Empowerment Through Expense

Being black in America means that at some point during the day, you have to hear or read about how fucked up you are as a black person. Society tells you all the time that your people are ‘the problem’. There are no explanations other than the fact that you are black. As such, your black skin is a sign of disgrace and worthlessness. I’m not exaggerating. I’m bring real.

It’s bad enough that it comes from the white mainstream narrative, but it is incorporated into the minds and hearts of blacks who believe the white racist frame that their people are born bad. Some of them have used that idea when it comes to seeking love, and certain representatives will advocate the same mindset to other blacks of a particular subset while blaming certain members of their communities who fit the mainstream’s stereotypes. I call this Empowerment Through Expense (ETE).

To empower means to strengthen others politically, economically, educationally, and spiritually. Those who seek love and romance believe they are empowering those of a specific race and gender. However, those who use ETE will proclaim that a particular gender is being  ‘oppressed’ in some way, shape or form by the opposite sex of the same racial group. At the same time they also believe that members of a different racial group are a better choice and that interracial dating is the best way to go to find true love. Most likely, that other group is white.

It is especially true in the black community. There are black men who believe that dating outside his group is best considering how they give in negative and racist stereotypes about black women. Likewise, there are black women who conclude that dating non-black men will find the kind of love they think they aren’t getting from black men. Both likely will affirm that the best partner of choice is white based on, again, racial stereotypes that white people are – in one way or another – are better than black people.

This is also true when it comes to gays and lesbians in the black community. Some will consider that interracial dating of the same gender will lead to bigger and brighter things. Of course, members of the LGBT black community are trashed based on the pain of past relationships and the ideal of seeing themselves as a monolith, a symptom of white racism found in some people of color.

Internalized racism plays a major part in ETE. It tells the people who have obviously been hurt by members of his/her race that their people are generally no damn good, especially when it comes to relationships. Statistics about marriage in the black community are used to prove their points. Recognition of racist whites with the same sentiments are used as arguments for supporting interracial dating. Again, all is done at the expense of the black community.

I am not against interracial dating or marriage, but I live in a society where color (still) matters. Most examples of ETE in the relationship department conclude that white people are the perfect mates while black people are less-than-satisfactory partners. Neither conclusions are based on fact. They are based on racist archetypes adapted by the marginalized and supported by the mainstream. It is an effective trick to get the black community to hate themselves and each other while loving the white man. 

One solution is to educate themselves not through mainstream learning or entertainment, but through cold-hard facts that society abhors to face.

Another solution is to try not to give in the constant incoming messages of white supremacy flowing from everywhere. Somehow one must avoid such messages and images in order to not end up brainwashed.

Finally, one must also train him/herself to see the beauty of blackness through all kinds of heartache. One must realize that not all or most of a particular gender is screwed up or, at least, screwed up for nothing. And one must not see groups of people as a monolith based on similar features. In other words not all whites are good and not all blacks are bad.

The basis of finding love is to find someone that makes you happy and someone you want to be happy. That person can be from any background in any color. However, if you intend to find love based on skin color and the myths linked to that color, it is not real love.

This post is not an attack on any empowerment movement that doesn’t throw its own people under the bus.


47 thoughts on “Empowerment Through Expense

  1. OMG! You were eavesdropping on my conversation earlier! Thank you!
    Brothawolf, I’m so tired of this brainwashing, sometimes by our own people to love whiteness and hate blackness.

    When are we going to realize that this trick is the greatest ruse ever created? It’s an updated version of the Willie Lynch Syndrome.

    1. That’s how ingenious and powerful it is. It’s like the vampire effect where one bites you and you turn into one yourself.

      I don’t know if some of them even care if they did know because they are rifted with so much despair and hopelessness that it seems useless and futile.

    2. You CANNOT “love” “Whiteness”. Whiteness is NOT an act, or phenomenon. It’s just a natural skin condition of living beings, who are not hideously mutated by the sun’s damaging monstrous radiation.

