Collective Stereotype Fallacy

To most whites and some POC including other blacks, most or all black men are like this.

A collective stereotype fallacy is when prejudice and racism only seek out and concentrate on any example of any stereotype of a certain group while ignoring the individuals who do not confirm any stereotypes. There are several modes of this mentality when it comes to viewing black people in a white dominated society:

There is no doubt that there are poor people and criminals in every group. Unfortunately, those are the kinds of people that are the majority in the black community according to many whites thanks – in part – to the media’s brand of “reporting“. As such the lie that most crime in this nation is committed by blacks is heavily supported.

He’s a black guy with a gun, the modern day monster in most white people’s minds.

Oddly enough, some extreme racist whites believe the media is covering up a black-on-white epidemic! They believe more and more whites are being targeted by savage blacks for reverse racist reasons, and the media, which some will claim is run by Jews, is part of a conspiracy to cover it up.

Criminality committed by blacks is hardly seen through the mainstream lens as a byproduct of an unequal, racist society. Instead it is attributed to the fact that they are…black. It is due to the pseudo-scientific beliefs, that go back at least a century ago, that claim and “prove” that blacks are intellectually and morally inferior. So, the conclusion is that black people are their own problems.

The stereotype of black women’s supposed abrasive nature is always supported and never refuted let alone explained in the mainstream.

White people never consider the problems of crime in their own communities to be as much of a threat as crime in black communities. The fear that they will be victims of crime by a black person holds no weight as they are more likely to be victimized by other whites. Plus, most crime, especially the violent portion, is committed by whites. In the end the fear of black crime is based on nothing but fear.

There are whites who are obsessed with any and all acts of black criminality. They are so obsessed that they will circulate lies through any means available such as print and social media. They want to spread the fear of black criminals to other like-minded, gullible people who will likely not think to question or engage in any research.

Matt Drudge moderates a website that highlights and “reports” on any form of black violence and criminality, and would even link them to President Obama.

(Supposed) Victims of crimes by black people will resent not only the perpetrators, but the entire group they belong to. They think that all or most black people are criminal prone who are out to attack white people. (Notice that they never invoke the same kind of prejudice if and when they are victims of crimes by other whites.) One of the explanations behind such thinking is that they are getting back at the white man for slavery despite the fact that hardly any black criminal has ever blamed slavery after they’ve committed a crime.

One must also consider that some people who claim they were or are victims of a crime by a black thug may be lying.

Ashley Todd, a McCain supporter, lied that she was attacked by a “big, black man” who wanted her to vote for Obama. She was supported by the McCain campaign until her story was proven false.

Any data or evidence that refutes the fear will be lashed back as part of a liberal agenda to cover up the black crime problem against whites in favor of blacks.


28 thoughts on “Collective Stereotype Fallacy

  1. I noticed how many white people after the Ashley Todd hoax quicly labeled her as ‘crazy’ thus completely absolving her of any responsibility. That’s a very lame excuse I plan to do a post about it soon.

  2. I suppose when someone’s entire ideology is based on lies and bullshit, you can expect every facet of their arguments to follow suit. It’s depressing and scary how much power people who think in this roundabout and utterly crazy way possess in their greasy paws.

  3. Brothawolf:

    When whites do bad things, it’s because:

    1. They were abused as children
    2. They’re crazy
    3. They were lead by a darker counterpart

    When blacks do bad things, it’s because we’re black.

    1. Lots of excuses but no accountability not surprising. Like the cop in Chicago who beat a female bartender and blamed it on his DOG having cancer[ side-eye to the extreme!]

      1. Yeah she’s suing the city because his cop buddies tried to cover it up even though her beating is on video.

    2. When PEOPLE do bad things, it’s because:
      1. They were abused as children (on that note: we all acquire wounds in different ways)
      2. They’re crazy (we all are)
      3. They were lead by a dark counterpart (which we all have)

      I’m not black but I totally understand your side. There’s VERY FEW visible minorities behind the camera. Thing is, there is SOME truths to stereotypes, but what people are failing to see is that these stereotypes also apply to them… we just deal with things differently. Your ethnicity could play a huge factor with how we deal with them. Generally speaking, white people (in Canada, at least) are more passive aggressive than anything really, but since economy is still mainly ran by white people, passive aggressiveness is more acceptable than straight up.

      I’m not black, but I’m straight up.

      In Canada, people who are racists aren’t even aware that they’re being racists (see “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls” Canadian racism is VERY VERY similar). The problem is, they don’t SEE things the way we do and all the reasoning they’re capable of is what they see on the surface… because they never had to think nor adapt to our way of living…

      …so when they see us expressing ourselves as we are, we’re pegged as the abrasive and crazy ones… because it’s so much easier to jump to a conclusion that lacks insight than to try to understand where the understanding-knots went kaput.

      We’ve all acquired wounds while we were growing up. Thing is, different cultures experience joys and pain in different ways… so in industries where the barriers are still high (hello mainstream media), the sensibility (be it good or fucked up) that is within the environment becomes the standard.

      As a female visible minority who entered a company that was all straight white guys… I had to think and assess myself and my surroundings so much more than my peers did.

