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I’ve had a lousy day today, one of many, and a certain troll hasn’t made it any better! So yes. I’m going to unleash my rage.

Jay From Philly is a fly-by-night troll who pops up once every few weeks to leave a steaming, stinking, pile of shit about how black men nothing but thugs, pimps, and gangsters, and how the black community protects and supports them as evidenced by, as he puts it, the stop snitching policy that supposedly only we live by.

Well, how could Jay possibly know about black men? He claims he is a corrections officer. So, that makes his claims plausible in his mind. All he has to do is look at the jail cells and that tells him that black men are a group of criminal minded heathens. To him, the stereotype of the criminal black man is all too real and common.

Here is how Jay from Philly operates in the blogosphere: In anti-racism blogs he will pop up with some racist statement based on what he “observed” in his neck of the woods. He may say something related to a crime, major and minor, in which a black male was behind it. It will not matter if it’s relevant to the topic. Jay will let you know how terrible black males are no matter what the subject matter is.

After he leaves his dump, Jay will disappear like a bad fart. When you ask him a question, he will not respond – ever. However, he will appear in time to take another shit with the same anti-black male racism as he did the last time. It may take him a few weeks more or less, but he will return with nothing new whatsoever.

It should be noted that Jay from Philly is suspected to side with the certain people aligned with the Black Women’s Empowerment movement in their bid to throw the black community, especially black men, under the bus for the goal of assimilation into white male society.

Overall, this is among the most feeble trolls I’ve ever had the misfortune to run into. Jay from Philly is a miserable “human being” devoid of logic and love, and will ultimately get what he dishes out in the end.