      And it’s not like vampires biting you or converting you. They simply “love” the types of culture or society being promoted by the whites in their own white societies. Such as: self respect, dignity, mutual respect, empathy, understanding, intelligence, awareness, and many others that Ethnics lack, since you never belonged in Europe’s Holy Lands.

      It’s simply Attraction. Whether it’s to guns, drugs, “the musics” or “white living”, it’s all the same stupidity.

      Whites have no standards. We each live how we want to live. If some useless bastards want to be friendly or live like upnosed faggots, in true Oriental Western fashion, those are stupid turks and muslim bred ignorants, not “Whites”.

      They only try to attract the Coloures into their “white living” or stereotypes to control you easily. Maybe use you somehow.

      But in a normal world, and society, your kind would never know the first thing about how whites lives, or how even a single white lives.

      The lives of white people are simply …. none of your concern. EVAR!#!#$

  2. You made so many great points in this post-where to begin? lol Well, I would like to comment about the need to “surround ourselves with positive images in media, tv. etc”. Very true!

    For example I like to cook new dishes-many “ethnic” cuisine if you will..and I can’t help but notice at some foreign food stores how there are often many people “of color” (Indian, Mestizo, African, et al).

    Just viewing the many beautiful and multi-hued faces is enough to instill within me a sense of pride! I can’t help but wonder how good it must feel to see these positive images of one’self on a daily basis, you know?

  3. Well Brother, That a lot of trying to get black people to love themselves There needs to a a movement like the sixties and seventies. I feel that we as a people have moved backwards instead of forward. I don’t know what happened in the last twenty years for things to have gone so horribly wrong with brothers and sisters. There is a serious disconnect between us. We used to care about each other.

    1. Yep. We’ve moved backwards because this society has moved backwards. It’s moving towards those times of “good ole’ American values”. You know, where women and coloreds knew their place.

      1. Women have never known “their place”. They are out of control and impossible to educate.

        Why do you think schools exist? They try their absolute humanely best to train “bitches” instead of human beings.

        Just look at Jew Society England. With preteen stripping poles and strip lessons, or nude gymnastics so that jews have an eyeful of little white english girls.

        These are your western values. Created by Pedophiles and Jews. Who are almost always the same.

      2. That’s true. It’s funny how people actually believe we’re moving forward.lol I think it’s all an illusion of progress. Black people have to reclaim their minds. Our children our lost in this country of anti-blackness. It’s difficult to love yourself when you have such negative images around you. We are not gangsters,pimps,whores,drug dealers,bitches,criminals and baby mamas. But when that’s all you see–it’s hard to not believe that’s what you are. Gangsta rappers don’t help as well. It reinforces stereotypes that others already think about us.

    1. I heard there is a movement to love your blackness that originated in the West Coast (I think). I saw a page for it on Facebook once. I don’t know if it’s still happening, but we need to keep movements going and going hard.

      1. What about loving my whiteness? How do you feel about white people loving our “whiteness”?

        Honesty, 66. No more jew lies. This isn’t soviet russia y’know …

      2. I’m going to explain it so even you can understand it. Now, read carefully.

        If you truly loved your whiteness, you would not be here at every post leaving your racist and slanderous filth behind and promoting that whites are superior by tearing my people down. That says the exact opposite. It means that you hate your whiteness so much that you project that hatred onto PoC, particularly Blacks and Africans. If you’ve loved your whiteness, you wouldn’t have allowed my blog to antagonize you to the point where you feel the need to leave behind stupid, hateful comments like you’ve been doing for months now.

        In short, Allegory. You hate yourself more than you hate me.

      3. I don’t hate myself at all. If I did, I wouldn’t have the self esteem to challenge you here, and win as I always do. I would avoid such victories, and yet here I am. Enjoying my White Victory … what’s self loathing about that?

        It is you who hates me, not I. Since I do not hate myself, that means I hate you even less than zero. Which means I could never be “racist”, as your puppetmaster Trotsky preached, since there is nothing about you worth hating.

