Guest Post: If This Were the Blacks

by Lavern Merriweather

That is a phrase that causes me NO endless amount of vexation, because it is thoughtless, hurtful, selfish, and very insulting, especially when you take into account that it’s always said by people of color that are supposed to be black people’s allies and supposed to be understanding of all the pain anguish and suffering that blacks have endured in America. That mentality makes it seem as if the struggle of being a second class citizen is virtually over if you are black or that we walked into a room and angrily demanded equality then had it handed to us on a silver platter with parsley on the side as a lovely garnish.

They seem to be neglecting the documented video footage and photos of black people having dogs and hoses sicked on them by police many times under the command of the very same officials black people voted for under the impression that those politicians were going to turn things around once they got into office. Sure, more like they turned on the blacks foolish enough to trust them because many of those white males shared the same philosophies as the hate groups that they were supposed to be putting in check.

Also neglected by the “if-this-were” crowd is the fact that most of the time, black people faced that horror alone. There were no Asians, Hispanics or Native Americans walking side by side with black people when those dogs were snapping at their heels as they ran or were getting sprayed in the face by 100 pounds of water pressure all because they wanted their God given rights. Yes, there were individuals who assisted blacks during the Civil Rights Movement, but rarely did you have a group collective. And now, the offspring of those people expect us to drop everything we are doing because something is pissing them off as if the fight is over and we have nothing better to do with our time because shock jock Adam Corolla said something nasty and mean spirited about Manny Pacquaio, who is Filipino, and then proceeded to spew ignorant rhetoric towards the entire country of the Philippines.

Or when the sister of gold medal winning swimmer Ryan Lochte Megan made some stupid and offensive comments about the people of China on a Canadian TV show saying how she thought the place was too ‘chinked out’ and made an obligatory joke about Chinese people being bad drivers. Well, hardy har har! Yet, instead of giving grief to the obnoxious white female who just insulted them, some Asians immediately went there with the “If this were the blacks” meme. What am I, your damn mother?

It’s not black people’s JOB exclusively to make sure racism against all people of color (POC) is completely wiped off the face of the Earth. It takes a group effort, not a group of selfish, clueless jerks who want to play Oppression Olympics while thinking black people should do all of the work and get none of the payoff. I prefer to be asked, not told to have your back in a battle, and the fact that those POCs who have the nerve to say that makes me think that your lack of sensitivity goes hand in hand with your ability to truly align with the people whose pain you so rudely disregarded. I don’t support alliances or allegiances of convenience particularly when those people talking many times themselves harbor very racist feelings towards blacks.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that white people are the only ones who think blacks are inferior and wouldn’t want to live in the same neighborhood, have us marry their family members, go to their schools or…you get the idea. In a very memorable scene of “Bend It Like Beckham”, star Parminder Nagra, who plays lead character Jesse, tells some of her teammates what type of male her parents would allow her to marry. When the black girl on her team asks if she can marry a ‘black fella’ she gives the girl a stern look and says “definitely not!” That’s not to say that Jesse herself wouldn’t but that her parents would probably have a heart attack if she did.

And MTV’s True Life shows a Mexican girl whose boyfriend is black and was about to lose her apartment. She lamented that even though there was room available at her mom’s house, her mom refused to let them move in because her boyfriend is of a darker persuasion. Those are just two examples, and this is not an indictment on all non black POCs.

I know that most Asian people don’t share the same stupidity as Michelle Malkin or Kenneth Eng (thank God), but there are some that do. You just don’t know who is a friend and who is a fake. After I saw the Megan Lochte video, I had some snotty Asian girl liken it to the same, if Megan had been in Africa and used the n-word. I told her to not drag us into her argument, and she then made a stereotypical hoodrat reply to me when I gave her NO reason to think I was that type of person.

As much as some of us would like to believe we are not the world and some of the ‘children’ of this Earth think they are above black people even while pretending to be our partners in tackling the racism of the dominant society. I don’t buy it, nor am I like some black people who are so desperate for a hand to hold while they stand on the steps of a government building protesting the bulls**t that they think other POCs will want to keep holding it even when the voices of the white ABB crowd call out to them. It’s no secret that Asians are perceived as the ‘model minority’. So, why are you crying to me when the people who treated you like you were better than the ‘Afrikans’ have hurt your feelings once their true colors started showing. So, when you have your ‘n**ger moment’, instead of saying “Welcome to my world” I’ll be saying “I told you so.”


17 thoughts on “Guest Post: If This Were the Blacks

  1. I saw that swimmer’s sister in a youtube clip, and i thought wtf? I’m glad you are addressing this foolishness. Megan Lochte, that’s one ignorant chucklehead. Great post Lavern as always.

  2. Even though I don’t listen to the verbal diarrhea that spews from her mouth, Ann Coulter said that she believed that civil rights should be “Limited to Blacks only” because of the legacy of slavery and the fact that Blacks fought & died in the Civil Rights movement. I sort of believe that if Blacks only fought for their own Civil Rights and no one elses, then they would have been forced to fight for themselves instead of riding the coat tails of Blacks and then turning around and spitting on them.

  3. *standing ovation*

    That’s why we need to stick together and focus on us! Blacks are so desperate for love from everyone yet other coloureds despise us!!

