Privileged Victims

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension where the wealthy and privileged are victims of the sins of the poor and disenfranchised; a journey into a fucked up land where he (she) who has the right color, economic status, gender, or sexuality is worthy of being protected and respected. You have now entered…Oh wait, YOU’RE HERE ALREADY!

The intro may have been a salute to the classic Twilight Zone series back in the day, but much of what I said is no fantasy or in this case, nightmare. We live in such a world where society blames the helpless and the powerless for the numerous problems they face. Most likely, the world will cast them into the pits of hell for the amount of crime – violent crime – and poverty found in the poorest areas of any particular setting. Those with the bulk of society’s power get to decide on how to deal with those issues, and it usually ends up being nothing more than a small circular band-aid on a deep, gory wound.

It is the moment where the words of the rich and powerful are received with open ears by politicians and lawmakers. The plans on dealing with poverty and crime turn out to be methods and policies of control. They may even find ways to take advantage of it financially. When that happens, the rich and powerful become more rich and more powerful.

But doesn’t the privileged groups screw up as well? Damn right! Still, remember that this is not a world based on logic and civility.

Society’s politicians (not all, but some) believe that the wealthy and privileged, who are largely responsible for crime and poverty, should be spared. Not only that, they need support, a bailout if you will. It becomes a priority to help those who have more than enough means to help themselves, and it becomes a necessity to save those responsible for so much corporate corruption and economic blunders that help to manifest the problems of crime and poverty in the first place.

So, what if you demand fairness, equality and justice? What if stand up and fight against such a topsy-turvy government that values the rich and discards the poor? Remember, you live in a culture of victim blaming. So, some jackass will appear to call you a lazy whiner who hates his(her) country. In the old days they may have called you a communist.

Since there have been some political and judicial changes made to shrink the gap between the overprivileged and underprivileged, the overprivileged mind suddenly went from ego tripping to “designated” victim. They fear of losing what some members of their camp deny having. Plus, they think they are the real victims of what they believe is ‘wrong’ because they don’t believe the poor should be helped because they are simply too lazy to help themselves. Obviously, the notion of being given certain advantages from the beginning is not something to be considered or acknowledged by…anyone. Instead, the belief that the powerful have gotten their through hard work is the default explanation for how they got to the top, real or imagined.

So, what kind of world is it when the overprivileged are coddled while the poor is left with the scraps? To some this does sound like an episode of The Twilight Zone. But for those of us who live in the real world, it is the world we live in.


14 thoughts on “Privileged Victims

  1. Wolf, this post is on point. That’s what always pissed me off about Herman Cain. All that stuff about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. You know it is my belief that if he was sucessful why didn’t he try to help someone else. I just hate bougeise blacks that won’t help the other poor person come up. That’s what pissed me off about Mitt Romney this idiot has no clue about the poor and disenfranchised.(sp?)

    1. But wait according to Anne they are a ‘regular’ family just like everybody else. And according to John McCain the guy married to an HEIRESS and owns 7 houses Obama is an evil ‘elitist’ who hangs out with his rich Hollywood friends. While McCain hangs out with ‘regular people’ you know the ones who can afford a $1,000 dollar a plate meal

  2. What gets me more is the amount of lower class people who agree with that sort of “Oh poor rich people” lunacy. It’s like they don’t understand that supporting someone who explicitly states he cares more about the wealthy than other people is against their own interest.

  3. I read that Jay Z and Beyonce threw a fund raiser for Obama. For $45,000 a plate. What all do you get for $45,000 plate of food. I think my numbers are right and I heard $45,000. Do they throw in a custom made automoblie along with the meal? I’m curious.

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