Black Extermination in Alagoas

Thanks Ankhesen Mie.

The issue of black lives being taken at such a high rate has never been among America’s top priorities to deal with. This Summer’s bloodshed in the streets of Chicago proved that the lives of young blacks are vulnerable in a hostile nation like the United States. What’s more revealing is this society’s general acquiescence towards its pathology against black lives.

Sadly the disposal of black people is not restricted just within U.S. borders. It’s a chaotic saga in other parts of the world. The blog Black Women of Brazil sheds some light on this chaos that is occurring within Alagoas, a Brazilian state that is known by the U.N. report to being the most violent in the nation:

“The cause of the violence, according to the organizer of the report Map of Violence in Latin America, sociologist Julio Jacobo Waiselfisz, is the absence of state power as an institution and non-governmental apparatus.

The Argentine Waiselfisz was in Alagoas on Wednesday morning (29) at the invitation of the Special Commission of Inquiries, which analyzes the causes of violence in the capital, at the Municipal Chamber of Maceió.

 Only this year 1323 homicides were reported in the state and 162 just in the month of August, among lethally violent and intentional crimes, robbery and others, according to a data official of homicides for the news agency Alagoas24horas.”

But what is the cause of this violence? Waiselfisz continues:

“…What happened was an internalization of violence coming out of major urban centers extending into the so-called peaceful cities. “It’s noteworthy that it’s peaceful for Brazil, but not for Latin America, because there has been an institutionalization of violence in the country.”

 “What happened in fact was a change in standards, where those states that were violent, consequently reduced their numbers, although those that were peaceful tripled”, Waiselfisz said, while emphasizing that all this thanks to the unpreparedness and unevenness of police agents.

One cause of this “rising tide of violence”, according Waiselfisz, is impunity and alliances with the state that allied with police strikes that occurred in recent decades equipped the criminal institutions.

Still according to him, the Violence Map also shows that crimes against the black population grew alarmingly. “In Alagoas it’s like this: while one white is killed, 20 blacks are ‘exterminated’ and this number will only grow in 2013, mainly involving young people and children”, he warned.”

It’s no secret that as long as black lives are considered unimportant to the parent society, the rate of murder against them will continue to rise. We see that in cities across America, and we will see them in other parts of the world if something drastic isn’t done.


6 thoughts on “Black Extermination in Alagoas

  1. I was going to mention that as well. Let’s face it. They just don’t care. It became clear to me during the hurricane Katrina crisis. That black lives didn’t matter. So any other tragic thing that happens to black people and poc here in American and abroad and whites don’t respond or care lets me know we are a nonfactor in society.

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