The Blame Rant

Before I unleash some steam, I want to make one thing clear. I KNOW that blaming other people will do nothing to help any problem. I get it. Still, there is something that’s been grinding my gears for a while, and it has a lot to do with society’s m motto: When society fails you, blame the colored people.

As a black man in America who’s realized that the world is insane, I can tell you that there have been many instances where anything wrong happening in the “Land of Opportunity” is automatically the fault of – say – the black community for example. Crime is one such instance. We’re the only ones to blame for the violent crime problem across this nation.

Oh yeah! Did you know that crime is only defined in personal violence which is limited to rape, robbery, assault and murder? Just ask any average person. When it comes to crime and violence, black people are the culprits. Why? Because they’re black.

Latinos are to blame for crime too, but they are not as bad as the blacks. Latinos are to be blamed for taking jobs away from hardworking Americans. By hardworking Americans, I mean White Americans because you know, black people are too damn lazy to work.

If there are successful blacks in any business, you know how they really got there. Affirmative action. They don’t deserve to be on top of anything because they don’t earn it as much as white people do, particularly white women.

Lastly, did you also know that black people are responsible for the latest economic crisis? Just ask Fox News. We fucked up this nation and the world, not the greedy, rich white male bastards that would sell their children to build a base of operations while gentrifying a community of color while causing harm to its people for the sake of having more money.

In short blacks are a drain on this society. We are the problem that needs to be fixed. We are to be blamed for everything wrong in this society just like Asians are to be blamed for being bad drivers, Indians for being poor alcoholics and women for being victims of rape and violence.

By now, you’ve already guessed that my banter was to illustrate this society’s habit of scapegoating POC, and it seems that black people are the top of their list of who to blame for society’s failures. What’s more infuriating is that it is considered more acceptable within certain circles of the mainstream and in private conversations. It is also believable whenever a white person commits a crime. A nonexistent black man is the perfect cover.

Again, the issue of blame will not solve anything, especially if the blame is unfounded. We can’t point fingers at anything or anyone and be done with it. I understand it. Still, I’m pissed off about a double standard when it comes to the blame game. If blaming black people for the problems of this society is considered normal and reasonable, why can’t blaming white people with irrefutable truths considered a big no-no??

I already know the answer. This society was built to support and protect whites. Through their domination, the mentality and culture, often referred to as “whiteness”, because normal and was considered the superior quotient without question. Whiteness was – and still is – considered basically good, close to saintly perfection even their mistakes and sins. Thus, white people, white supremacy (in subtle forms), white mentality and ‘white’ anything is rendered as blameless. Any violation of that “rule” is left in the past, distanced and individualized. So, it’s regarded that it’s not good, nor logical to blame white people, as a whole, for anything.

This explains why conservatives are hung up with the “personal responsibility” crap. When they recite it, they show off their hypocrisy. You see, personal responsibly only applies to the poor and people of color whenever they fuck up in life. It’s NEVER implemented to the hyper-wealthy and the politicians that love them whether they fuck up or not. I guess having loads of money and white skin acquits you from any accountability.

Okay. For the last time, blaming white people will not solve the problems communities of color face in a white racist society. We need to do something, if not for ourselves, then for the next generation. I’m just saying that I’m tired of us being blamed for every damn thing in the book. I’m just sick of this double standard. Blaming people of color is no more helpful to solving the nation’s problems than not holding those who are at fault accountable.


11 thoughts on “The Blame Rant

  1. ” You see, personal responsibly only applies to the poor and people of color whenever they fuck up in life. It’s NEVER implemented to the hyper-wealthy and the politicians that love them whether they fuck up or not.”
    That was beautifully said! I’ve said this do many times. Unfortunately it usually falls on deaf ears. I feel your frustration though. Sometimes you just feel like venting. We all feel like that sometimes. I can relate.

  2. @Lavern I look forward to that post. I think that lack of responsability aplies to most whites. They are all participants in this system in so way or other. Part of the reason why the system persists is because the majority of them are happy to say or do nothing. Any humane person cannot help but feel shocked at their lack of feeling regarding not only blacks, but also humanity in general.

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