What Is a White Supremacist?

Normally, whenever someone thinks of a white supremacist, one imagines a Klansman, Skinhead, Hammerskin, Neo-Nazi, and the like. We regularly think of white males, mostly from trailer parks in the Southern United States, wearing white robes with pointed hoods, bald heads, Nazi paraphernalia, racist tattoos, and confederate flag designs. We picture a white man with racist mannerisms such as the Nazi salute and using hate speech and epithets. We imagine the typical white supremacist as the worst of the worst, a human being that is to be loathed by everyone, especially by whites who consider themselves colorblind and non-racist.

However, reality teaches us that there are individuals who actively and inactively support the system of institutional racism and enforcing white supremacy. You can find them at school, in the educational system, the police department, at almost every business and corporation, in the media, and in every branch of government. These people can be teachers, politicians, cops, co-workers and bosses, to name a few.

Simply put, anyone who participates in maintaining the system of white supremacist is a white supremacist. They don’t have to wear hoods and scream “white power” as they march with Nazi and Confederate flags, nor do they don’t have to use racist namecalling to get show off their ignorance.

A white supremacist can be in a suit and tie, a dress, casual wear, or completely naked. They can be male and female. They can even be nonwhite!

The bottom line is that if they support and practice racism and oppression based on color, or if they so much as deny that it exists and do nothing, they are white supremacists.

Sounds harsh? So what!? It’s NOTHING compared to being a victim of such a system.


17 thoughts on “What Is a White Supremacist?

  1. Wow! This is an eye opener for sure. I don’t know much about Guiliani. The black guy on the bottom I think I saw a you tube on something he was blathering on about. He seemed like some kercheif head negro. He just seemed like a sellout like Herman Cain. I think he his name was Reverend something. I got turned off by him. I need to do some research on Guiliani. but I’m not surprised though. I guess It’s not always the obvious fool with the pillow cases with the eyes cut out. swathed in their bed sheets. It can also be an individual in black skin or a POC. This was a good post as always.

    1. Mary, I seen a couple of his videos, too. As a matter of fact, I was doing some reading on Stormfront’s website last week (for specific purposes), and someone actually posted one of his videos on their site. Needless to say, many of the “friends of Stormfront” beccame gung-ho and basically concluded that this was the type of “black” that we should be proud of.

    1. Yeah those comments were headache inducing more whiny ‘Is not me it’s my ancestors’ or ‘I’m not repsonsible for what my ancestors did’ oh really?! I guess James Byrd and Brandon Mclledand were killed by your ‘ancestors’ huh. Her commentary and comments afterward was a load of insipid tripe.

  2. Some blacks people delude themselves thinking racism no longer exists or only manifests itself within fringe groups like KKK and other loons. Racism has only gone covert and has become systemic. There is a whole new type of ‘racism’ now. The Kerchief head will always deny it even though it may wreak havoc on their mental and physical health.

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