Banned: Allegory

I’ve had my fun and entertainment, and I’m sure some people did as well. But sometimes you have to move on to something else after seeing the same shit over and over again. It becomes unbearable and pointless, and that’s the time where you have to pull the plug. And that’s what I’m doing with a certain fool who goes by the name Allegory.

For those that don’t know, Allegory claims to be a White European who owns a pet wolf. He comes to my blog to accuse me of being a racist, something that I openly admitted to given that I was born in a racist nation and adapted to its culture – not by choice. Allegory has tried his best to demonize me for my blogs concerning white racism and how it affects people like me who are nonwhite. In other words he hates when I speak the unflattering truth about the white race.

Allegory comes off as an insane, Neo-Nazi wanna-be with incoherent babble that contradicts his own comments. He accuse me of being a racist, but has implied and admitted that he is a white supremacist. He believes that God created people of color to be hated upon by whites. And, he has a distorted view of history let alone reality, especially when it comes to who are the oppressed people.

I decided not to argue with Allegory not because I couldn’t win. It’s not about winning with him, but knowing that some people are terminally ill with ignorance that a dose of intelligence and decency will not cure him. He is too far gone in his white supremacist mindset. So, I decided to let him post his hate-filled rants for amusement to show the world how far the white supremacist mentality can go online.

And then, I got word from a fellow blogger that Allegory was plotting my and another blogger’s death. I think it was based on part of the following comment:

“@Brother Adolf (His name for me which is strange seeing as how he referred to Adolf Hitler as ‘Adolf the Great’). I would have written much broader answers at first, but I was tired from planning the death of a Coloured, with … you guessed it. A white girl.

It’s difficult having to dignify a mere religious themed article, when it presents no interest. My religion may be of the christian faith, but it is not discussed by someone as ignorant as you.

But planning the mating of worms within the corpse of a PoC, one of yours ethnically, tends to find more interest with me.


I’m not sure if this was the comment or not as Allegory has gone past comprehension, both reading and writing. But with the concern of a couple bloggers and a few commenters, I have decided to permanently ban Allegory from this blog.

Congratulations! You are the second white racist nutjob that has earned the distinction of getting his goofy ass removed from my blog. You’re right up there with Unamused whom I’m sure you would love to hang with if you haven’t already. You two have a hell of a lot in common.

All kiddin’ aside. If you are indeed plotting to kill me or the other blogger, it shows that you deep inside you know you were losing despite your claim that you are not bothered and that you were winning. Fool, you were not winning. You were getting owned by me and the people here, but you were too dumb to realize it. And now you’re mad, so mad that you’re thinking about killing me and another blogger. Get the fuck outta here.

I know you’re all talk and no action. You’re just trying to intimidate me into giving in to your bad comedy. You really are a pathetic excuse for humanity with Unaumsed being a close second. You might be the poster child for family inbreeding. You hate for nonsensical reasons that have no place in intelligence or morality. Even white supremacists are laughing at your rape-obsessed white ass. That’s a riot if you asked me.

To put it simply Allegory, YOU ARE BANNED!


23 thoughts on “Banned: Allegory

  1. What in the blue motherfuck?

    Brotha Wolf, I don’t know how you stand it…but hey, give folks enough rope and they will hang themselves.

  2. Thank goodness, I was wondering how long this was going to go on. It was amusing for a minuet but got tiresome and annoying.

  3. Aw, shucks – the addled rantings of one who obviously dosed themselves with meth AND bath salts were entertaining! You’re right, though…when the predictable implosion happens, it’s time to pull the plug. After all, even vegetables deserve humane treatment.

  4. @ Brothawolf:

    Please allow me to say I will miss Allegory and his comments like I will miss flushing stool down the toilet. 🙂 Er, yeah. lol! 🙂

  5. Reminds me of a mob/action movie quote: See didn’t I tell ya,didn’t I fucking tell ya?!
    but seriously Its remarkable and sad that I fellow member of our species has the ability to read,use a computer and get on the internet but is unable to express empathy nor maintain a coherent cooperative dialog with fellow members of its own species due allegedly to minor phenotypic differences .

  6. Even with all that neo-nazi garbage he was espousing. Those individuals probably would’nt let him in their stupid group to play their sick reindeer games. He was probaly just some pathetic outsider with no friends.

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