White Male Assaults Black Female

Thanks Linda.

White male racists…I’m sorry. I meant race realists, love to display any example of a black male assaulting and(or) raping nonblack women particularly of the Aryan variety. Sometimes they make up such news in order to state their case. However, most of them believe that the reverse can not possibly happen in this day and age. Some even believe that it never happened in the last 30 years, and any other time before (or after) that is irrelevant to the issue. How logical.

In any case they are dead wrong. There are cases of black women being the victims of the white male’s undeserved sense of total freedom, a form of anarchy that he believes is rightfully his to use whenever and wherever his likes on whomever he chooses.

Here’s such an example from the good ole’ state of Louisiana courtesy of Atlanta Black Star:

A Louisiana man is accused of attacking a group of black women both verbally and physically during a seemingly unprovoked incident. Josh Jambon, 51, reportedly hurled racial slurs at the three employees of Metric Engineering, before allegedly striking one woman and spitting in the face of 29-year-old Brandi Worley. Worley captured part of the incident on her camera phone, after Jambon reportedly struck one of her co-workers.

Jambon confronted the women who were working as debris assessors, demanding to know who was in charge. When one of the Worley’s co-workers told the man that the supervisor was not on the scene yet, he flew into a fit of rage, according to Worley.

“He went on this tirade where he started calling us a bunch of lazy ni**ers and b*tches and she kept asking him not to call us that and he got in her face,” Worley said of one of her co-workers. “They passed words, and he ended up hitting her in her head and caused her helmet to fall off.”

The trio was working with a crew of around six men, all white. “The white men were just standing around watching,” Worley said of her co-workers, who allowed the incident to continue. Eventually one of the women called the police, who arrested Jambon after seeing Worley’s video. Though the involved parties all rode to the station, Jambon was released shortly after their statements were released.

“The ink wasn’t even dry on our statements and he was walking out [of the station] free, with the police chief like they were best buddies,” Worley added.

Why am I not surprised?

In his defense, Jambon said he had “a bad day.” While he acknowledged that he had spit at Worley, he denied striking the other woman. He mentioned his brother’s recent cancer diagnosis, his business woes as a result of the hurricanes, and the fact that the majority of his employees are black.

“I offended myself, it was a horrible day,“ he told The Grio. “There’s no reason for me to go off on anybody, there’s no excuse. I blanked. I was apologizing to the chiefs, the deputies, I apologized to the owner of the company. I wanted to apologize to the girl herself, but they didn’t want me to. I’m not trying to get out of any charges. I’m trying to do the right thing and get what’s coming to me.”

However, while Jambon hopes for reconciliation, Worley doesn’t want to hear it. “You know there’s racism out there but you don’t expect anything like that to happen, because you’re not racist, you’re not brought up that way. And then for something like that to happen…”

I don’t blame the women one bit for not wanting to hear any fake apologies. They know that is the kind of apology they will get. This guy (Jambon) would say something like, “I’m sorry IF I caused you any pain and suffering and I will take full responsibility for my actions. I was having a bad day with my brother having cancer and my business failing and all. I am NOT a racist. I was just depressed.”

Good grief.


34 thoughts on “White Male Assaults Black Female

  1. Boo….efing …ho. That racist cracker is nothing but a piece of human body waste. They always got some sorry excuse for their stupidity. He was not sorry. I saw this piece in the Grio. I’m just shaking my head. And had the situation been reversed a black man accused of the same actions he would have been shot dead by the racist police. This is a shame.

  2. I saw that video and it made me sick! This guy needs his ass kicked in my opinion. I could have swore I saw a black man in that video. I didn’t expect the white men do to anything. But the black man? What a spineless coward! What type of black man is this? He called Brandi a n****r and a b***h–and he said nothing?? I don’t care if this man was his boss or not. As a black man you have to have some self respect and not let your sista be insulted and spit on like a dog! This “brother” needs his ass kicked as well. He has no backbone.
    Some people on Youtube have posted Josh’s home address. I thought about doing that put I wont stoop that low. Although it is very tempting.

    1. I’ve seen the video. What that racist pos did was a hate crime. As for the lone black man in the video, he’s much of as an enabler as his racist co-workers. One day they’ll answer to God for their complicity in the hate crime.

      As for the ladies, I hope they sue the place and get the FBI and the Justice Department to investigate, for I don’t trust the state of Louisiana to do so, given the history of racism in law enforcement.

      My heart goes out to the courageous women.


      1. I agree Stephanie. The Most High will deal with them. It will all come back to them. Those women were more courageous than those so called “men” that stood by and watched. They were probably pissing in their pants from fear.

  3. Why is EVERY time something happens to a black women a black man’s fault?!! Why not attack the WHITE guy who spit on her?! you all complain about black men yet turn around and use every situation to vilify them and you wonder why we don’t get along with each other.

    1. @Lauren I said in my post that the white man needed his ass kicked. I said that plain and simple. But that does NOT excuse the black man for doing nothing. He was spineless for standing there like a lump on a log. I’m sorry if that offends you. I do want unity for my people. I don’t like division but sometimes the TRUTH must be said. As black men,we can not stand by and let our sistas be disrespected like this. This white piece of garbage spit in this womans face—that was totally uncalled for. Malcolm X said “We will never be respected like REAL men if we let others mistreat our women. We will kill anyone that tries to harm our women.” I agree with that. Since you’re a woman you may look at it a bit different. But I’m a man and we have to be the protectors of black women. If not us–who??
      I’m sorry but it’s time for the REAL black to step forward and the scared little boys to step aside. Men make things happen–little boys watch and cower in the corner.

      1. Thanks, Kushite Prince. Have you ever watch the godawful movie, Crash? In one scene, a white policeman groped and molested a Christine, a Black woman, on a police stop while her husband watched and done nothing because he feared his reputation as a director would’ve been jeopardized over protecting his own wife against racist sexual assault. That’s the most disturbing and disgusting scene in the white supremacist movie.

        What are your thoughts?

        Stephanie Baldwin

      2. Crash was a horrible film that reinforced stereotypes. That’s why it won the Oscar for best film. It reinforced white supremacy. Yes I remember the scene with Thandie Newton being groped by Matt Dillion. It was very disgusting! This video best sums up my feelings about Crash. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  4. Can’t say this surprises me at all…I’ve been verbally assaulted by whites more times than I care to count, for small transgressions like crossing in a crosswalk while having the right of way, waiting for a bus while wearing an Oregon Ducks t-shirt, or daring to hold my place in a queue at a marketplace. How DARE I defend my own humanity! 🙄

    What cowardly trash. No surprise about the excuses being made for this outrageous behavior, either – there’s always a reason give for “whites behaving badly”…and it’s a sad day indeed when ANY man, of ANY color, doesn’t stand up to defend ANY woman from a physical assault such as this!

  5. You and Kushite Prince are the only ones standing up for the defense of black women. I’ve seen a woman on a train assaulted by teenagers and not one man went to her defense. I didn’t have a cellphone then. But I pushed the button for the train operator to that there was someone in distress he didn’t come to her aid either. It was a time a black man would beat the shit out of a man for disrespecting a woman. A black man came to my aid when this drunk white man was saying vile inapproriate things to me on the commuter train. He just came out of nowhere swing like spiderman on the rails and beat the shit out of him with his cigarrett still in his mouth. threw him off the train when the train stopped. He was my hero. There aren’t any black men like that.

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