This is one mother of a storm.

I would to send my best wishes to the people surviving and struggling Superstorm Sandy. Stay safe and take care of yourselves and each other. 

In what is being referred to as a ‘Superstorm’, the weather system once known as Hurricane Sandy is laying waste to the Northeast United States. It’s force was enough to kill almost 11 people, cut power to millions of people, and is leaving destruction in the billions of dollars. It is reminiscent of the powerful weather system, also referred as a Superstorm and even ‘The Storm of the Century‘, that tore through the East Coast in the early quarter of 1993.

Horrendous weather phenomena such as Sandy seem to occur at least twice during a lifetime. Last year in the last half of April, a weather system in the Southeastern U.S. spawned a record-breaking outbreak of tornadoes that decimated communities in several cities. Most notable during the weather media’s broadcasts were the Tuscaloosa and Joplin Tornadoes that left a path of destruction in their wakes. Both communities are still recovering from those storms. However, meterologists have compared the 2011 outbreak to the Super Outbreak of 1974 and have even considered it worst in terms of damages, deaths and numbers of the most violent tornadoes.

Some believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that global warming is the cause of Mother Nature’s seemingly frequent wrath that that has shattered so many records, myths and lives. There is enough evidence to conclude that rising temperatures and ocean levels have greatly contributed to Nature’s onslaught and it is primarily due to air pollution brough on by man. If that is the case, then it’s apparent that mankind is not only causing it’s own death, but the death of Planet Earth itself.


4 thoughts on “Superstorms

  1. This is just my opinion, but because of man’s abuse and mismanagement of the planet, The earth might just very well be retaliating against mankind. This is just my opinion. Why we are experiencing these strange weather phenomenon.

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