    Frankly, with the exception of my native ancestors, I focus on Africans only.

  4. I am not surprised to see that this is happening, when there is an increase in racist behavior toward Black people, Asians and other POC would be next. Some people can see past the non sense and see the model minority stereotype for what it is. I am noticing an increase in racist behavior toward Asians, and other POC of color.

  5. Sad but true Brotha Wolf. I’m glad to find out I’m not the only one aware of this sad state of affairs. I can’t tell definitely, but I hazard this is a method of social control, divide et impera style, along racial lines of course. Those in power have vested interest in ensuring those beneath them never unite no matter what the cost. Having said that, being Asian myself, I’ve noticed that the likes of Malkin & Eng are steadily decreasing over time. A surprise in itself since Asians (the whole continent) are a stubborn bunch. Which makes the remaining ones all the more virulent. But you have my support Brotha Wolf. Keep up the good work, and fight the good fight. And I’ll keep on blogging about ethnoculture as well. Salut!

      1. Indeed. At face value it seems to be a wholly racial issue, but there are plots within plots, secrets within secrets. Playing the devil’s advocate here, racism amongst POCs can be attributed to the interests of the (white) majority, but the flipside is that they come off as uncomprehending racist idiots. I’d rather not condemn them or anyone for that matter; that way I’ll be able to take the moral high ground by saying that in so doing I am no better than you.

  6. I had a friend (mixed Korean and white) who could never figure out why I keep white people at arms length (she was confused at my refusal to embrace white American and enjoyment of living in Germany.) Two years ago, her husband called her a “gook mutt” during an argument (obviously, he’s white), and she spent the subsequent week attempting to cry on my shoulder. My repeated replies to her messages: “You knew what you were getting into when you married him.”, because his Asian fetish was literally palpable (it should go without saying that he refuses to get her pregnant because it would “ruin her figure”.)

  7. I absolutely agree with this post and it is a discussion long overdue amongst blacks.
    We are too open, too ready to embrace anyone, a fact well known among other ‘minorities’ and whites too, and one they readily take advantage of.

    The truth is that other races, including Asians, (from the East and the South, both), Middle Easterners and Latinos possess a profound contempt and prejudice towards blacks.
    And it is a fact, testified to by a myriad examples provided by history and the present.

    It therefore follows that they have no compunction about drinking from the well of the black experience and benefiting from a solidarity readily given while holding firmly on to said prejudice in order to sate their thirst and meet their own ends, only to discard blacks at the end of the day like a used cloth.

    It really is irresponsible to blame this attitude solely on ‘white supremacy’, which although having played its own part in recent years, is by no means its sole determining factor.
    Those who attempt to use it as a crutch merely seek to deflect from the prejudice of their own people and perhaps their very own selves.

    I personally find the use of the term POC – when used as a term of solidarity amongst non – whites – to be laughable at best. The only solidarity blacks need claim is with each other.

    The attitude we should adopt towards others has been excellently summed up by Marcus Garvey, “…Honour them when they honour you; disrespect and disregard them when they vilely treat you…”

    That and a good deal of cultural privacy.
    It is as simple as that.

    1. As mentioned earlier Efua, this is understandable. My deploration of the status quo notwithstanding, behavior such as this runs the full gamut of human interaction. But the thing is, by condemning others [in this case people of color] overall, there is the risk of alienating others who defy the norms that’ve been imposed on them. All-black solidarity, like any other form of unity, is admirable. But it, as is the case with PoC unity, is subject to that age-old human flaw; we are our own worst enemies. Only by discerning amongst the hoi polloi and (dare I say it) sheeple can we find the diamonds in the rough. And it’s with these diamonds that one ought to forge bonds of fellowship, regardless of their ethnocultural or sociopolitical origins. That having said, I disagree with you on a personal basis, but your right to do so I shall defend with my life.

  8. “…behavior such as this runs the full gamut of human interaction…”

    But of course it does, in the exact same way that a myriad other less than salacious human activities do, i.e. murder, theft etc.
    Yet I see no one suggesting that these anomalies in human behaviour be ignored and left to fester, just because ‘they run the full gamut of human interaction’.
    It therefore stands that to suggest likewise with anti – black prejudice – whatever its source – makes no sense whatsoever.

    “…by condemning others [in this case people of color] overall, there is the risk of alienating others who defy the norms that’ve been imposed on them…”

    Indeed. Tell me, just who is it exactly that I have to guard against alienating when I have already clarified my stance in dealing with others through the above Marcus Garvey quote?
    What has anyone to fear if they honour and are honoured in return?
    Or is it fear of being disregarded after vilely treating someone? Fear of losing your proverbial whipping boy then. That speaks volumes to me.

    “All-black solidarity, like any other form of unity, is admirable…”
    I already know that. Thanks for your endorsement though, but it’s not needed.

    “But it, as is the case with PoC unity, is subject to that age-old human flaw; we are our own worst enemies…”
    Speak for yourself. This “We’re all in it” argument is full of holes and just won’t work. It is what it is regardless of your valiant attempts to state otherwise.

    “…I disagree with you on a personal basis, but your right to do so I shall defend with my life…”
    Your agreement or its lack thereof is of no consequence to me whatsoever as is your purported defence to my rights of which I am well aware of.

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