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Let’s be real here, folks. Some people may think that my blog page is anti-white, and most of them are those suffering from the white racial mindset. However, in a society that’s obsessed with telling people of color how to live according to White American/European standards while criticizing and even criminalizing them at every turn, then it should be expected that some people of color reject them, tell them why and how they are wrong. Yet, having white privilege can seem to sheltered a white person so much that anything trivial can cause dread, including the thought of harsh, but needed, criticism. As such I’ve learned that a lot of white folks have a lot of fears.

White people have an unusual and even violent fear of the unknown, especially at first sight. This phobia has been in existence for centuries, probably longer. One of the most notable that still exists is the fear of melanin (dark skin). For years, many White Europeans and Americans have regarded darker skin tones as a sign of some inferiority trait i.e. ugliness, savagery, impurity, etc. The opposite was made clear during their prejudices and the myth of white supremacy was born.

This fear of ‘the dark’ has been stagnant up to this very day and has been influenced heavily and without permission to other groups including those of dark-skinned members. This version of white supremacy continues to make dark skin tones into a curse so powerful that leads to self-destruction.

Other known fears of the unknown have been recorded. The fear of women being equal or more powerful than men has been and still is evident. The fear of religions they do not understand is known. And the fear of sexuality they deem is ‘unnatural and inhuman’ has been in a number of conversations loaded with hatred and ignorance.

Another fear many white people have is the thought of extinction. Due to the campaign of white superiority, white people fear of losing their culture, physical features and genetic make-up. This fear is pronounced greatly with that of poor whites. However, the racial paranoia is across the socioeconomic spectrum. For reasons based purely on racial supremacy, the white gene must be preserved and reproduced so that the race must live on.

This probably explains why history, the media, politics and even religion have been whitened. The objective is that white skin and European features must not only survive, but shine at all costs.

White people are scared of losing their power and privileges. It must be known that some whites, especially lower-class whites, do not believe they have any privileges due to the (often) mistaken notion that white privilege is the same as wealth privilege. I digress.

Even though history shows that the United States’ origins of financial power is tied with Slavery and almost all of the wealth was distributed to whites, most white people did not, nor would their future generations, ever consider(ed) paying back African Americans for their role in involuntarily building the nation under brutal and violent conditions. They fear they would lose their dominion over other groups, and nations in particular. So, their course of action is to conquer and control.

Lastly, and most prominent is the fear many whites in this nation have, the fear of payback.

How many times have we heard the worlds ‘black-on-white’ in the same sentence as ‘crime’ and ‘violence’? How many films have we seen of Native Americans attacking white settlers only to be killed by white cowboys who turn out to be heroes? How many war films have you seen where American soldiers fight Asian soldiers? There are more questions to be asked, but they all seem to point to the paranoia of a racial backlash against white people by people of color.

Why does such a fear exist you might ask? All fears previously mentioned serve as components to this phobia. The fears of differences in mindset and appearance, extinction and lost of privileges is what galvanizes the white racial mindset. It is this fear that shelters many whites from the rest of the world and provokes them to scapegoat others. It is the shackles that hold them back from realizing their humanity, the humanity they traded in for becoming “white”.