Guest Post: Stuck on Stupid

This politician believes that having a child through rape is a gift from God! Okay, what the freakin hell!

by Lavern Merriweather

Being content with having one brainless moron on the ballot, the GOP apparently decided they needed to up the ante with Republican senate candidate from Indiana Richard Mourdock who when recently asked if he would allow abortions for rape or incest. Mourdock said no because he believes a pregnancy from the sick, sadistic act of rape is a ‘gift from God’. Forgive me as I stop to take a moment while rubbing my temple, rolling my eyes and hanging my head all at the same time!

As if Todd Akin and his whole ideology that a woman’s body can reject or as he put it ‘shut down’ her reproductive organs while being brutally violated, we have this complete idiot who thinks that a reminder of the worst experience of a woman’s life is somehow a pre-ordained present from the almighty. WHAT?!!

Then again, I shouldn’t be at all surprised by the same group of men who probably treat the classic Ira Levin best seller “The Stepford Wives” as a how-to guide and believe the 1975 movie starring Katherine Ross and Paula Prentiss is a documentary I mean seriously have you ever seen most of these guy’s wives? They look like some of the most over blown, over pampered, over botoxed blow-up Barbies I have ever laid eyes on. It is the very definition of creepy. But not nearly as creepy as the notion that they thought marrying some of these pissants in the first place was a good idea.

Now, I am not one to tell a woman what to do with her body after she suffers from a rape. That should be her choice and hers alone. But the thing is I’m not a politician who is in charge of making or breaking laws and controlling decisions that affect the public’s welfare. Even if there are some women who have chosen to have a child that resulted from a sexual crime, it should be a choice not forced on her by a clueless, thoughtless, misogynist a**hole sitting in Washington totally out of touch with the real world. Screw that! These out-of-touch-with-this-decade chumps seem to be perpetually trapped in a warped “Pleasantville” mindset. That’s bad news for those of us who still have faith in the political process and feel that a man no matter what party affiliation should at least make an attempt at sympathizing with the plight of a woman dealing with such circumstances. No such luck with men hell bent on sticking as many feet in their mouths as they can find hand and determined to create an environment for women that is so destructive to the point where we feel we our under attack from the very officials who are supposed to be creating laws that make us feel safe. War on women indeed!

Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware of the fact that many on the Democratic side aren’t much better in how they treat women. There are more than enough scandals, sexual or otherwise, to bring that point home. However, we aren’t talking about what they do in their personal lives. It’s what they plan to do with yours that is the problem.

Roe vs. wade was a startling 39 years ago, but it might as well have been yesterday considering that we are still fighting that same battle. I get that many women who will vote for these males probably share their same philosophy even if they know it’s as detrimental to them as all get out. These are their men, and it’s hard to not play follow the leader when you share the same living and breathing space but dayuuuuuuuum!

You really expect us on the outside looking in to believe that there is just NO issue on your part with the fact that your own husband/son/father/uncle/grandpa thinks your rights can be easily summed up in a soundbite, that you aren’t just the teensiest bit angry that someone who has a say in your legal rights would have the belief of something so damn offensive? As a fellow blogger likes to say whenever something like this happens, “I. Just. Can’t.”


18 thoughts on “Guest Post: Stuck on Stupid


  2. Sometimes I think these conservative morons should quit while they’re ahead and just drop the issue. But that would require them to actually think things through.

  3. right now some white males are so alarmed about low white birth rates in this country they are beginning to condone rape and remember how much these people love their founding fathers slave owning pedophile raping mass murderers that made this country what it is.

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