The White Man’s Fears

Let’s be real here, folks. Some people may think that my blog page is anti-white, and most of them are those suffering from the white racial mindset. However, in a society that’s obsessed with telling people of color how to live according to White American/European standards while criticizing and even criminalizing them at every turn, then it should be expected that some people of color reject them, tell them why and how they are wrong. Yet, having white privilege can seem to sheltered a white person so much that anything trivial can cause dread, including the thought of harsh, but needed, criticism. As such I’ve learned that a lot of white folks have a lot of fears.

White people have an unusual and even violent fear of the unknown, especially at first sight. This phobia has been in existence for centuries, probably longer. One of the most notable that still exists is the fear of melanin (dark skin). For years, many White Europeans and Americans have regarded darker skin tones as a sign of some inferiority trait i.e. ugliness, savagery, impurity, etc. The opposite was made clear during their prejudices and the myth of white supremacy was born.

This fear of ‘the dark’ has been stagnant up to this very day and has been influenced heavily and without permission to other groups including those of dark-skinned members. This version of white supremacy continues to make dark skin tones into a curse so powerful that leads to self-destruction.

Other known fears of the unknown have been recorded. The fear of women being equal or more powerful than men has been and still is evident. The fear of religions they do not understand is known. And the fear of sexuality they deem is ‘unnatural and inhuman’ has been in a number of conversations loaded with hatred and ignorance.

Another fear many white people have is the thought of extinction. Due to the campaign of white superiority, white people fear of losing their culture, physical features and genetic make-up. This fear is pronounced greatly with that of poor whites. However, the racial paranoia is across the socioeconomic spectrum. For reasons based purely on racial supremacy, the white gene must be preserved and reproduced so that the race must live on.

This probably explains why history, the media, politics and even religion have been whitened. The objective is that white skin and European features must not only survive, but shine at all costs.

White people are scared of losing their power and privileges. It must be known that some whites, especially lower-class whites, do not believe they have any privileges due to the (often) mistaken notion that white privilege is the same as wealth privilege. I digress.

Even though history shows that the United States’ origins of financial power is tied with Slavery and almost all of the wealth was distributed to whites, most white people did not, nor would their future generations, ever consider(ed) paying back African Americans for their role in involuntarily building the nation under brutal and violent conditions. They fear they would lose their dominion over other groups, and nations in particular. So, their course of action is to conquer and control.

Lastly, and most prominent is the fear many whites in this nation have, the fear of payback.

How many times have we heard the worlds ‘black-on-white’ in the same sentence as ‘crime’ and ‘violence’? How many films have we seen of Native Americans attacking white settlers only to be killed by white cowboys who turn out to be heroes? How many war films have you seen where American soldiers fight Asian soldiers? There are more questions to be asked, but they all seem to point to the paranoia of a racial backlash against white people by people of color.

Why does such a fear exist you might ask? All fears previously mentioned serve as components to this phobia. The fears of differences in mindset and appearance, extinction and lost of privileges is what galvanizes the white racial mindset. It is this fear that shelters many whites from the rest of the world and provokes them to scapegoat others. It is the shackles that hold them back from realizing their humanity, the humanity they traded in for becoming “white”.


35 thoughts on “The White Man’s Fears

  1. Sadly, I have to agree with you here. The new thing now is to act as if you are completely insane of you bring this up to them. I love the darkness that is me. There are beautiful things about black and darkness that people don’t even notice. The weather is cool and idea for rest in the darkness of the night, a child feels safe hiding under the darkness of their covers, the darkness behind our eyelids blocks out the harshness of light, black is the saturation of color not the absence which is white, and its all so intimate to talk, cuddle, make love, and be in the dark with someone special…. Or maybe that’s just me!

  2. In order to survive genetically, they have to have an elaborate system in place world wide…

    I don’t care what anyway says, does or how much they stick with “political correctness” when a black person and a white person produces offspring through lovemaking, the child is Black. This is because Black people carry the original genotype/genome of humanity–meaning we have a larger diverse gene pool. The smaller gene pools absorb into the larger gene pools. Racial mixing does not destroy the Black communities of the world genetically. This is a problem too painful for white people to face and many black people who have bought into the notion that IR love and “bi-racial” children means “post-racial” or “not black” for the latter….

    You can observe the theme of the fear of genetic annihilation in British literature ALL of the damn time if you know how to read and pay attention–case in point–the BBC is airing a mini series shown on PBS titled “Call the Midwife”…in one scene, a white woman was giving birth, but in danger of having her baby stillborn if she didn’t put more effort into pushing. The midwives asked her “what is wrong, why are you scared? You have got to push” Her reply:


    The midwife assured her that she didn’t care what color the baby was just so long as it got there alive. After several attempts, lo and behold, a dark brown black baby boy with kinky hair was brought forth from that white woman. There was no mistaking that her child was black! She knew it and SHE understood all too well that her genes absorbed back into the original gene pool.