      PS. I was a supervisor and I was only making a dollar more than the people I supervised. I found this out after I signed the papers. Balls.
      I went to the wrap parties of one of the two shows I did… EVERYONE was white except for one token black guy (cast) and one middle eastern looking chick (cast)… oh, and my friend (who didn’t work there) and I.

      It’s fucked up… but most people aren’t aware of it.

      1. Thing is, there is SOME truths to stereotypes, but what people are failing to see is that these stereotypes also apply to them… we just deal with things differently. Your ethnicity could play a huge factor with how we deal with them.

        The only problems with that statement are that:

        1. In this society stereotypes “matter” if you are a POC, especially if you’re black.
        2. Negative stereotypes of black people are consider the standard “normalized” view of black people.
        3. Any stereotype confirmation regarding blacks is considered “proof” of the entire race.

        Since we live in a white racist society, they rely heavily on those stereotypes to feel good about themselves. You see it everywhere.

      2. What do you mean by POC? Sorry I looked it up and got a bunch of meanings.

        I do agree that negative stereotypes are considered the standard normal… by mainstream media.
        I think the majority of the problem lie in these factors:
        – Mainstream media is the most accessible…and are mostly ran by white people who barely interacted with other cultures and environment (PS. This is also why I think mainstream media is mostly garbage in creativity)
        – I also agree that most people regard this as “proof” for the entire race.
        I guess I didn’t write it well enough, but when I wrote “these stereotypes also apply to them”, I meant the people who are perceiving this quality (in this case: abrasiveness) – be it black, white, latino/latina, filipino etc.
        We can all be abrasive to some degree, but like I said with the rest of the comment: it manifests in different ways.

        So I think the stereotype of black women being abrasive is more pronounced because it’s human nature to be shocked or be afraid of something we’re unfamiliar with.
        So what happens? It gets portrayed and it’s exaggerated… because they don’t understand.

        My insight is limited, but I went to several meetings of these Hollywood productions and in the meetings they all verbally claimed to be “forward-thinking” and “progressive”… but they weren’t. They just rationalized themselves as such. They were progressive compared to people they worked with probably 20 years ago.

        The mainstream media industry is VERY VERY behind. For example: everyone’s doing a 360 degree evaluation now… when I suggested that, I got a “that’s not how it works.”

        It’s ironic that these people are calling themselves artists yet they don’t have the capacity of understanding things such as cultural, social, and even sexual issues. Their understanding only goes as far as objectivity because:
        1) Most of them never had to
        2) Because they never had to, they couldn’t manage to step outside their comfort zones
        3) Some of them “travel” and shit, but they come back and their minds didn’t really grow… but on the outside, it looks good in paper, therefore, their peers commend them for it.

        It was really frustrating for me… I went to film school and got in the industry because I think that the media is a powerful thing – it could change perspective…
        but then I got there and just got disappointed because most people are still after the prestige, the money, and the credits after the movie/show, not getting fired/yelled at… that everyone just conforms… and then nothing changes

      3. I’m sorry. POC stands for people of color.

        I never thought about whites having stereotypes most of the time, at least as a whole. What I mean is that there are stereotypes about French, Irish, Italians and other European nationalities. Some are positive and negative. But overall, white stereotypes, the negative kind, are not as persistent as their positive counterparts. It’s like I can state that white men are serial killing pedophiles and it wouldn’t diminish their sense of worth dramatically. I guess that’s one of the privileges of whiteness.

        You went to Hollywood meetings? Interesting. Can you tell me more?

        You’re right. They have a truckload of unearned privileges that keeps them from the world they live in. That’s why they are behind and comfortable in their own bubbles.

      4. Yeah I went to those meetings. I’m in Toronto though… so it was a mix of Americans and Canadians (they often shoot here: cheaper).

        I’ve never been to Hollywood, but I mentioned that because the production itself were Hollywood based. I was also main point of contact between these guys.

        What do you want to know? Feel free to email me (

      5. You forgot: “He was drunk, he didn’t know what he was doing!”
        Because, in white America, all white malice is based on upbringing, all POC malice is innate.

  4. Awesome post
    I will say though that now that we have the web and other media sources to our disposal, they are being exposed for what they really are. They truly have a god complex. Their stereotypes they put on us.


    I notice how whites will always bring us up if there is any mention of the wrongs they commit. They are just a bunch of bullies.

  5. I have a vid for this post too :-)…

    However, i think the mistake that black people are making when attempting to counteract racism is the focus being put on white people and white people only. The problem i have with this is that i don’t expect anything less coming from people who have a subconscious fear of being genetically replaced…meaning once black people begin to understand this–then white racism is in the bag.

    Moving on to what i think is of the utmost importance for blacks to wrestle with when dealing with racial terrorism is that which is coming from our own communities…this is rarely discussed in the black blogsphere. The largest group of people online citing these bogus stats, repeating these character assassinations about black people are in fact other black people. We need to seriously put them on ignore and accept that they are collateral damage. Stop adding them to our blog lists, refuse to give them a voice on our blogs that are about improving the black communities of the world–let them forge their own spaces with the white people they align themselves with.

    The negative stereotypes can be easily debunked with the proper stats, contextual factors and the reality that more black men are in fact in college than in prison, a solid number of black women do get married before turning 35 and so forth, but this needs to be spread on black blogs that are serious about writing to educate black people!

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