Guest Post: Would You Like Some Cheese With Your Whine?

by Lavern Merriweather

This is what I feel like saying every time I hear a white person complain that white people don’t have their own network like BET, an organization like the NAACP or that black people can have their own colleges and beauty pageants and other things catering only to black interests, and if they had that, it would be called ‘racist’. Oh Jesus! Please take the wheel already before I drive off a damn cliff!

Let’s see, maybe you don’t have those things because…Oh, I don’t know. You don’t f**king need them! It’s the classic symptom of the spoiled brat syndrome, you have it all yet you still want more, particularly when a parent just up and tells them one day that they have to actually share their things from now on. The ridiculous thing about that is is that these aren’t children I’m taking about but grown-ups with a childish mindset. Not to mention arrogance so unbelievably overwhelming they don’t even want to acknowledge the countless undeniable privileges many of them enjoy that some of us in this country can only dream of having.

It reminds me of that infamous Mad Men episode where the character of Peggy Olson played by actress Elisabeth Moss laments about the things she can’t do because she’s a female. Then proceeds to whine that she doesn’t get how black men could be ‘protesting’ about inequality when they, unlike her, have male privilege. She’s completely oblivious to the fact that just by having been born with her skin color she is afforded a wellspring of opportunities those same men couldn’t even begin to fathom. That goes double for black women. Still, it’s all about what she feels. She is being denied because she has two X chromosomes. And while I’m on the subject, how about – for once – she recognize that those women you call ‘sisters’ when it suits you have double the disadvantages and obstacles because they are dealing with both racism and sexism, unlike you, while you fret and hand wring over not being able to get the bigger corner office or have to pay a dollar extra to get your blouses taken care of at the dry cleaners.

I especially love that whole “We don’t have a WET channel” meme because it’s just so incredibly impossible to see white faces on TV? Yeah, it must just suck to be you when you turn on a TV set despite the fact that you can see yourself having all different types of representation at all times of the day and in every form or genre known to man. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the 100 infomercials they show at three in the morning or reality shows, sitcoms, dramas, mini-series, cable movies, commercials, talk shows, soaps, and even the annual award shows that are broadcast. Can a non-white person in America be able to say the same thing?

And the one that kills me the most is the issue those whites have with ‘separate’ colleges, beauty pageants, awards, etc. without ever once recognizing that those separate events came about because black people were excluded from the events you were having. You don’t get to exclude me from your guest list. Then, get all huffy because I decide to throw my own party, and mine turns out to be so much better and entertaining than yours even when you think those functions have exhausted their purpose.

I’m also reminded of when Gloria Steinem four years ago had the absolute nerve to say that black men had the vote before women did. Oh really Gloria? Well, I wonder which part of that equation she would expect me to fall into. I’ll take a wild guess and say it’s not the women part. Seeing how many white females in the feminist circles happily ignore the harsher challenges faced by women of color and most of the time just ignores us all together, she conveniently forgot to mention all the threats, intimidation, violence, false arrests, gun shots, bricks through windows, crosses burned on lawns, and many deaths that black people had to deal with afterwards.

Apparently, to the privileged, the supposed hardships they face outweigh anyone else’s even when their arguments sound downright petty and hypocritical. How the hell are you going to be upset with me for driving a Hummer when you have six brand new cars in your driveway?! Oh right. To the privileged, my questions aren’t worth answering because I’m not worthy. My problems aren’t always their problems. So, they aren’t worthy either.

So, let me get this completely one hundred, you don’t give a crap about including me which compels me to create my own thing, but you don’t like that either because now, you feel like you are lacking something. Even when you have the same thing if not more than I do all because mine has a title and yours doesn’t. If it makes you feel any better I will create a WET for you, and I can call it the Whiny Elitist Tripe network. Happy now?


10 thoughts on “Guest Post: Would You Like Some Cheese With Your Whine?

  1. “Jesus take the wheel before I drive off the damn cliff” *spits kool-aid all over screen* Lavern stop it. That is just funny as hell. lol. Love this post. That just gave me life this evening. I’m in my living room howling like a wolf.

  2. Denial is one heck of a drug. They know whats up but they don’t want to admit it. Some people can have everything and still want the little bit that others have. Its sad but thats how humans can be, smh.

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