Why Argue?

The White Racial Frame (WRF) is a hell of a drug. One symptom is that it leaves one “stuck” in a single-track that continues to play “White people are awesome” or “Racism no longer exists”. No matter what is said or done, those of us who’ve accepted the harsh truth are always wrong.

To those with the WRF, it is us who are guilty of maintaining racism and never the social, political or economic institutions governing racism day in and day out. It is us, the people of color, who are the cause of white people hating us due to high crime rates, a lack of a strong work ethic, a propensity of violence, etc. and not the oppressive systems that continue being cranked out for the sake of strengthening the status quo. And, it is us who are the cause of all the problems we face today and never due to a dysfunctional society.

You can present all kinds of research you want. It won’t make a bit of difference. The minds of the WRF drones are made up. What they believe is the one and only truth. There is nothing that can be said, no matter how actual it is, that can dispute the WRF.

So, why bother arguing with the stubborn ones? Nowadays, their responses become more and more predictable and brazen. The basic theme behind each of them is to protect the emotions of white people and only white people. Their feelings are, allegedly, more worthy of attention than anyone else’s, and they will make that point loud and clear. Still, why bother arguing with such people when their mind is made up?

When it comes to topics about race, those of us on the receiving end of the finger-pointing hate to be told that we are wrong about our stories, and it makes things more painful when the opposing side has no, little or pointless proof to their case. So, we defend not only ourselves, but our people. We state our own case with credible and personal evidence, but again, that would not make a difference to most people drunk with the WRF who are perfectly comfortable with victim blaming.

At the end of the day we are sick and tired of the endless typecasting as one entity based on the WRF. For blacks, browns and Middle-Easterners in particular, we are always cast as the villain most of the time. Our individuality is negated, our basic human faults found in every group are turned into destructive pathologies regulated to certain groups, and our only salvation is through the white man.

Some of us use it as an in-depth look into the WRF and how it operates. We argue to learn, in other words. Those with the WRF tend to deny their racism, but will show off their true feelings in other ways. They will show-and-tell how racism operates on a mental level unwittingly proven the opposition right.

Even though those with the WRF drive us into insanity, there is part of us – in some of us – that still love them. Is this the result of hundreds of years of oppression, or is this a strong sense of humanity that surfaces what want us to save them? It may be both, but there’s a need to stop the evils of white supremacy which includes freeing those lost in the WRF.

In the end, however, only they can free themselves from this mindset if they choose to.


33 thoughts on “Why Argue?

  1. Good post! You made some excellent points.You hit the nail on the head. It gets very tiring dealing with white logic. I’ve had countless debates with white co workers. They can really get on your nerves when you don’t fall in line with their way of thinking. But I don’t give an inch no matter what. I stick to my guns. But I understand what you mean by arguing with them. It seems futile at times. The ones that really get on my nerves are the black,Asian,Mexican and Puerto Ricans who have that white racial frame mindset. They’re the worse. And actually quite pathetic in my opinion.

    1. Yeah, I think we should stop arguing with anybody having a WRF. Just make it clear that you want to create justice on this planet regardless of what they say. It’s a shame that we’re complacent with the rampant racism in society.

      1. We really have to stop being so complacent. That’s the reason things don’t change. But I see what you’re saying. Although saying you want to create justice confuses many of them. They actually think we already have a system of justice. How funny is that?lol

  2. I stopped discussing race with white people years ago. In order to give real life examples I would have to bring up racial incidents in my past. Reopening old wounds and having them invalidated or dismissed is emotionally abusive. Don’t waste time trying to explain yourself to someone committed to misunderstanding you.

    1. They do that because they do not consider you a human being. They do not see POC as they see themselves. If you looked like them and had the same experiences, they would feel compassion, sympathy, empathy, etc. They have been so brainwashed into thinking that you and others like you are not people, therefore, are not worthy of care or understanding.

  3. I agree with what Alchemist said that has been my experience when discussing race with white people they just don’t get it or they just don’t give a crap. Are they that obtuse or just don’t care?

  4. Wow! She really living the American dream is’nt she. Well good for her. I’m not hating on the sister. But That stuff she’s saying just seems unrealistic to me. All of us are no so fortunate to have the house with the white picket fence.

    1. Mia Love is a lost cause. She is totally brainwashed. I can’t believe she’s a Mormon. She needs to do a little research on her faith. The Mormons believe black people are cursed by God–which is why we have black skin. How funny is that?lol I guess having a white husband and living in Utah has blinded her to this reality. I think up until 1978 black people couldn’t be Mormons. This poor child is so lost.smh

  5. Nailed it.



    I quit wasting my breath and time on those WRM fools a long time ago, and yes – there are many non-white people who believe that nonsense. They’ve been brainwashed. This is why I wonder why so many people carry on doing so. It’s not changing the minds of those who worship at the altar of white supremacy, and we all know what the base definition of insanity is.

    Great post.

  6. You know what, when i get the time i am going to put up a blog–one that i pay for–and start putting ALL this shit on blast. Especially the flawed reasoning and logic coming from these racist black folks about relationships.

    Btw–Mia Love is the poster child for the BWE movement…

  7. I got into with some pissant on another website who was whining that NONE of his ancestors own slaves. So I said first you weren’t at fault for what your ancestors did now they didn’t do anything wrong it would be nice if you got your story straight. I got no response

    1. It’s always the response. None of their ancestors owned slaves. The thing is none of were there at that time. Still, one can not say that it didn’t have an effect on what’s happening today.

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