Guest Post: What the F*ck Is Wrong With Lee Daniels?

by Lavern Merriweather

Recently, statuesque Australian beauty and A-list leading lady Nicole Kidman caused quite a stir on the set of her latest film “The Paperboy” when she refused to use the n-word for a scene. And apparently it created some tension between her and director Lee Daniels of “Precious” fame. According to him Miss Kidman had no problem getting bent over a washing machine by co-star John Cusack for a steamy sex scene. Nor did she mind peeing on her other co-star Zac Efron for another steamy sex scene so she shouldn’t be upset about having to utter one of the most derogatory words in the English language.

Okay. Show of hands who wants to be the first one to pimp slap some sense into this clueless Negro’s freaking head? (raises hand) Let me get this straight, Mr. Daniels thinks that because she had no qualms simulating steamy sex with her male co-stars [something that is a staple in most Hollywood films] she should be ‘okay’ with saying one of the most heinous words in history. Sorry. No.

That word has just too much savage, brutal, hateful baggage for any director to be giving an actor grief for having the decency to not say it. Adding insult to injury is the fact that a black man is upset…scratch that, angry with her for her refusal to the point where he is attacking her being sexual as a justification. Being okay with sex is not the same as being ok with degrading an entire race of people just to make a buck. Then again this is the same Lee Daniels that is responsible for the abominations known as “Monsters Ball” and “Precious” respectively.

Two films that seemed to go out of their way to be as stereotypical and buffoonish as possible one even using colorism to paint the absolutely worst depiction ever of African American life. I find it a little hard to believe it was just a coincidence that the ‘evil’ or troubled’ characters were played by darker skinned actors while the ‘nicer’ ones were played by light skinned actors. Maybe Mr. Daniels has some deep seated self-hatred or maybe like some in Hollywood he just doesn’t give a crap and cares more about the bottom line than about preserving his dignity.

Either way, I find it mind boggling that he is a black man in a position of authority who is upset with his white female employee for not insulting him. If this were any other profession besides entertainment, Ms. Kidman would be in danger of losing her job if she actually did use the n-word and rightfully so. Yet, in an industry where far too many racist and offensive images are celebrated as ‘art’, a woman having the guts to stand her ground is seen as a bad thing particularly by a man who should be defending her and her choice instead of berating her for it and creating a hostile work environment.

There are many actors who are black and some white ones too that would have no issue with using the n-word despite the context it was being used in, and would probably criticize Ms. Kidman for being too ‘uptight’ since it’s just acting and not real life. But that’s where they are wrong. The pain of racism is all too real for many black people in this country especially when it comes to how we see ourselves portrayed on screen. Despite what some rappers and famous figures will tell you, there is just no way to put a positive spin on that word. It’s a word that represents the cruelest vilest bigotry and always will particularly to older black Americans who many times heard it 200 times a day every day throughout their lives and very rarely in a positive way.

Granted there are certain times in movies or television shows or as in the case of Huckleberry Finn books were the word is warranted. This, however, is not one of those times. This is about some overzealous bullying a**hole director trying to force a woman to compromise her principles. A woman who is obviously sensitive to the feelings of others, something that I would bet my last 10 dollars is a rare commodity in La-la-land. I for one say thank you Nicole for teaching us that being a Hollywood mega star doesn’t mean you also have to be a thoughtless bleep-bleep. That’s a message the guy she was working for could learn a thing or two from. and I sincerely hope Ms. Kidman’s gratifying act sends a message that is loud and clear rather than cause a backlash. She’s an extremely talented actress whose stock just rose another 500 percent with me after this.

As a matter of fact I’m going to spend more of my time and money supporting her career and not another dime on anything spawned from the demon mind of Lee ‘sellout’ Daniels. Seriously this foolish Negro either really needs to have his head examined or needs to pick up an armful of history books at the local library. He is the very definition of someone who just doesn’t get it like Samuel L. Jackson who has not only worked with bigoted, big head Quentin Tarantino but encouraged his obnoxiousness as well. Come on Sammy really you think some snotty little prick saying the n-word over and over because he can is acceptable? Well I don’t and neither does my girl Nicole which is why I give her kudos and you the forever side-eye.


39 thoughts on “Guest Post: What the F*ck Is Wrong With Lee Daniels?

  1. I’ve always wondered that myself. At first I thought maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough to understand his art, but after seeing the films Precious and Monster’s Ball I thought “No this guy is just weird”. Then that Shadow Boxer craptastic mess with Cuba Gooding and Helen Miren, In my opinion I just decided that I hated his work. And that he was just somekind of self hating tragic negro. Shaking My Head at Lee Daniels, I just don’t get him. But then again one man’s art is another”s poison. Or something crazy like art is subjective. Anyway I don’t like Lee Daniel’s work. I was starting to think somewhere in the back of my mind that he hated black people. Go figure.

