Guest Post: The Irony of Racism

by Lavern Merriweather

It never fails. The minute you get into an argument in America with a white person about race they will inexplicably bring up slavery and whine “I’m not responsible for what my ancestors did 150 years ago!” Really? You can put an exact date on it just like that?!! Because from where I sit it’s still an ongoing thing then you have the “Hey, my ancestors never owned any slaves” crowd. Okay. So, which is it then, your ancestors weren’t involved in slavery or you aren’t responsible for the ones that were? Make up your minds, stupid!

Actually, I wouldn’t want an answer from either group since I know I would never get an honest one, because to hear them tell it, slavery was either something that didn’t exist at all or if it did wasn’t ‘all that bad’. I hope these people aren’t working for Hollywood, because while they are good at spinning fantasy, they keep flipping the script halfway through the movie. And last time I checked James Byrd wasn’t murdered 150 years ago, and neither was Emmitt Till or Medgar Evers for that matter.

Those crimes along with the church bombing in Selma circa 1963 didn’t happen that long ago. So, even when you claim it never happened or wasn’t as bad and is now over, you, yourself keep providing evidence to the contrary. like the a**holes on certain internet message boards who cry the race card, and yet, turn right around in the very next sentence and use the n-word which according to them is a word that never existed. Oh wait, it was only used 150 years ago.

But wait, that doesn’t mean they are racist, because racism is just a ‘card’ used by black people as an excuse to hold white people responsible for something that never truly existed in the first place. I guess they don’t seem to realize that they just proved that a black person’s point..Oh wait, what point were we on again?

Recently, I wrote a post called ‘If This Were the Blacks’ and I was calling out people of other races who really don’t like blacks and don’t want to concern themselves with racism that happens to blacks yet expect us to be at their beck and call when racist ish happens to them. I want to add another group to that list, white so-called progressive liberal types that will say ‘Gay Is the New Black’ or that ‘Fat Is the New Black’ using our suffering and struggles as some kind of default to which all acts of prejudice and bigotry are now compared.

Okay, now I’m confused! If black people never really experienced racism or it ended after the Civil War, then how can they compare themselves to us? After all, there was no racism and what little acts of racism that did happen was so long ago to no longer be relevant. Yet, these groups are saying it’s just like the struggles of black people. Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out how that s**t works again.

How can gay and fat be ‘the new black’ when we are now sitting pretty with not a care in the world except of course for people like Oscar Grant, James Byrd, Amadou Diallo, Bernard Monroe, Tynisha Miller, Aiyana Jones, Eleanor Bumpers, Ricky Byrdsong, Micheal Stewart, Brandon Mcllendand, etc. I’d better go inform them that racism ended for blacks 150 years ago even though it’s still used as an example by white and non-black groups. Ooops, must have just missed them.

How can you claim racism never existed or didn’t exist after a certain time period and STILL commit acts of violence all in the name of those ancestors who may have but actually really didn’t say anything or done anything offensive to black people? And how can I be playing a ‘card’ when you keep using the same hateful words and rhetoric of the people who supposedly didn’t use them or stopped doing so after an approved time period? Which one is it, because it can’t be both, and you can’t have it both ways and say ‘It’s just like the blacks who actually didn’t go through anything bad and have nothing to complain about now, but we still use them as a ‘representation’? You think that we still suffer racism enough to compare your situation to ours but not enough for us to still complain about racism?! And you keep doing the same s**t that your ancestors supposedly never did but still did yet stopped after a certain time. So, you are saying it did happen but it didn’t happen in the way black people think. It’s just the way you believe.

That’s got to be the most confusing, bulls**t argument ever presented as truth, which I think more people need to educate themselves on. Oh wait, they are educated! It’s the blacks who aren’t educated enough to tell our own history. Ironic, no?


6 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Irony of Racism

  1. An excellent post, Lavern. Not that you’re capable of producing otherwise. 😉

    Frankly the fact they can’t remain on a single cohesive train of thought for longer than thirty seconds isn’t too surprising. Isn’t that one of the effects of inbreeding?

  2. I think a lot of whites will be in a constant state of denial. And will never want to deal with racism it’s just to shameful and embarassing for them.

    1. Mary, Mary, quite contrary. Me thinks you’re giving whites way too much credit. Their collective actions over the centuries prove that they are SOCIOPATHS when it comes to POC. Trust me, whites are not losing any sleep over the way they or their relatives / ancestors / tribemates have (mis)treated blacks, just as they lose no sleep over the MILLION or so innocent Iraqi and Afghan men, women and children their ‘brave boys’ have raped, tortured and/or murdered in the past 10 years.

      When whites play the denial card, the purpose is to deceive blacks. I promise you, not only do whites know they’re racists, they’re perfectly fine with being racists. They just don’t like to be called racists. They want to keep blacks in the dark about their psychopathic, racist, evil nature. They don’t want blacks to see their horns or fangs so they lie, deny, deflect, deceive and speak with forked tongue like the vipers they are (though many of them can’t resist the anonymity afforded by the internet to cowardly spew their venom, so it’s become much easier to see them for what they are).

      Re their racism, the bottom line is: They don’t. fucking. care – at all.
      Shame and embarrasment has got nothing to do with it (IMO:)

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