BS at the RNC

Last night, I watched coverage of the 2012 Republican National Convention. It was mostly a republican’s house party complete with some dumbfuckery entertainment that includes treating a CNN Anchorwoman like some kind of zoo animal, and Clint Eastwood’s slaying of an imaginary President Obama. It was a show that reminded (mostly) White Americans of the loss of so-called American wholesome values that vanished when women, black and brown people were given freedoms.

Throughout the whole program, the common themes of loving America and church values were spoken almost ad nauseum with most of the guest speakers including Presidential hopeful himself Mitt Romney. Their faith in a white male god is part of the conservative trope. To them, America is a God-fearing nation, a chosen nation that was founded to be a model for all countries around the world and to be their “protector” from all kinds of threats except from those from America itself. In their minds being a religious non-Muslim believer is part of the American Dream if one is to succeed in life.

Personal responsibility was also mentioned at the convention. You see, personal responsibility for conservative Republicans is a one-way street. It means that other people, particularly the poor and poor people of color should only hold themselves responsible for…being poor. You see, if they just simply go out and find some work, they wouldn’t be so damn poor. And it’s not the fault of failed economic policies, especially those put forth by the Grandfather of the modern day Republican Ronald Reagan and all of his GOP successors.

Republicans believe that by helping businesses, especially big businesses, the economy would pick itself back up. History has shown that it’s pure bullshit. By giving businesses so much help, they eventually can do whatever they want even if it hurts their workers and adds another million in their bloated bank accounts. In short Republicans want to help those who can help themselves and help Republicans.

Lastly, we can not forget the Obamaphobia that’s been buzzing around like a swarm of bees. Conservatives are hellbent to get the current President out of office to the point where voter suppression is a priority. What kind of voters would be suppressed? You guessed it! Black voters. The party is certain that most black people will cast their vote for Obama they will do and say anything to turn the tide in their favor even if it means taking the right granted to a people who have fought so hard to obtain. We definitely saw that during W’s rise to power.

All this and more comes from a party that claims to have nothin’ but love for America. Yet, they support various forms of exclusion and oppression against people who do not define their definition of what an ‘American’ is! They are stuck in the 1950’s sitcom version of America, and they desperate want that America back by any means available.


18 thoughts on “BS at the RNC

  1. In Texas the voter id got the kaboosh. Jerks they really are some scheming a***holes. They figured if they could discourage African Americans, elderly people, immigrants with questionable legal status to be in this country that would do the trick. Why do Arican Americans want to be apart of this racist party is beyond my comprehension. I have lost respect for clint eastwood. The throwing the peanuts at the camera woman from cnn, Really shows what their tru colors are.

  2. Hey brotha, This is off topic but I have an idea for a theme song for your project. “Bow Down” by Ice Cube and Westside Connection. Hey it was just a thought.

      1. Hey Brothawolf, I’m late on this, but I wanted to comment anyway.
        I too, watched the RNC and indeed felt nauseated. In fact, the more I read anything pertaining to Republicans, watch anything pertaining to Republicans or hear anything pertaining to Republicans, the less my stomach can tolerate it.
        Many of these loyal adherents wear the Republican armor as both a mask and a buffer to defend themselves against accusations of racism. But many of them deserve these accusations, for behind these proclamations of “God this” and “God that ” stands their real god: tradition. Tradition of white male supremacy, heterosexual “normalcy” and minority irrelevancy. This becomes more & more blatantly apparent with each incredulous accusation and claim that they make against anyone who doesn’t coincide with their “morals” and “values”.
        They make me sick.

  3. The RNC is such an amazing mass of groupthinking bigots. It’s a little terrifying that their golden boy has a chance of actually being president.

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