Notable Links: 8-17/12

Asian Americans

Asian Americans are those Americans whose families came mainly from Asia within the past 300 years (not counting Siberians, Jews, Armenians, Georgians and Lebanese Christians). They account for 4% of all Americans – more people than in Ohio.

He Really Said That

For all you broke-ass Americans out there – which, last I checked, make up over 50% of the friggin’ population – I sincerely hope you are paying strict attention to this ish.  He really said that.  He really friggin’ said.

HuffPostLive: ‘Chicago Gun Violence Returns To the National Spotlight: Is Enough Being Done

Chicago’s murder rate is currently 4 times New York’s and twice as high as Los Angeles.

This truly is a crisis; serious dialogue, analysis, and solutions are desperately needed. Enough is certainly NOT being done.

Univision and NAACP Slam Debate Commission’s All White Moderators

Univision president and CEO Randy Falco on Wednesday sent a letter to Janet H. Brown, the Commission on Presidential Debates’ executive director, expressing “disappointment on behalf of the millions of Hispanics who do not have a voice in the upcoming presidential debates.”

One of my Favorite Rappers is Killer Mike.. One of My Favorite Albums is R.A.P. Music.. Our Intv w/Him

In our interview Killer Mike lays out what he says should be top priorities for any President seeking his vote as well as many within the Black Community. He details a job program in which folks coming into the community must partner with residents. He also talks about expunging the record of those who were incarcerated and returning home. Mike talks about the importance of providing programs and opportunities so one doesn’t return to prison which ultimately impacts the larger community.


8 thoughts on “Notable Links: 8-17/12

  1. Well, if Siberians, Jews or Lebanese don’t count as “asians”, even though they ethnically are, you misdefined “Asia” altogether.

    Ohio like other colonies should be taken independently, and not as some “cog in a greater alliance of other colonies”. By that standards, they are the most important or “majority” in their own region of Ohio, while the rest of your “asians” are merely outsiders and not to be counted before the actual people of the domains they live by.

    50% is still good. At least it’s not 100%.

    It is expected to use the “political potential” of the Latinos, whoever desperately tried to smuggle them “up North”, had a political and otherwise reason to exploit their vote. Maybe those Hispanic “billionaires” (crooks) are jealous of whites, and want to put their own Semitic-Latinos to dominate by plutocracy the Northern Whites. This would allow the Latinos even more proximity to the WFC (White Female Crotch).

    Latinos are rapists, which is why their judeo-communist elites are the most dangerous imperialists, who now failed to fully indoctrinate and satrapize white amerikans, which is why they need “fresh blood” from the South to profit more from the “Rich White Wallets”. RWW.

    Crime is a natural part of Amerika. Eliminating it is impossible. That’s where all the Empires sent their criminals, the whites to get rid of them from Europe, and the nonwhites to invade and steal from the white pirates and other criminals who were “unfit for White Europe”.

    See “Jews”. Those are massive cash cows for the PoC, in Amerika. Some emigrate to “El Nuevo Mundo” simply to rob jews and any other inbred criminals you inadequately refer to as “Hwaith”, because stealing from greedy imperialist pigs is what makes the Underworld go round.

    1. Whether it was created by Indians, Bolivians, Mexicans, Frenchers or Britanikers, a colony is a colony.

      Obviously none of the Ohians originate from Ohio, ethnically or historically or culturally. Unless you think english is the defacto language of the Indians, who taught the Whiteys how to “Sprachenzie Englander”, whilst they scalped, robbed or raped them?

      When it was a colony of Spain, they spoke spanish. When it was a colony of France, they spoke french. Since it’s now a colony of Englishers, they speak English.

      The major colonial force that is conquered by the Imperial force, learns and speaks mostly in the language of the conquerors. This is why you PoC talk in english more than naught. You belong with the “Conquered Races”, of centuries-ago imperialistic racist englanders.

      Why, did you have an impression they spoke Aztec, or Numibian? Perhaps Tlexakzulu or Atlantis?

      A colony is an extra european region which speak a european language. English was created in Europe, by modied NW germanic languages and dialects, mixed with french and holy roman empire “romanicized speak”, who actually colonized England themselves, in the Saxon and Frankish rules.

      So unless Ohio doesn’t speak any european languages, or is located somewhere in Europe …. it’s a colony. It speaks the language of the arrived colonists there, or the imperialist conquerors who imposed their education or language or culture or laws.

      Wow, you amerikans are daft.

  2. Why come to a blog where the participants are ‘daft’? Because if you had two heads you’d be twice as stupid! Oh, can the geography and history lessons, the school systems are already bad in that respect. We don’t need the whinging of a lunatic. If you’re bored, take up knitting. Better yet, sit and watch paint dry as it matches your intellectual capacities.

    1. Herneith,

      Allegory told me he comes here to teach me and those making comments something. As you can see, us simple minded folk aren’t learning a damn thing from him. So, he’s obviously failing. Yet, he still comes hoping I would learn something from him.

      I have learned one thing from Allegory, white supremacy and white racism can drive certain people to be crazy and stupid.

      1. There’s a lot of “crazy white people” in this world. Since by your definition, they’re all White Supremacists, and “racists”, according to your communist definition created by Trotsky the negro clown of Soviet Amerasia.

        Then why bother “teaching the whites to be better, and give up their supposed white cultures and anything that counts them as white heritage”? I don’t see you PoC giving up anything of anything, no matter where you go, or where you are.

        On the contrary you ask for more and more, and since whites are better ,we have more, and you Coloures ask for what us whites have.

        You ask us to deny our superiority by acting lowly or stupid, or beneath our level. But that only means you are made equal to whites, thus you are elevated when whites above you act like you’re their equal.

        It allows you access into White Societies, giving you a free passport and citizenship to “WhiteVille, Anywhere, World”.

        Sadly for you, WhiteVille is only for us, Whites. And Racism is a good customs officer, who doesn’t allow tresspassage.

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