    We find out later that she is in fact married to a white man but had a brief affair with a black man while her husband was away.

    1. With all due respect, if said Black-Biracial child had a child with a White person, the bloodline would then be whitened. With enough race-mixing, some bloodlines will be absorbed. Where does Blackness end and Whitenes begin or Whiteness end and Blackness begin again? Not to mention that Black people carry the melanocyte gene which is responsible for all hair colors, from the blackest black to the the whitest blonde, as well as eye colors, from the darkest brown to the palest blue. After all, aren’t we all descendants of Mother Africa, regardless of race or racial mixture?

      1. I don’t know about some of that…i have seen “biracial” black women marry white men and their children are brown as can be with wavy to kinky hair.

        Some famous people like this; Maya Rudolph- look at her kids all three brown although for some she looks “racially ambiguous” for a “biracial” black woman yet her husband is white…

        The black side of one’s gene’s tends to dominate in many cases.

    1. @ brothawolf

      To answer your question, it’s due to a lack if melanin. Lack of melanin creates lack of compassion, lack of empathy, lack of humanity.

      They destroy because it’s what they do.
      Yurugu has no soul.

      1. You are a racist and so is everyone who reads this blog and agrees with it.

        White people fear black privilege and the hypocrisy in the minds of non whites who think it is funny to joke about the extinction of white people knowing EVERY race ultimately wants to survive, while daring to demand more privileges from us.

        The truth is that black men are the ones filled with paranoia, not white men.

  3. @ Brothawolf,

    Africa has a lot of natural resources that are being used and the citizens of the various countries are being exploited. The Congo has the most resources on the continent, probably in the world. From what I also understand, certain Asian countries have infiltrated the Nigerian economy and currently making money off of the Nigerians.

    1. The natural resources are being stolen, as the leaders are afraid to stand up out of fear of being killed. African is under seized, one day though, the reaper will come, and set Africa free.

    2. The resources are being stolen. Leaders are afraid to stand up out of fear of being killed. One day the reaper will come to free Africa.

  4. @phoebeprunelle,

    The thing is that we do not always know a person’s racial makeup, or even our own. The Biracial-Black women who marry White men that have Brown children – how much Black blood do the children actually possess? The mother may be miexed, but still possess more than 50% Black blood – hence the visible non-Whiteness of the children. And what if the White husband is not as White as he thinks he is? It is estimated that roughly 20% of White Americans possess Black ancestry and they do not even know it. That could account for why some of these families have dominant Black genes that reveal themselves in the children’s physical appearance – both parents are mixed.

  5. is it fear or is it hate. it was not fear that inspired these people to travel to distant lands to rape pillage and kill people who were doing nothing to them. perhaps it is fear today that motivates the white man who wants to continue to maintain a certain level of comfort and security but it is hate that compels him to crush the life out of others to do so

  6. There is great irony, if not beauty, in the fate of peoples. Africans and those of African descent have been treated as untouchable and undesirable, but that has preserved the purity of the African, The European tells everyone it should be desired, and that leads to the mixing and diluting of the european stock. Consider the Americas where in 50 years the “white” will be the minority and already is except in North America. That is the price and irony of their media campaign – being bred out of power and out of majority status.

    The poverty of the African has also served to protect the continent. Europe and the Americas are populated by various peoples because wealth, be it land or resources, attracted them. So that now the Americas are the most diverse lands and Europe will be equally diverse in the future. Asia, to some extent, is already diverse if you consider that 1.3 billion Indians and 200 million Indonesians share the continent with 1,4 billion Chinese. Africa. otoh, is the most ethnically pure continent and will remain so because poverty keeps the birth rate high.

  7. I agree with this post. Yes White people in AmeriKKKlan and worldwide are going paranoid over the fact that they are a dying breed and that they might lose the privilege they have over others.They are scared that us Blacks and other non Whites will pay them back for all the wicked deeds they have done to us and continue to do to us.

    These Neanderthals are scared and going crazy right now.

  8. I know this is an old post, but I hope you don’t mind if I chime in on this topic, white fears and anxieties (I do hope you get a notification of this message too).

    Have you ever heard of Thomas Jefferson’s ‘nightmare?’ He dreaded freedom for American slaves as that would mean to him that slavery truly was a great wrong. If it was wrong, if it was evil, then said former slaves would have infinite grievances against Europeans for their perpetual enslavement.

    This is why he and others concocted various colonization schemes. One was to send former slaves into the newly acquired Louisiana Territory, but to have such a competing state on the same continent was inconceivable. They might grow to become more powerful than the white American state and thus fulfill the nightmare. The American Colonization Society was founded in 1817 which combined many smaller colonization efforts for free black Americans that had sprung up in the wake of Gabriel Prosser’s rebellion in 1800.