        You are simply unworthy of my hatred. The Polish, the British, the Spanish … now THEY are worthy of my hatred. I hate those bastards, and desire to murder them all. Does that make me racist against them?

        Make up your mind, coward. If I am racist against them, that means I can’t be racist against PoC, at all. And you just undermined your whole false argumentation, stumbling upon your own desperate attempts to decredibilize my perspective and realistic points of view.

      4. What makes you think I want to be challenged by the likes of you? And what makes you think that you’ve won? Won what, the Special Olympics? LOL

        I don’t hate you. I just find you ridiculous. You admitted to me that you were a white supremacist meaning that you ARE a racist. And confessing your genocidal thoughts not only makes you a racist, but a psychopath.

        I suggest it is you who needs to make up his mind – such as it is.

        I think you’re trying to undermine my blog for your selfishness, but it won’t work, not in a million billion years. You see, this is a blog that is against your kind of broken mentality and low-level intelligence. You are the cowardly troll who’s trying so hard to shatter this blog, but it’s futile.

      5. And you know the funny thing is, there is a plethora of websites and blogs for either black men and black women highlighting the failures of the opposite gender and why and how white people are the answer. I can find these easily, but somehow cannot find many sites like blkandmarriedwithkids that encourage black folks to hang on to your black intimate partner and supports for black marriage–as this is the reality for many black people.

      6. There are a few out there–it requires really keeping your eyes open…if you haven’t already heard, Tanzanian officials want to offer dual citizenship to African Americans…i will post the link if you want it.

      7. You tout about how your ilk is “superior”, only because you want to be proven otherwise. I have proven you otherwise.

        You need to be manhandled, and roughly smacked across your ignorant brain. Why? Because Coloures have a “Child Complex”, where you pretend like whites are your “Lost Parents” because you have rape fetishes involving “Allpowerful Medieval White Men who raped us Coloures”.

        So why not humour you? Treating you like the halfbred whitey you hope to be, since obviously according to you, you ARE WHITE, thanks to your rapist white ancestors.

        Therefore, the Superior European Pureblood White, shall put in it’s place the Inferior Amero Meltische Pig, who is only part white. Therein lies your Racial Reintegration.

        Unleash your Inner Slave! Be who you were afraid to be! Subserviant to Whites.

        How would a racial mixpot stew like you, ever have a clue about what White Supremacy is? To you, white supremacy is all the reasons why you are inferior, or misshappen, or unlucky. To Whites, it’s a natural state of Supremacy over the Unhappy Coloures, who have miserable lives, for who knows what grand reason, which surpasses our (your) senses of observation, which therefore remain perplexed, as it were.

        White Supremacy existed long before your Mudskin cripples were even discovered and elevated by their White Conquerors. It has absolutely nothing in common with racism, which is a communist principle, designed to attack Coloured people.

        Just look at Trotsky’s definitions for “racist”. You’re a perfect match !!! You are the Perfect Racist.

        My white race has no traditions or habits which I hope to preserve, nor do I believe in “cultures”, which are shallow hobbies for those of simple minds.

        You, however, are transfixed with some imaginary “LAWS OF AFRIKA” and supposed Coloured Pride, which point you out as the true definition of a racist.

        The communists merely observed your kind, and found the suitable word, for you to be known and exposed in public, for what you truly are.

        A traditionalist racist preacher of intolerance.

  4. If you believe you are your skin, then you become it.

    If you believe skin defines you, which you obviously do, you are shallow. If you didn’t believe in skin colour’s importance, or race you would not be bothered by it’s associated attributes.

    Therefore you chose to let your skin define you, by complaining how “wrong” it is for humans to associate your skin with whatever.

    Humans are simple minded, associative pleebs. What did you expect, that they would NOT associate colours with anything, ever, in their entire lives? What’s the point in having vision then, if you don’t see colours?

    Colours exist in nature to warn you of danger. The poisonous snake that has black, red and yellow rings on it’s scales is such an example. If red touches yellow, it’s deadly.

    Why not simply ask everyone to perform brain surgery, removing the colour filtering sides of their brains completely, just so you “feel comfortable in your skin”, and “generally good about yourself” ?

