Jay, the Troll From Philly

I’ve had a lousy day today, one of many, and a certain troll hasn’t made it any better! So yes. I’m going to unleash my rage.

Jay From Philly is a fly-by-night troll who pops up once every few weeks to leave a steaming, stinking, pile of shit about how black men nothing but thugs, pimps, and gangsters, and how the black community protects and supports them as evidenced by, as he puts it, the stop snitching policy that supposedly only we live by.

Well, how could Jay possibly know about black men? He claims he is a corrections officer. So, that makes his claims plausible in his mind. All he has to do is look at the jail cells and that tells him that black men are a group of criminal minded heathens. To him, the stereotype of the criminal black man is all too real and common.

Here is how Jay from Philly operates in the blogosphere: In anti-racism blogs he will pop up with some racist statement based on what he “observed” in his neck of the woods. He may say something related to a crime, major and minor, in which a black male was behind it. It will not matter if it’s relevant to the topic. Jay will let you know how terrible black males are no matter what the subject matter is.

After he leaves his dump, Jay will disappear like a bad fart. When you ask him a question, he will not respond – ever. However, he will appear in time to take another shit with the same anti-black male racism as he did the last time. It may take him a few weeks more or less, but he will return with nothing new whatsoever.

It should be noted that Jay from Philly is suspected to side with the certain people aligned with the Black Women’s Empowerment movement in their bid to throw the black community, especially black men, under the bus for the goal of assimilation into white male society.

Overall, this is among the most feeble trolls I’ve ever had the misfortune to run into. Jay from Philly is a miserable “human being” devoid of logic and love, and will ultimately get what he dishes out in the end.


44 thoughts on “Jay, the Troll From Philly

    1. Deathly afraid I might add. In any case I needed someone to take my anger out on, and I chose Jay from Philly to be my sacrificial lamb considering he’s such a pretentious sheep.

    1. LOL. Jay is too much of a coward to come here and defend himself. He knows what is said about him is true, but he doesn’t stand up for himself. That’s how screwed up he really is.

  1. ^If i have to take a guess–i say it is either Christelyn or Jamila. But i’m going with Christelyn b/c if you go through some of the comments over on Christelyn’s*ahem* i mean Mrs. Karazin’s blog Jay’s comments kinda look a lot like her’s. The wording and thought process and as i have said before, no two people think or write the same.

    Jay has also had pretty strong words to say about NWNW–now ask yourself…what does a middle class white boy care what happens to or with black women’s wombs???

  2. Of all the trolls I’ve ever seen, this one sounds like the most pathetic. At least the others will return to say more incredibly out of touch things in defense of their stupidity.

  3. He;s a pathetic little bastard with a complex against black men. I suppose he gets clowned by us a lot (he is a correctional officer.)




    You may recognize a certain someone in those comments.

  4. And further, Toldson actually went on that blog to talk some sense to those ass clowns…

    but deflections as usual! Toldson was accused of not using footnotes like the omniscient Banks…ya don’t need footnotes when reporting your own statistical data.

  5. The more i read some of these comments–the more i realize that this isn’t about whether black people marry white men or white women–that seems to be a smokescreen, but this is about bitter black men and black womeh who have made some less than stellar decisions in their adult life and are now looking for an easy target to place the blame on.

    Enter in IRRs as this will futhere reinforce in their sick minds how low dow, and no good black people of the opposite gender really are. Ah yes, the white man is plastered on churches, holy books, and television shows as the ultimate savior of black women. Instead of admitting it–these gals some young (20s -30s), just won’t admit that they have always thought white men were “better” by the virtue of them being white. If these are the images you grow up with, how could you truly not believe something is “wrong” with the men in your ethnic/in group?

  6. @phoebe:

    I would have more concern and pity for the ones who admit to wanting to get with whites because they made bad decisions in regards to relationships, and they just think that whites are ‘better’. Instead, they choose to deride the opposite gender as you say.

  7. @Herenith,

    Exactly–black people–those for whatever personal reasons who desire white flesh should just say so. After that, there will be more than enough black men and women who can easily spot one another out who do in fact desire to have black families.

    I mean hey, at least they should just be honest and stop keeping the brothas wondering, lol.

  8. O,o good to know. I’m still not sure why Black men are considered so “dangerous” and why some are so intent on proving that so called fact. Just come out and say you don’t like the Negroes. Or maybe being a blatant racist is SO much worse than a undercover one with fake views of logic and facts to hide self doubt and unwarranted fear. A sahme either way.

  9. Hey, Brotha Wolf! You told me years ago about a nationwide epidemic of white-on-Black rape that was systematically covered up by the white good ole boy network. Your proof was cryptically stating “YOU KNOW IT HAPPENS.” This was my first notice of this phenomenon (I’ve never raped anybody). Well, I keep looking for evidence of it and evidence remains elusive. Mostly because I can’t find much evidence of white-on-Black rape. Since I’m the Devil Incarnate. one of these rapists should have pulled me aside and let me know, but no one ever has. I figured, and still do, that there has been white-on-Black rape somewhere out there on the Great American Plain in the last few decades, but you never provided one example, just stated “YOU KNOW IT HAPPENS”. So where is that mass epidemic of white men raping Black women taking place? Since you know about the seamless cover-up, you must know about the crimes themselves.

    1. Well, well well. Look who’s here.

      You know Jay, I honestly don’t remember ever telling you that. I’m not saying I never told you. I’m saying I don’t remember. I will tell you today that I believe that it happens. How often? I don’t know. I know it HAS happened in the past, the recent past.

      I don’t understand people like you Jay. I really don’t. You seem to live to hate and you seem proud of it.

      1. I doubt Jay wants to have a convo about what he brought up. Unless, he breaks his habit of leaving a covertly racist comment and then disappear for weeks or months at a time thinking of another covertly racist comment on another subject.

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