Guest Post: The First Since…

Now, let me ask everybody here a beguiling question, what exactly in the f**k is the first since? This is a term a lot of white people in the media seem to love to use when describing the accomplishments of a black person, and most of the time, it’s done with athletes. Like the first time Serena Williams won Wimbledon, many sports anchors such as Bob Costas kept referring to her as the first black woman since Althea Gibson (who won in 1956) to win.


Idiots, that means she is the second black woman, not the first! Yet, time and time again this is what white people in the media will say. “Whoopi Goldberg is the first black woman since Hattie McDaniel to win an Oscar for best supporting actress. Warren Moon is the first black quarterback to star in a Super bowl” after Doug Williams did it 10 years prior. Maybe my math is a little off, but I thought when you counted off a list it was supposed to be first, then second, then third, then fourth, fifth and so on, not first, then another first and then another first all because stupid a** white people in the media are so desperate to label any achievement by a Negro as ‘the first’ even when it makes no sense to do so. Like it says in the Highlander films, there CAN and should only be one person that is the first of anything.

Funny, but nobody said Lance Armstrong was the ‘first’ white American male to win the Tour De France since Greg Lemond won it in 1992 (they didn’t mention if Greg doped too or not). But see, that’s how most of them in the media operate, making a big deal about the first when nobody is a first since because that phrase is ridiculous. And it reduces black people’s efforts and victories to a categorized racial rank and file system instead of the noteworthy and amazing performances that they really are.

It also lumps us all in together as if we are all joined at the proverbial Negro hip and can’t win or sustain anything on our own. Honestly, what the f**k does Althea’s accomplishments have to do with Serena? Yeah, it was Serena’s first win, but that has nothing to do with a woman who was kicking all kinds of a** in a lily white sport before Miss Williams was even born. It’s as if her merits have no business standing out on their own accord, and she has to be put on a conveyor belt of black greatness and shipped to your nearest department store.

They might as well say “We all look alike” while they are at it because that’s pretty much what they are saying. No ‘darkies’ ability is any different from another’s, especially in sports where we already have many so-called sports experts telling us how black people were ‘bred’ to be superior athletes. (Interesting how those same people never want to take into account that those black athletes compromise a very small tiny percentage of the black population.) By that I mean if we are so ‘bred’ to be exceptional athletes then why is it that out a group of 30 million people, only 2 million of them can actually even play sports? I know a number of (beyond) 6’5 black males that couldn’t slam a dunk shot to save their life or couldn’t throw a football pass three feet. Yeah, those statistics don’t get talked about. Only what ever perpetuates the mentality that we are good at ‘some’ aspect of sports.

So, when more than one black person breaks the mold it can’t be looked on as just that individual has talent or had to work their ass off. It must be because of the inherited ‘gift’ that players like Michael Jordan and Walter Payton have. You remember them don’t you? One of them was cut twice from his high school basketball team, and the other one even admitted himself that he wasn’t the biggest, strongest or fastest. But he went out there every Sunday and put his very heart and soul into being one of the greatest running backs of all time.

That means they had a hard work ethic, and that they didn’t just rely on natural born talent. They actually works their backsides off to get where they were. You mean to tell me that black folks actually know something about hard work? They aren’t always getting hand-outs and free rides? Well, shut mah mouth!

Don’t fall for the okedoke. All of that supposed scientific ‘fact’ is a bunch of bulls**t because it is physically and biologically impossible to create DNA that would predispose ANY person to have an advantage of being better or more gifted than anyone else at what they are striving for. That’s pure Hollywood fantasy being sold in a snake oil salesman jar. Unfortunately, a lot of people fell for that bunk. You don’t have to be one of them.


4 thoughts on “Guest Post: The First Since…

      1. My thinking has been so much more clear since I quit watching tell-lie-vision. When I do condescend to watch it, I am so quick to spot crap out.

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