    In fact, why don’t you do it, to set an example?

  5. With fame, there’s almost always more than meets the eye. The Empowerment movement may not be entirely indigenous. It’s worth following the money trail.

    As to me, I’m against interracial relationships.

  6. Why not simply ask everyone to perform brain surgery, removing the colour filtering sides of their brains completely, just so you “feel comfortable in your skin”, and “generally good about yourself” ?

    Won’t work. They tried lobotomizing you, plying you with mammoth dosages of anti-psychotic drugs, but still you are an insane asshole. As for ‘comfort in your skin”m are you being figurative, or is this an aspect of your hallucinations we’ve up to now, have not encountered?

  7. Michelle Obama
    Why white America perhaps fears Michelle more than Barack.

    …as hard as it is to accept a black president, it’s even harder to accept a black first lady. First Lady has always held a beloved sentimental mother/wife of the nation symbolism.

    Conservatives are not ready to have to look at this very BLACK woman with her degrees and her fierceness and see her as the epitome of the American mother/wife.This will be a first for white people. They do not want this black woman in the Whitehouse as their first lady. That New Yorker cartoon was [actually] about Michelle – she was its focal point…..look closely… she is the leader, the one starting the “revolution” theywant you to imagine…………MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said, in the course of covering the Obama candidacy, ‘He (Barack Obama) brings none of the20’ bad stuff, you know?” By ‘Bad Stuff’, he meant the legacy of [whites] enslaving Africans in this country, keeping them as second-class citizens until 1965, a mere 11 years before this country celebrated its 200th anniversary. You know, ‘the original sin’, or ‘ the birth d efect’, as Condi Rice called it. Barack escapes this ‘bad stuff’ only because his mother was white and may have had ancestors involved in the slave trade; and also because Barack’s father was not African American. He was full blooded African and therefore Barack had no ancestors enslaved byAmerica – and so the white guilt factor is missing when they think ofhim. HOWEVER, NO SUCH LUCK WITH MICHELLE!Michelle Obama is a direct threat and lightening bolt against White Superiority. Because, she’s Black… VISIBLY BLACK… But it’s important to note, she does not, in any way,shape, or form, contour to the acceptable Black Pathologies that enable White Supremacy to sigh with relief. [welfare mother, fatherless child, druggie, etc.] Michelle was raised in a neighborhood. In a home. With TWO parents. No child revolving in and out of jail.

    Raised by a Black man who not only provided for his family, but did so, WITH A DISABILITY. Her mother had a working class job – secretary- but it was taken ONLYafter she had seen her youngest child settle into HIGH SCHOOL.Michelle Obama’s poise, her confidence, her aura – that was created by that humble Black man, who by all accounts, adored her. He told her that she is worthy, and so, when you have that told to you by the first man who loves and protects you, you seek that validation of that in your choice of mate, you’ll settle for nothing less, and Michelle hasn’t.
    Michelle Obama, doesn’t fit any of the acceptable Black pathologies. And when you don’t fit the acceptable Black pathologies, then you must be destroyed. Michelle Obama has become the face of the Black America whose existence is routinely denied by this country. Think about it.In ONE generation, the face of this ‘Invisible America’ has gone from living on the top floor of a bungalow, to the possibility of living in The White House. And yet, Michelle Obama, refuses to say ” I’ m special”, in order to give white America its usual security blanket [that she is one of the exceptions rather than the rule], So what should be done?Beat her down into submission.

    Michelle Obama represents everything we black women want our daughters to be. When we stand up for her we stand up for ourselves. No other women in the world are more neglected and abused as African women period. Michelle looks like [our] daughters, her daughters look like us. We love the way Barack looks at her we adore the way he looks at his daughters. The Obamas represent the hope that we can be loved by our men and they will support us in whatever we do.

