Privileged Fun

Waverly High School in Upstate New York is in the midst of some controversy due to a skit performed by three students at a pep rally. The skit re-enacted Chris Brown beating up Rihanna in 2009. Not only that, the students performed their “act” in blackface.

*Takes a deep breath*

Already, people are divided on the issue. Some people thought that it was deplorable to reconstruct a horrific beating for the sake of a few yuks. However, you also have those who can’t understand what the big deal is:

“Are you kidding me? This (is) clearly not a type of racism. The ones being ignorent ignorant are the people trying to twist this harmless pep rally into a racist dispute. They were simply trying to have fun and make people laugh. Not Make making fun of African Americans in anyway any way, shape or form. Speaking from a person who was a spectator at this event is truly sick to my stomach reading this.”


The response from a Waverly student was written as it was on the CNN website, minus the errors which I’ve corrected. But aside from the fact that this person misspelled ignorant, this person believed that what took place was funny, harmless and non-racist – but mostly funny.

If you’ve noticed that in similar cases of racist celebrations planned and participated by whites, the overall attitude is to have fun at the expense of other groups of people. Who can forget the uproar from the “ghetto” themed parties happening in college campuses across the nation a while back? White students would dress up as black stereotypes one would likely see in rap videos. Guys would wear blackface, fake dreadlocks and dress like gangster rappers with fake gold teeth and chains with their pants sagging. Girls would stuff the bottom of their pants to simulate a black woman’s butt as well as dress up like gangster rappers themselves. They would take pictures of their tomfoolery throwing up signs because, apparently, that’s what black folks do all the time, every time. And to add insult to injury, many of these parties took place on Martin Luther King’s birthday.

Overprivileged white people, including the not-so-rich ones, have a habit of making fun of people of color at their expense. Instead of learning and honoring their cultures, they make a mockery of their cultures by parading around as stereotypical images of those people. Some believe they are truly celebrating another group’s culture when the truth is they are making fun of it.

The overprivileged do not have to educate themselves on nonwhites because it is never a requirement for them to do so. Most of the time, they get their information from the media and rely on that to them who “those” people are. No doubt, the Waverly students, who come from a mostly white school, got their idea from the media. Since they know too little about black people and what racism consists of, they could care less if this was offensive racially. They also didn’t seem to mind that they turned an incident that highlighted this nation’s pathology of violence against women into a comedy routine. So, what they’ve done was also misogynistic. And what does the Chris Brown-Rihanna incident have to do with team spirit anyway?

Privileged white people are so lost to realize what’s right and what’s wrong. The students who participated in the skit as well as those who thought it was entertaining have demonstrated their lack of reality and warped since of morality and intelligence regarding the black community. We will never forget that horrific beating mostly because of the picture of Rihanna’s battered face that surfaced in the media thereafter. Some of us will not support or forgive Chris Brown as this and other moments where his rage surfaced when he should’ve got some help, put his career on hold and shown some damn concern and remorse. None of us with any sense thought it was entertaining, and there is no reason why anyone should think so.


24 thoughts on “Privileged Fun

  1. You know this is just white fols doing your usual ignorant fuckery. It’s just like that disgusting Travoning shit they were doing. And they all thought that stupid shit was funny. Yes it’s just stuck on stupid white people. So shameful. And they have no idea how ignorant they are.

  2. How in the HELL could these assholes think that incident was ‘funny’ in any way?!! And on top of that why don’t they go there with WHITE male celebrities who hit women. Because contrary to waht they believe it does happen. These kids need to have some sense slapped in them.

      1. Raiders coach Tom Cable admitted he beat his first wife. Then there is Eric Roberts,Axl Rose,Tommy Lee,Jim Lampley,Danny Sullivan,Mickey Rourke,and perennial f**k-up Charlie Sheen who has a history of violence towards women.

      2. Wow. I heard about Tommy Lee and Charlie Sheen, but not the others.

        My thing is that the media seems obsessed with Chris Brown’s incident more than anyone else’s, especially white males. It seems they’re trying to turn this into a “black” thing which is wrong on so many levels. If this nation is to talk about violence against women, it needs to focus it from all angles and not just the data on POC which I noticed. There is data for domestic violence on all nonwhite Americans. It’s rare to find such info on white Americans. Which makes me wonder if they’re so hung up on color that they will ignore the problems in their own communities.

  3. Not only did White students across the nation have ghetto-themed parties, some of them had Latino-themed parties as well. Some White students dressed up as gardeners, maids, waiters with Spanish nametages, & “illegal immigrants” for said parties. I bet if a bunch of Black & Latino students got together and had “White”-themed parties with Black & Brown folks dressed as Nazis, rednecks, KKK members, pedophiles & child rapists, drug users, inbred folks, and any other negative stereotype about Whites one can think of they would not find that so cute.

    1. Heidi Klum and Seal did a ‘white trash wedding’ and when a blogger did a post complaining about it there were a bunch of angry comments. So yeah it’s called being able to dish it out but not take it.

  4. Sometimes I marvel at what people think the word “joke” means. It appears to have become a word meant entirely to cover one’s own ass when caught doing something indescribably offensive and just plain stupid.

    Also those damn comments on the article you linked to. I should know better than to read comments on articles like this. Too many whiny white kids trying to pass this off as harmless fun and talking down to everyone.

  5. My supervisor told me about her daughter who was a teenage high school student at the time about a hoes and pimp party. This is your daughter telling you about attending a pimps and hoes party. No they have no moral compass.

  6. My suopervisor’s then told me of a party of her then teenaged daughter. Who was attending a Pimps&Hoes party. She was smirking when she told me this. I just wonder about the moral compass of some whites. Really? a Pimps&Hoes party. smh.

  7. Why anyone thought there was comedy in such a situation baffles me. There are plenty of white celebrity couples that have done the same thing; yet there aren’t any comedic skits about them. Black on black violence lacks humor and those white kids knew exactly what they were doing. Let an HBCU do a skit about Net Turner killing slave owners and see how funny they find that.

  8. They need to see some of Kara Walker’s art. That would shut those racist jerks up. They would need clean underwear after seeing some of her work. Brotha Wolf google her. She has some interesting pieces, It’s pretty disturbing to alot of white people.


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