The Hateful Savior Pt. II

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It’s hard for me to absolutely believe that there is such being as God, at least according to others around my way. I’ve been told, sometimes without permission, that God is a  gentle God. I’m told He – God is a male by the way – is almighty who created the Earth and the heavens. I am also told that He loves all people.

Why is it hard for me to accepting that version of God? Honestly speaking, I’ve seen no evidence of a kind and benevolent God who loves everyone. Instead, I am reminded that God apparently has limited power who only cares for certain people. The prayers of those people are heard and considered while the prayers for others by others are ignored. The usual response as to why is because God is working on His time, not our time.

Sounds like a procrastinator to me. I mean if God is that powerful and caring, shouldn’t He step in without hesitation and solve the world’s problems?

In the last post I touched on the fact that God is humanized. For precisely, He’s been whitewashed and heterosexualized. God is a white male who cares for only white heterosexual men here in America (in a special way) and all over the world with white heterosexual women being a close second. Everyone else, especially those with dark skin, is hated and forsaken by God because of their skin. The dark skin is a sin, a sign of human inferiority, and God hates that. This is why whites are at the top damn near everything because this is what God wants.

This is also why black people can never truly win. Sure, you can pray for an end to white racism, black internal racism, exploitation and all other ills plaguing blacks worldwide, but that seems to be too much for God to handle. Instead, pray for something simpler like a new car or a job. You’ll likely get that than the chance to be truly treated as a human being. He’s no Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X. He’s just our Savior, and to some us, he’s our White Savior – which explains a hell of a lot.

God can not stand homosexuality. He intended the opposite sexes to be one with each other and not with themselves. It says so in the Bible that such an act is a sin, and you must go with what the Bible says without thinking even if you pick and choose which is convenient. Apparently to some church-goers, homosexuality only sin that is worthy of attention. Any other sin such as murder, adultery, and hatred comes second to none. Sexuality and procreation are prime concerns it seem.

And yet, when you question this and other ideals, self-proclaimed Christians will chastise you to death. If you are a nonbeliever, to them, you are on a one way trip to Hell. You don’t fully believe in God and therefore you don’t get to go to the realm of clouds and angels. That’s not unlike saying that if you question how this country performs, then you hate America. And if you don’t love America, you are worst than a terrorist.

But, there is a plausible argument.

Most religious people believe that God is omnipresent which means He’s everywhere, even inside us. Therefore, God hasn’t done any of those things because humanity has corrupted God in its attempts to humanize Him. Man isn’t perfect and as such, we made God imperfect as well. This is why the world’s problems persist without much or adequate help.

This is also why many people within the poor communities and communities of color turn to God so much. History shows that we’ve been forced to believe the worst in ourselves. We were brainwashed to think we are inferior and as such, have no power. We continue to internalize that message day in and day out while also believing that God -a white male god will help us.

This is why problems persist throughout the world. Humanity has turned what we call God into a human being with limits, flaws and hatred. Only when mankind, especially blacks, wake up and realize their true potential will God truly answer prayers. Until, then, we are forsaken.


17 thoughts on “The Hateful Savior Pt. II

  1. I attribute this to the effect of the internet and blogs.
    you ,abagond and others are continually critiquing analyzing and deconstructing the albinic/white population and its culture.
    with results that show this population to be extremely pathological.

    The albinic population needs to have its male members aggrandized as all powerful creator ruler gods to psychologically control more melanin populations.

    while I stand by my initial realization that the god concept is false and no such being does nor can exist;

    I was unaware of a far more important fact of reality – that members of my /one’s own family community and species are one’s biggest threat and obstacle in one’s limited duration existence.

  2. Interesting post. Although I don’t agree with some of your points, like asking why God doesn’t end all of world’s problems (like He should serve all of our desires), you make a good point about people using the concept of God to meet their own agendas and personal values. Also, I also despise the fact that many believers judge others to the point of condemning them to eternal damnation simply for not thinking the same way they do. I used to be a fundamentalist christian, so I understand what they believe. It is truly a loveless way of thinking. By the way, nice background pictures in your blog!

    1. I was asking why doesn’t He solve the world’s problems IF He’s such a loving, caring and all=powerful God. It would seem like an easy task for a being such as He.

  3. Ok…

    The Most High loves you. In fact, he loves all of us. You, a black man, was created in his image. Given the greatest gift of all: Life.
    Yes there is strife and turmoil but WE caused that. God let’s us make our own choices and for better or for worse, we must live with it.

    But…during all those difficult times, he was with you. During the pain and tears, He gave you strength to carry on.
    He is real. This I know for a fact.

    But, you have to be the one to believe it.

