Guest Post: Barack Obama, the First Co-President of America

by Lavern Merriwether

In this election year 2012 the campaign season is very much upon us hell it was over a year ago when those always fine, upstanding folks of the GOP were deciding who among the throngs of candidates for nomination was the least objectionable. And that honor went to Mitt Romney or as he is better known ‘Mittens’ who, I guess, was the best they could come up with. While on the other side of the spectrum is America’s current president Barack Obama or shall I say co-president which is the reason I’m writing this commentary in the first place. Unlike the right-wing nut media who seem to know for a fact who is actually the leader of this country, some people on the so-called ‘liberal’ side need to be told point blank who it most certainly ain’t. 

For the past two years the only liberal with their racism-led white media have been referring to former president Bill Clinton as ‘president’ whenever he does anything humanly possible yet again to get himself on the front page. Or on the nightly news even though he seems to think his latest occupation is that of media whore, apparently a lot and I do mean a lot of liberal white folks seem to think he is still leader of the free world. I guess the concept of former is too much for their feeble little minds to comprehend.

Because Clinton hasn’t been president in 14 years and thanks to Frankie can’t be again yet that doesn’t seem to stop many white people on the Left from giving him a title and a reference he no longer deserves. Its true privilege does hate to lose its’ place even while pretending to welcome change as in the once all white all male office in the White House. Too bad it got a little ‘browner’ on them in the process. I mean really. Doesn’t Barack know it was all for show? They never actually wanted the half Negro to take over just do a bunch of photo ops and make it look good. White people in the media who call themselves liberal, especially now, always remind me of that scene in the classic 80’s comedy “Trading Places”.

In the movie starring Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy there is a scene where Eddie while hiding in a bathroom stall overhears a conversation between two other stars of the film Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy. After making a bet where they have manipulated two different men’s lives for sport Ameche and Bellamy discuss what to do about the two men afterward. Since Akroyd has gone off the deep end they contemplate whether to keep Eddie on instead and even though he’s just as successful as Akroyd was at their company, they decide not to keep Eddie either. Then, Ameche drops the n-bomb as their reason and there it is in a nutshell while talking a good game the liberals play a much different one when things aren’t 100 percent to their liking.

Such as the not the case with good second class citizen who completely forgot his place and actually won the damn thing. Come again?!

Even worse than that for me is the amount of attention and leeway Obama gives to both Clintons I mean really couldn’t he get somebody else to speak at the convention? Or does he not remember all the smack Bill and Hillary were talking about him 4 years ago like when Bill said Obama could be president after his wife Hillary was. Gee now where have I heard that one before? Oh yeah, the past how many hundreds of years people that look like him have been telling people that look like me when it’s our ‘time’.

Keeping your enemies closer is one thing but damn Obama takes it to a whole other level neither of the Clintons is his friend so why is he be so freaking buddy buddy with two people who would have liked nothing better than to see him fail. And apparently still do make no mistake Clinton spoke at the convention for his wife not Obama who he probably could care two bleeps less about. For the record I don’t like the Clintons, especially Bill, and I completely regret that my very first vote ever went to him. The guy is a trashy manipulator who has somehow convinced two groups of people, blacks and women, to support him unequivocally when he’s given them absolutely no reason whatsoever to do so, including those who still believe in him enough to call him something he no longer is.

This is a direct slap in the face to the man who is our current president. His last name doesn’t start with a ‘C’, nor is he as manipulative or cringe worthy. Yet, the very people defending Clinton for his many ‘transgressions’ want Obama to be pure as the driven snow lest they completely disrespect him like treating him as if the job of being president was shared by two people. Last time I checked, it wasn’t so. Stop acting like it is. I don’t hear anyone calling ‘W’ president anymore or his daddy or even Carter.

Yes the campaign season is in full swing, Lord help us.


One thought on “Guest Post: Barack Obama, the First Co-President of America

  1. That was a good post. Doesn’t matter how mch you have accomplished you are still the N word to them (whites) They still don’t want to give the President respect. It is like the movie Trading Places.

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