    1. I heard about this dumbass film. What about a film about Marcus Garvey? What about a film about great African civilizations in Ethiopia or Kemet? Or films that show blacks as beautiful and majestic? What about African stories without white influence? Of course not! Since they own and control Hollyweird,we have to keep playing subordinate roles. We have to play the gangster,drug dealer,whore,pimp or servant to white people. This helps to keep our mindset in the belief that we are inferior and whites are superior. That’s why the spend millions of dollars on films. Films are not just entertainment. The are used to alter your perception of the world and yourself. F*ck Hollyweird!

      1. The usual excuse would be that the people don’t want to invest in such films and that the characters must be universal which is a code for ‘white’.

      2. That’s funny you say that. There’s a remake of the film Steel Magnolias with an all black female cast. One of the headlines advertising it said “It has an universal appeal.Everyone can enjoy it!” They use the word universal a lot to tell white people that it’s NOT only for black folks. Anyone can enjoy the film. smh

  2. Lee Daniels also chose to overlook the fact that Nicole’s adopted son is part Black, which is why she did not want to say the word. Since he does not respect that about her, what little respect I had for him is now completely void.

    1. I dunno if this is a form of self-hatred because he’s black or black and gay. Whatever it is, he’s the right man for Hollywood, but the wrong man for black entertainment.

      1. I remember in a Los Angeles Times interview he said his boyfriend was Jewish. I knew a friend trying to break into Hollywood years ago. He told me that Jews are totally running Hollywood. And you have to give certain powerful Jewish men b***jobs to make it in the industry. Hmmm……I guess this is why Daniels is fitting in quite well

      2. Oh yeah it’s pretty deep. When it comes to women getting into Hollywood most people have heard of the casting couch. But regarding men,most are not familiar with the “director’s chair”. It’s sound crazy at first but not so much when you know how Hollywood really operates. It still amazes what some will do for fortune and fame.

      3. Yes he wrote a book about it. he exposes quite a bit. I believe it’s called BET, DBrad & Me. I think it’s on Amazon.

  3. Lavern Merriweather is spot on! It’s hard to disagree with anything she said. let me say that I HATED Precious,Shadow Boxer and Monster’s Ball. Daniels is the worse! His films always find a way to put black people in an unflattering light. He’s very slick with it.
    I’m not a big Nicole Kidman fan either. But it’s a shame when a white woman has more integrity than this so called black man.

    “I find it a little hard to believe it was just a coincidence that the ‘evil’ or troubled’ characters were played by darker skinned actors while the ‘nicer’ ones were played by light skinned actors. Maybe Mr. Daniels has some deep seated self-hatred or maybe like some in Hollywood he just doesn’t give a crap and cares more about the bottom line than about preserving his dignity.”
    Great quote! I thought I was the only one that noticed the colorism in Precious. So I guess it’s not my imagination. And for the record,I can’t stand over rated Quentin Tarantino and his pet negro Samuel L. Jackson. Sam lost his street cred a looooooong time ago with me.

  4. And Macy Gray is playng the maid in this craptastic mess “The Paperboy”. WTF wrong with Lee Daniels? What is wrong with the black actors who sign up for this ish?

  5. As much disdain as I have for Kidman, I’m a little amazed that Daniels would get upset with her because she refuses to use racial slurs. But given the kinds of films this idiot produces, I guess I shouldn’t be so shocked.

  6. *blinks 10 times*

    The one time a white person does it right and Negroes wanna trip.

    *rubs temple*

    Don’t apologize Ms. Kidman, you did good.

    Gwyneth Paltrow needs to take some notes.

  7. Very ,very telling about a blk-man!! donig this to blk-women. Hmmm!! Lee Daniels i got my eye on you. sir! i also wounder what do y’all got to say about a blk-man doing this shit?!

  8. Great post! Daniels missed the mark. Nicole Kidman has a son who is black. As a mother she probably had that in the back of her mind as well. Unfortunately directors producers like daniels and tyler perry are praised for their buffoonery. But in that business unfortunately everything is about the bottom line. Just like spike lee and others, daniels time is limited in the movie world. Everything has a season in that world and if you’re arrogant and black the already short season of fame is cut in half. It’s kind of funny how folks like him actually believe that they will be around forever. The reality is that 10 years from now no one will remember his name.

  9. Great post. I really dislike Daniels. Now he has a new t.v. show on Fox that continues the buffoonery and stereotypes. Makes me sick. It just aired 1.07.15. I’m really disappointed in Taraji P. Henson for taking part in it. Some people will do anything for the all mighty dollar.

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