      1. Why do you think of it as “enslavement” ? The Coconut tribes simply fled from Afrika because Muslims of the Caliphate used to ride on camels or horses, and capture black slaves from deserts and jungles. Bedouins of the Muslim cavalry used your kind for forced labour, in order to support their war machine, and hundreds of thousands of slaves were used in each expedition, with the large muslim armies fighting in distant lands (Asia, Afrika or Europe).

        Therefore many of you chose to sail to Amerika willingly, to escape muslim raiders or pirates, and protection from Superior Whites. Others fled to Asia, to be protected by nonmuslim Indian kingdoms or turkish khaganates or khanates or whatever nonmuslims lived in Asia then.

        The Refugees of War from Afrika were welcomed in Amerika, as friends who ambitiously worked side by side with white colonists, to earn a new life better to their war ridden dangerous past in Afrika.

    1. So in who’s image where white people created in?

      Is it likely you’ve seen too many Jew Carrey movies with God played by Morgan Freeman?

      If you truly believe some black guy is God, you are beyond salvation. Why would any god allow “slavery” and other so called torments such as racism to plague it’s “divine” children?

      Care to explain that? Also, what makes you think it was even a god that made this world, instead of a demon who made a wild bet with an archangel?

      The archangel made white people, and has the angels to protect us, while the demon who spawned the bet, and made this world, made your races. The “coloured” are demon children.

      If you attempt to twist Das Kreator into the image of a Divine, instead of Demonic entity, you may begin by providing proof, twinkey. Proof, if you offer, and I’ll easily accept your theories.

      It would be reckless of me to blindly believe you, absent proof. And find something other than just “positive energy”, to prove your points this time.

      I don’t believe in “energy”, therefore such attempts at reasoning fall upon death ears, with this one *points at self*.

    1. /Hatred is the true measure of Divinity. Racism accomplished much more than any of us could accomplish our entire lives, if we worked together!

      Truly, to Hate is Divine. To tolerate is human and pathetic.

  4. No where in the testament(s) does it say “Jesus saves the Negro and Coloured”. So why force the responsability for Salvation unto poor white, Jesus?

    Hasn’t Germany been through enough? Now you ask their Saviour, German Jesus to save the Coloures, instead of saving the Germans.

    Save your own damned selves ! Stop asking a German Gnostic to do it for your lazy asses.

    The only time you PoC are mentioned in the Bible, is when Jesus says: “Don’t beat your SLAVES too hard …. you still need them to harvest cotton and tend the sugar cane fields”.

    Thanks to that you are no longer beaten, by the good ass christians who decided you are better exploited anonimously, by the collective state, than as personal help.

    “Share your slave with your tribesfolk”. This is why those slave owners sold their slaves into public service. This is what Christianity was all about. Sharing! You slaves were shared with other people as well.

    So you have Jesus to thank for not waking up to a whip in your face, day and night.

    When are you simpletons ever going to understand, CHRISTIANITY IS ONLY FOR WHITE PEOPLE !!!!

    Only Whites deserve to be “Saved”, whatever that may imply. Your ilk is reffered to as “The Peoples”, or the pagans and nonbelievers. Who will burn in a firey sea, during the Rapture.

    Whites are “at the top” because we’re Superior. Not because some uncaring “Eve” God wants us there.

    White “heterosexual” maleages have developed a daddy complex, because americans are frequently abandoned by their parents. Thanks to idiocy / crapitalism / demoncracy.

    Inferior races have no “maternal instincts” for their own blood. They’re too “tolerant and open minded” to Racially Favour their own children, for fear of creating some Nazi Germany Superior Race Cult, or something.

    So they abandon their subhuman spawn, who fall prey to Neo-Christianity, which is little more than Communist lies, and Liberal vomit, to compensate using “The State” as their Pseudo-Parent that went missing.

    That’s why mindless Western Trash who are so dark, they make Asians look white by comparisson, attempt to warp the bloodthirsty White Supremacist German “Gott” of White Europe into a Western Lazy Ole’ Faggon who spits Booze Fire at those mexicans who cross the borders ilegally.

    Westerners are not White Enough to be the “Chosen People”. They are simply Meltische Pigs, of Indian, Turkish, Muslim, Jewish, Afroid and Asian descent.

    Rarely are there actual “White People” in Amerika, if they’re recent immigrants from decades or a century ago (WW1 adjacent).

    Otherwise look at CNN or other (Piece of Shit) Amerikan stations which have such rainbow skins, orange, olive, that the odd Asian they put in there “for token representation”, looks white by comparisson.

    It’s ignorant to call Amerikans “White”. Most of them are more coloured than Asians. In fact, There may be more White People in Latin Amerika , or South Amerika and Central Amerika, who don’t even speak Englander !!!

    That’s how subhuman amerikans are. If there were any white ones, they probably left amerika for “Someplace Sane”.

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