Mittens, Mike and Sandy

Flooding in the roads caused by Sandy’s storm surge has contributed to regional damages.

Superstorm Sandy has left a swath of destruction that encompasses the entire Northeastern United States. Roads are flooded, numerous trees are down cutting power to millions of residents who are struggling without power. President Obama and N.Y. Governor Chris Christie have been working hard to keep people safe and getting  as much aid as possible to repair the damage and restore the region.

Yet, Michael Brown, the former director of FEMA who left after two weeks following his mishandling of Hurricane Katrina’s disaster, has been critical about Obama’s response. Here’s his quote as written on WestWord Blogs through Colorlines:

“The problem is — everybody, both campaigns, the public, the media, even the first responders, are in this awkward time period,” he says. “It’s either gonna be the worst thing…or not be nearly as bad as expected or fizzle out. It’s the most awkward time…. You don’t want to send the wrong message politically…on how seriously you should take it…. The message should be, you need to take it seriously.”

Brown’s advice to the President is this:

“My advice to him is that he needs to call the cabinet and tell the cabinet members that if [current FEMA head] Craig Fugate calls and asks for something, the expectation is he is going to get whatever he needs,” Brown replies. “The cabinet will fully cooperate and give him whatever he wants.”

Meanwhile, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has this to say on the issue of the Federal Government providing aid (Thanks Ankhesen):

And there you have it folks.

Click here to go to the Red Cross website to make a donation for the survivors of Superstorm Sandy.


8 thoughts on “Mittens, Mike and Sandy

    1. He completely dodged the questions about relief efforts for the victims of Sandy. If he was trying to win political points, he missed a great opportunity to show some support.

  1. The fact he said he was going to cancel his rally and then just renamed it and pretended to take donations (which he himself bought solely for the photo-op) says a lot about the man. Though he’s already showed his ass so many times the only people surprised at the revelation are people who haven’t paid a lick of attention yet.

  2. I love the name Robme that someone gave Romney. The thing is he really have been doing nothing but putting his foot in his mouth. I wonder if he even knew what the purpose that FEMA service or if he just saw it as money not in his pocket.

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