Trailer: “The House I Live In”

From Prison Culture


12 thoughts on “Trailer: “The House I Live In”

  1. Brothawolf

    Have you read “breaking rank” by Norm Stampler? He was a cop who spilled secrets on how racist cops target black men and the entire system is rigged.

    I think you’ll like it. I’d like to see this movie.

    1. He also talked about attitude arrests which doesn’t surprise me at all cops in this country have way too much power.

  2. Is it possible that when drugs were first bought in the black community it was orchestrated to destroy our people. From what I’ve learned it seems to me that this was deliberate. This evil system of drug wars was designed to destroy our people. I believe the government is in on this so they could keep incarerating black men for free labor. It’s my opinion prisons are nothing more than modern day plantations. And this is just modern day slavery. This film seems interesting I think I will watch it on netflix, when I get the opportunity.

    1. I have known for a loooooong time that whole ‘war on drugs’ thing was a joke. This country’s government could stop it if they wanted but they don’t as Fred C. Price once said there is just too much money involved. So they put away a bunch of hapless Negroes 60 years for petty drug offenses to make it look good SMH.

      1. They also do the same for Meth users which are mostly poor whites. However, the so-called ‘war on drugs’ almost always targeted the inner city, poor, young black male as being the worst drug users and dealers.

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