Guest Post: When Keepin’ It Real Goes Very Wrong

by Lavern Merriweather

Well, isn’t that special? Seems like the abuser of peroxide and no talent, that has been Madonna, has seen fit to throw her 2 cents [not a pun] into the political three ring circus. While touring in Washington D.C., our nation’s capital, old Madge got all kinds of political and let out a bizarre, incoherent and rather stupid comment about how the audience needs to vote for Obama. Because apparently he’s a ‘Black Muslim’ and in America that’s now a good thing, it means ‘change’ truly has come.Yes. Thanks to Madonna I have finally realized that a person regardless of color, sex, creed, religion yadda yadda yadda, can become president.

In case you weren’t paying attention, I was being sarcastic just like Madonna was supposedly being ‘ironic’ when afterwards, she said she knows Obama isn’t a Muslim. That no matter what his religion, a good man is still a good man and should be elected into office regardless. Of course, in Madonna’s case this moronic, seriously does this can’t sing, dance or act for s**t former star think anyone still gives a crap about what she believes in.

And for those Arguing Annies who say, “Doesn’t she have a right to say what she wants as a voter and a citizen of this country?” Of course she does. Nobody, least of all me, is denying Madonna the right to life, liberty and all the stupidity her feeble brain can carry. But the point is she’s a celebrity and a public figure that has for the past two decades done everything humanly possible by her words and actions to get attention for herself. So, she can’t cry foul when people on the message boards and elsewhere call her on her self-important, egotistical bulls**t, and yes, part of my disgust is somewhat biased.

Truth be told, I’m not a fan of Madonna; her whole ‘down’ act with black people was as phony as it was tiresome and foolish. Please just because you bang a couple of brothers and parade them around like arm candy doesn’t mean you get to be the voice of speaking out over racial issues. Keep in mind this is the same female who once asked noted lesbian Rosie O’ Donnell which black male celebrity she would like to have a baby with. Then, proceeded to name three of them! WTF?!!

Asking a lesbian which man she would have a baby with aside. I was not the least bit shocked that whole question turned out to be moot considering neither of the two kids Madonna had out of wedlock were fathered by a black man. She also had the complete and utter nerve to say in an interview with the now defunct ‘George’ magazine that if she were President, teachers would make more money than athletes. Well, how sweet! I’m sure teachers across America appreciate her thoughtfulness while she sits in her $3,000 dollar a night hotel room and drives her 5 million dollar car.

On top of that and her pseudo solidarity with black folks (I can just picture her doing a Tom Cruise impersonation ala Jerry Maguire) is the fact that her entire celebrity persona has been based on shock value. You can only cry wolf so long before people stop believing you or in anything that comes out of your mouth. Especially, when I need an interpreter to figure out what the hell it was that you just said. And worse for me is her saying we should vote for Obama because he supports the gays. Oh, how nice. I can’t wait to see her track record on defending gay issues probably because it doesn’t exist, unless you count that utterly condescending way she referred to the gay dancers from her ‘Truth or Dare’ tour as her ‘children’.

And please do not tell me that was done out of love. It was done out of pure arrogance like the way you pat a grown person on the head when you and they both know it’s an entirely inappropriate gesture. Not only is having grown people call another adult who is not their mom ‘children’ creepy, it’s insulting, and makes me wonder how much peyote was being passed by the people who agreed to it. I can like and respect a celebrity without having to follow or hang on their every word like a sheep. And any celebrity that tells you they don’t even want their opinions held above anyone else’s because they are a celebrity should be a used car salesman.

These people feed on attention and glorification. It’s like a drug to them. So when some fading pop diva tells me I ‘have’ to vote for someone because she says so I say thanks but no thanks. Unlike some in this world, I can make up my mind on who I choose when I punch that blue/green card come Election Day.

If you want Madonna or any other celebrity to be the determining factor in your choice come November 6, more power to you. But ask yourself, is this a person whose lifestyle or behavior I admire is this person even the least bit informed on the issues? Or are you just playing follow the leader because of how strong the nature of celebrity is America? Hopefully, not enough for some skanky, old bat who hasn’t said or done anything valid in the past 28 years to tell someone how their thought process should go. Especially when it comes to choosing who will hold the job of the highest office in the land.

And for those of you who say, “What about the other side? Don’t they have celebrity endorsers too? Don’t they use famous people to help promote their candidate?” True. But that won’t help me make up my mind any more than when the Democrats do it particularly that infamous. What was Clint Eastwood thinking during ‘chair’ moment? Dude is really getting senile in his old age. I don’t know about anybody else but I thought for half a second. He may actually believed there was someone sitting in that empty chair. Oh right that was supposed to subtext, symbolism just like Madonna was being ironic which I still can’t figure out. On what parallel universe that could be considered ironic?

I thought irony was something like a doctor having the name Freddy Kruger who was a pediatrician and was saving little kids instead of killing them. Not some goofball, chucklehead, ex-pop star trying to prove how brilliant she is by making a whiny and asinine comment about how ‘y’all’ need to vote for Obama. In the words of fellow blogger Jay Anderson, creator of the Average Bro website, Madonna go-sit-down and please take old coot Eastwood with you. You both need to take a nice long vacation away from Egoville. That place obviously makes you do and say dumb things.


15 thoughts on “Guest Post: When Keepin’ It Real Goes Very Wrong

  1. At 54 years old I guess it’s hard to stay relevant. When your season as a pop diva is over, Just go out gracefully instead of looking and sounding ridiculous.

  2. So, the queen of swollen egos made an idiotic statement that accomplishes nothing but embarrassing her?

    Sounds like an average day for Madonna.

  3. There’s a name for what she did, by the way. It’s called “hipster racism.” It’s where some liberal white person will “pretend” to be blatantly racist and then expect everyone to laugh about it. Because they’re liberal! Everyone knows liberals aren’t racist. Unfortunately this kind of racism is getting more common as whites assume racism is getting less common.

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