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It seems like I can’t be on a blog or message board about race without some chucklehead in the comment section going on some incoherent, moronic tangent that has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject in the first place. I’m talking about those people who can’t seem to stay on point because most of the time, they don’t really even have one. A valid one anyway.

I remember a commentary by Nightline anchor Terry Moran about the ills of rap music that somehow became a discussion about those ‘poor’ Duke Lacrosse boys and how they were ‘screwed’ by a lying stripper and evil prosecutor. Huh?! Your guess is as good as mine on just how the hell that happened. They never seem to want to bring up the fact that the ‘Duke’ boys only had their reputations ruined while the boys in the Central Park Jogger case spent 13 years of their life in prison for nothing. But you see that’s how a troll on the big web operates. Confuse anyone who doesn’t agree with your bulls**t argument, and hope against hope they won’t call you on it because they are so confused by your utter lack of writing anything that even remotely makes sense like a certain conservative talk show host, pundit and author.

Okay, I have no clue what this chump does for a living but he’s on Fake Noise a lot. Bernard Goldberg, who I will henceforth and forevermore dub the “King of Trolland Extraordinaire”, for reasons unknown chose to mention the Duke Lacrosse case recently when taking to Fake News’ Megyn Kelly about the Trayvon Martin murder case. And he managed to basically use the only weapon a troll has to rely on in their arsenal: deflection.

When you are a troll who hasn’t got an intelligent, rational or valid leg to stand on and all else fails, you harp on whatever you think will get the person foolhardy enough to engage you into such a worked up state that they will try to outdo you in the absurdity. A favorite touchy subject many white trolls on the blogs love to inexplicably mention on EVERY occasion is OJ Simpson. They can’t wait to start yacking about him even when he has zero pertinence to the topic. Good luck trying to figure that one out that those same people get awful huffy when someone, like say maybe me in a not so nice way, brings up the ever growing number of white male serial killers or that what they are saying doesn’t have jack squat to do with anything. It doesn’t matter. Trolls have a non-point to make and they will be heard dangnabit!

Just the other day on a web story about how a number of racist ‘fans’ sent hateful blatantly racist tweets to black male hockey player Joel Ward who plays for the Washington Capitals and scored the winning goal, thus knocking the Boston Bruins out of the playoffs, a white male commenter who looks like he could have played kickball with Methuselah, or maybe he IS Methuselah, said “Just another incident of foul mouthed idiots going up and down the court”. Whatever Mr. Dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks.

I have also read other commenter’s piss and moan about how those fans weren’t all from Boston and don’t judge all of us or lump us all together, and some of those fans were just ‘angry’ so why go there, and blah, blah, blah. Some even had the absolute gall to whine that the writer was stirring up racial tension. Yeah, right. The writer is at fault, not the a**holes who sent the nasty tweets to begin with deflecton like Teflon!

I distinctly have not-so-fond memories of a certain troll on Brotha’s own website who would write War and Peace length rambling nonsense because Brotha dare write a post to offend him and his pet wolf’s delicate sensibilities. Some irritating troll bulls**t about how Europeans were superior and took over because they had better weapons, intellect or something. That’s another thing about trolls, somehow the violence and brutality of their ancestors is justified because they ‘needed’ to conquer the new world and how the Native peoples, who wanted to protect their land, had to be taught a ‘better’ way despite the fact that the Natives of America not only didn’t need the Europeans in any way, shape or form but would have been a million times better off without their presence or interference. But don’t dare tell the trolls that, because in their little world of acceptable bigotry and racism, any-thing they say is the most well thought out ideology on the web or anywhere for that matter.

It could just be that the internet gives these trolls so much more desire to spew their nonsense, especially the ones who will ironically one minute say they aren’t ‘responsible’ for what their ancestors did but see little wrong with treating any ‘mouthy’ Negro who steps out of line and gives them a verbal smack down like it’s still 1925 and that they better ‘watch’ themselves. This is what some female told me on a blog for the Chicago Sun-Times, and I told her where she could put it.