White Male Assaults Black Female

Thanks Linda. White male racists…I’m sorry. I meant race realists, love to display any example of a black male assaulting and(or) raping nonblack women particularly of the Aryan variety. Sometimes they make up such news in order to state their case. However, most of them believe that the reverse can not possibly happen in this […]

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Black Extermination in Alagoas

Thanks Ankhesen Mie. The issue of black lives being taken at such a high rate has never been among America’s top priorities to deal with. This Summer’s bloodshed in the streets of Chicago proved that the lives of young blacks are vulnerable in a hostile nation like the United States. What’s more revealing is this […]

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Jay, the Troll From Philly

I’ve had a lousy day today, one of many, and a certain troll hasn’t made it any better! So yes. I’m going to unleash my rage. Jay From Philly is a fly-by-night troll who pops up once every few weeks to leave a steaming, stinking, pile of shit about how black men nothing but thugs, […]

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Why Argue?

The White Racial Frame (WRF) is a hell of a drug. One symptom is that it leaves one “stuck” in a single-track that continues to play “White people are awesome” or “Racism no longer exists”. No matter what is said or done, those of us who’ve accepted the harsh truth are always wrong. To those […]

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