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To most whites and some POC including other blacks, most or all black men are like this.

A collective stereotype fallacy is when prejudice and racism only seek out and concentrate on any example of any stereotype of a certain group while ignoring the individuals who do not confirm any stereotypes. There are several modes of this mentality when it comes to viewing black people in a white dominated society:

There is no doubt that there are poor people and criminals in every group. Unfortunately, those are the kinds of people that are the majority in the black community according to many whites thanks – in part – to the media’s brand of “reporting“. As such the lie that most crime in this nation is committed by blacks is heavily supported.

He’s a black guy with a gun, the modern day monster in most white people’s minds.

Oddly enough, some extreme racist whites believe the media is covering up a black-on-white epidemic! They believe more and more whites are being targeted by savage blacks for reverse racist reasons, and the media, which some will claim is run by Jews, is part of a conspiracy to cover it up.

Criminality committed by blacks is hardly seen through the mainstream lens as a byproduct of an unequal, racist society. Instead it is attributed to the fact that they are…black. It is due to the pseudo-scientific beliefs, that go back at least a century ago, that claim and “prove” that blacks are intellectually and morally inferior. So, the conclusion is that black people are their own problems.

The stereotype of black women’s supposed abrasive nature is always supported and never refuted let alone explained in the mainstream.

White people never consider the problems of crime in their own communities to be as much of a threat as crime in black communities. The fear that they will be victims of crime by a black person holds no weight as they are more likely to be victimized by other whites. Plus, most crime, especially the violent portion, is committed by whites. In the end the fear of black crime is based on nothing but fear.

There are whites who are obsessed with any and all acts of black criminality. They are so obsessed that they will circulate lies through any means available such as print and social media. They want to spread the fear of black criminals to other like-minded, gullible people who will likely not think to question or engage in any research.

Matt Drudge moderates a website that highlights and “reports” on any form of black violence and criminality, and would even link them to President Obama.

(Supposed) Victims of crimes by black people will resent not only the perpetrators, but the entire group they belong to. They think that all or most black people are criminal prone who are out to attack white people. (Notice that they never invoke the same kind of prejudice if and when they are victims of crimes by other whites.) One of the explanations behind such thinking is that they are getting back at the white man for slavery despite the fact that hardly any black criminal has ever blamed slavery after they’ve committed a crime.

One must also consider that some people who claim they were or are victims of a crime by a black thug may be lying.

Ashley Todd, a McCain supporter, lied that she was attacked by a “big, black man” who wanted her to vote for Obama. She was supported by the McCain campaign until her story was proven false.

Any data or evidence that refutes the fear will be lashed back as part of a liberal agenda to cover up the black crime problem against whites in favor of blacks.