Libya’s Unrest

There have been a lot of conversations regarding the civil unrest happening in the streets of Libya. What’s the deal behind this turmoil? Some have identified the cause being the trailer for an anti-Islamic film entitled Innocence of Muslims. Many have claimed that this film influenced Muslim extremists who were offended to assassinate the U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, family friend Glen Doherty and a couple of other state department officials that has griped the international media.

Innocence of Muslims was shot in California. It was directed by Sam Bacile with Steve Klein as its consultant. Klein said that the film was designed to top the Muslim population in America from reaching ten percent for fear that they would unite and attack their host country which I guess meant America.

As stated earlier, many have concluded that the anti-Muslim film was the catalyst behind the deaths of the U.S. Ambassador and the state department officials. However, some are not so quick to reach that conclusion as it seems too easy to blame one film for the chaos. Blogger and hip hop activist Davey D goes in depth with Dawid Walid who explains that the intervention of organizations like NATO was not part of a humanitarian objective, but something more politically minded against the Libyan government:

“Walid points out the extremist anti Muslim pro-Occupation Zionist forces who in the past have deliberately sought to inflame tensions in the region and have long used propaganda pieces like this movie to achieve that end.”

For a more in depth analysis on this issue, go to Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner to listen to the interview. The link is located at the bottom of the post.


9 thoughts on “Libya’s Unrest

  1. I’m not even a Muslim and this was very offensive. Total trash! I don’t condone those Muslims killing that man but I see why they’re pissed off. This was offensive on so many levels. Although with all the murder,rape and savagery this would have been a great story about Christopher Of course Hollywood would never make a film that accurate about him.

  2. As a christian this is what gives christians a bad name. It egregious on the filmakers part. But I don’t condone what the Muslims did either.This is why people lump all christian together with the offensive people that say and do stupid stuff in the name of Jesus. They are poor representatives of Jesus’s representatives if you can accept that.

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