    Little African American girls need a vision anddream of what it is like to be loved by a man who looks just like them. Is America ready for a First Lady who looks like her? A regular black woman? Not a passable biracial curly haired girl that they call black, but a regular black woman from the south side of Chicago ? With dark skin?Is she going to be the face of The Woman on the largest pedestal in the country? A self-confessed “loud-mouth” black woman? If the Obamas succeed, it turns white supremacy upside down. And not because a black man is in the White House; but, because a blackwoman will be there who didn’t have to come in the back door to lie in bed with the president.

  8. Many AA women are beautiful, desirable, wonderful, loving, etc. women. Why wouldn’t ANY man love us and commit to us? if bm don’t wanna do right by them what else is there for them too do?! 🙂

  9. I marvel at the increasing number of publicized wm and other non-bm who prefer darker skinned black women. This has got to be one of the best-kept secrets in the United States, and especially among most American bw.

    I knew hate at dark bw was for a reason,it was to make them think no one wanted them. when all along men did wanted them, so why would ppl in the bc do that shit too bw. please tell me Brotha Wolf!

    1. Because Western (and European society) have a deep disdain and fear when it comes to dark skinned people. It all goes back to European colonization and slavery. It was the case then and it is the case now. Black women are by no means exempt from this. They are seen as non-feminine just like black men are seen as non-human.

  10. The following i found in The Atlantic Monthly written by a black man:

    to summarize–there is no data to show that the black “illegitimacy” figure of 70 percent has been caused by unmarried black women having more kids than they did in the past. In fact, the trend is the exact opposite. What is clear is that the behavior of married black women has changed, to the point that married black women are actually having less kids than married white women.

    This is why stigmatizing lifestyles is a strategy for neanderthals, why it’s always sinful to look past the weeds in your lawn in order to lecture your neighbor. I’ll live for the day when all these social conservatives who think that the 70 percent figure is the cause of all that’s wrong in black America, start hectoring married black people to have more kids.

    So we have dispelled the myth of the unmarried black woman, the myth that black men would rather reside in prisons and not college dormitories through the eyes of Toldson and Marks and now this, what is next…

    So if black men and women are turning to whites for romance–that is about personal preference and nothing more.

  11. ^Well its not about the opposite sex of black people being “defunct”…

    You could factor in proximity and randomness–yes, but even with those two factors, you still have a choice over who you “love”.

    And maybe i am going out on a limb here–my Ethiopian friends have been doing a lot of marrying “out” lately–but the catch is that they are not marrying out of the black race–only their nationality and ethnic groups–i know quite a few Ethiopian black men who are married to African American women. They are of course outside of Ethiopia living in the States yet somehow they seek out other black people even when they don’t have much luck in finding other Ethiopian diasporians.

    This is just my take.

  12. Maybe some people date outside their race because they just can’t get along with people who look like them?! Not everything is a ‘fetish’ or ‘payback’and even if it is maybe those people should have thought of THAT before they were so damn rejecting and let’s face it some steretypes about black men and black women are true. Maybe not everybody but some black men are lazy and shiftless while some black women are loudmouth and obnoxious. Let’s not pretend some steretypes don’t exist for a reason.

    1. Lauren,

      Stereotypes are created by those of low-level thinking who can not, for some reason, see people as complex individuals. Yes. There are black men who are lazy and shiftless and there are black women who are loudmouth and obnoxious. But, that’s not the majority of the population, not by a long shot. And there are other colors and backgrounds who are not desirable themselves.

      Stereotypes exist for the basic purpose of power and esteem, individual and collective. Looking down on all or most of the black community through a few images is not only ignorant, but also shallow.

    2. @Lauren,i’m not sure anyone here said anything about fetish or payback.I think they are recognizing that just because some whites choose some black people as romantic partners that doesn’t equate to a post racial society nor does it mean that those in IRRs are “less” racist than those whites who aren’t.

      1. It also ask questions when it comes to preference. For instance, some people exclusively date outside their race. Why is that? Also, some people who do will date members of one group. Why is that so? The website Beyond Black and White, for example, promotes interracial dating with white men only. No Latino males, Asian males, Native American males. Just white males.

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