    Paul Cuffee was successful in establishing the first colony for American black men and women in Sierra Leone. Shortly afterward, the Liberian colony was also established.

    The white anxiety continued throughout the early 1800’s well into the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln felt it prudent to invite black American leaders to the White House to demonstrate to them the incapacity for whites and blacks to live side by side. He pointed to black men and women as the cause of American anxieties and revealed a plan to remove black Americans to the Liberian colony once the Emancipation Proclamation took effect. I believe he was successful in getting 60,000 American blacks to repatriate to Liberia, though this was hardly a dent in the total black American population.

    White anxieties of blackness continued long after slavery ended (you are probably well aware of this). Whites played on those anxieties throughout Reconstruction and Jim/Jane Crow era. I was just reading about the Colfax Massacre in 1873, whites spread rumors that black men were going to kill all the white men in the area and rape white women (I suppose as revenge).

    A few weeks ago I was reading about the East St. Louis Riot, there was a white union meeting in which rumors spread of the women’s union and black men’s unions working together (fraternizing), hundreds of white men stormed through the black neighborhoods, assaulting men and women and children. The real riot occurred some few weeks later, one in which whites cut the fire hoses at the fire station and then proceeded to burn homes and businesses with men, women, and children still in them.

    Surrounding many of these actions; Prosser’s rebellion, the Colfax Massacre, East St. Louis Riot, have been anxieties of retaliation from black Americans. Retaliation that has never been forth coming. Mostly black people turn inward to their own communities to their own families, understandably so, they move on to some other land or city where they can find safety.

    Having achieved near total segregation by the mid-1900’s, conflicts between black and white Americans have taken on a different context. The emerging mass market and mass poverty has created a different struggle in black and white American communities. The white anxiety is still strong, a still pressing fear. Popularization of such phenomenon as the knockout game, the fallout from Christopher Lane’s murder in white social groups, I have even seen info passed around from the Council of Conservative Citizens declaring that white women who date black men are the most at-risk group for death all point to this prescient fear of the Jeffersonian Nightmare.

    I tell you one thing. I don’t buy that anything so insidious has been conspired among the American people in any way shape or form. This anxiety is a rallying call for whites who identify strictly by race to further entrench race fears and to live in denial of white privilege.

    anyway, hope to hear from you.

      1. when those fools come into blogs like yours and others and try to tell you how wrong you are, it stems from the same sort of fear. like if white people are not actively trying to regulate black thought and expression, then white people will come under scrutiny, which can have social and political ramifications if whiteness doesn’t fight hard enough for itself.

  9. A guy i know studying genetics told me that blacks are the reason all people are here and science seems to agree. He went on to say ( his opinion) that if black people would die out so would the other races, is that possible?

    1. That’s a pretty strong statement. I wouldn’t go that far, but there are a lot of indications (cultural appropriation, black inventors, etc.) that point to that possibility.

    2. Yes it is true the geneticist around the world have confirmed that Nubian genetics or Black genetics is the prime DNA or original DNA, thus if Nubian people die off, in 100 generations or less all other races will begin to decline or die off. Unlike all other nationalities or races, Nubian people have 100% of the DNA blueprint. Every other race has a fraction or portion of this prime DNA percentage. Some scientist have even concluded that Nubian people have 12 strands of DNA, not two, and that we only use a fraction of our potential, because we have abandon or were removed from many of the ancient practices, ancient technology, and original way of life. Everything today is artificial. Artificial light, food, the need for excessive clothing, no solar energy, no earth energy or Qi, Chi, or Prana, and of course the white supremacist control over the worlds natural resources, wealth, education, etc. Unfortunately what Caucasians are reluctant to admit or acknowledge is simply they are our children, as are every other race. Even Asians believed they were a separate race until the world genetic consortium of scientist proved that Asian people have Nubian ancestry. People no longer want to live in the truth, in peace, or respect one another, so the end approaches and when it occurs Nubian people will begin again. While some will disagree with my hypothesis, they probably don’t know the history, mythology, the divine texts ie: (Koran, Bible, I Ching, Greek Myths, Mahabharahta, etc, as do I, thus they will reason this is talk, but every 26,000 years the Earth experiences cataclysmic changes: Earthquakes, Meteorite impacts, flooding, volcanic eruptions etc. While most think this is climate change it happens throughout the solar system on every planet. It is caused by the Sun going through a super cycle that makes it 7 times brighter, which affects if magnetosphere, atmosphere, and ionosphere, thus causing the world wide cataclysms. In effect this super solar environment is why Nubian people have the superconductive skin or Melanin. Since proof is something that most people don’t provide you, allow me to flex my intellectual capacity a fraction.

      Isaiah 30:26
      Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the LORD bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound.

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