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I will admit. Sometimes I question the validity of the existence of God when confronted with the world’s endless sea of problems. One of them being racism of course. I’ve been told over and over by different people that God is a loving god who loves all people. And then, there are those proclaiming to be of the Christian faith that believes God hates (your answer here).

Nowadays, the people God hates the most are gays and lesbians. Why? It’s in the Bible. Simple as that. No questions and no theories are put forth. God hates the very people He created. Who says so? The ultra-right religious fanatics of yesterday’s so-called values we supposedly lost when gays and blacks came into the scene and asked for basic human rights. How are they?

Speaking of blacks, there was a time where God said the same thing about blacks. In fact the Mormon religion believes that possessing black skin is a sign of God’s curse. Those born with dark skinned are made to be the white man’s eternal servant. But even before the Mormon religion, black people were seen as the white man’s subordinate, unworthy of not only the love and respect of the white man, but of the white male god invented by white men.

Then, you have males claiming to be believers that show off their chauvinistic side by declaring that women are naturally inferior to them. Again, it explains it clear as day that the first woman Eve was made from one of Adam’s ribs. It explains how it was she who tempted Adam to pick the apple from the forbidden tree. Because of her, they were kicked out of Eden, and it was but one of many stories where most women were nothing but whores.

If that wasn’t enough, God is also an American. Did you know what? Some people believe that America is a nation created for God. All other nation’s, especially those within the Middle East, are against us and thus, are against God. So, it is His Divine Will that the United States become a ‘police force’ for the rest of the world even if some countries don’t need it.

So basically, if you weren’t born white, male, American (in some cases) and a list of others adjectives that are described as ‘normal’, you’re screwed. You are destined to live your life on this Earth miserably, fear and hated by the ‘chosen people’ dwelling the lands of North America and Europe. Why? Because that is a part of God’s great plan.

However, people have been trying to humanize God for years. White men are no exception by any means. After all, the depictions of Jesus in paintings all over the world has him as a white male with European features. There have been debates as to his appearance paying considerable attention to the color of skin. Yet, the white male version of Jesus persist especially in movies based on His life.

Physical depictions aside, one has to wonder who God really is when it comes to the fact that a small population of the Earth baring similar features have so much power for so long without so much as slap in the face. One wonders why a god that some sees as all-powerful, loving and forgiving would allow such a world to exist where it’s a white person’s heaven and hell for darker-skinned and homosexual people. What kind of god would allow such a world to go on living for so long and not produce any divine intervention?

The subject is multi-layered complicated and can not be explained within the length of our existence on Earth. But, one would argue that it is not the will of God that this world became a haven for white supremacy and racism. It is not God’s plan to have his creations suffer because they were not born according to the plan of the (white heterosexual) man.

In short it is man who hates you, not God.

The argument would conclude that the world is shaped by the actions of man and only man. It is he who have created so much pain and misery. And it is God who will always be there for those who are suffering. The deadly sins of man will not flourish forever. The world as we know it will cease to exist, and a new world will be born. Hopefully, the people of the new world will learn from the old one.

Some have claimed that today’s world is on its last legs. The global economy is sinking. America’s popularity is dwindling. And people are becoming more and more tired of the insanely rich getting wealthier and greedier. People desire a change, freedom from the shackles of oppression and sorrow. They want a better world for themselves, everyone and future generations. That is the world that they believe God truly wants us to have, a world where everyone, not just a small few, could appreciate what the world and the universe has to offer. A world where everyone is recognized for their humanity and are treated with love and respect. Anything less is un-Godlike.