what you’re saying Lavern. I know what you’re saying is known for happening.

        Still, the issue is that no matter who started what, for some reason, it’s camera-worthy and internet-worthy. The question is why are those videos popular on websites like Youtube and WSHH?

  4. You’re absolutely correct. These violent videos are becoming more and more popular. I also think sites like Worldstar Hip Hop are some of the worst. It shows the most sick stereotypes of black people. And the violent videos against women are the worst. I had a friend send me a video last month of a black fighting his own mother! She was on the ground and he was kicking her. It was sickening! When people take delight in the suffering of others–you know the culture is going down the toilet. And we has responsible black men with sense need to speak out against this sick behavior. If not us,who?

    1. Not a lot of people like that site, including 50 Cent and Method Man. I don’t see anything remotely entertaining with WSHH.

      The sad truth is that if there were videos of black people doing community service, stopping and preventing crime or anything positive, I doubt it would get a lot of hits. So, all in all WSHH is profiting not just off of the buffoonery and ignorance of some people, but also they know this is what people want to see as much as they love trash shows like Jerry and Maury.

      1. That’s true. If its positive people run from it like its a disease. If its negative and dehumanizing they flock to it like flies to crap. We need to change that mentality. It holds us back as a people from reaching our true greatness. We can no longer wallow in ignorance and be the buffoons for other people.

      2. It’s like the article written on Jack and Jill Politics about news and blacks. If there was a news story about a black person saving someone, it wouldn’t be as popular as a black person assaulting someone, and you can best believe that some of the people interested in the latter are white racists.

      3. There are some news stories where even if a suspect is PERCEIVED to be black the media will be all over it but when it turns out they aren’t then the drop the story in a hot minute.

  5. I mentioned this on Truth Be Told’s website, maybe some women (not all, mond you) should invest in purchasing arms. If no one defends you, you have to at least defend yourself. Things have gotten so bad in this country that even nice women get treated like crap and nice men do nothing about it. Like Marvin Gaye said, what’s going on?

      1. There were two women beaten on the North side of Chicago. Both were white women and one was an exchange student from Ireland who had never been out of her country before. Unfortunately she died from the beating and the media was hellbent on coverage when it was rumored that the suspects were black males. When it the two perpetrators were arrested it turns out one was a light skinned Latina and her boyfriend who killed the Irish girl was white. Three guesses how much coverage the story got when the killer turned out to be a white male. Another perfect example Natalie Holloway I’ll bet my last 50 most media types thoought one of them ‘Arubans’ did something to her.

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