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Asian Americans

Asian Americans are those Americans whose families came mainly from Asia within the past 300 years (not counting Siberians, Jews, Armenians, Georgians and Lebanese Christians). They account for 4% of all Americans – more people than in Ohio.

He Really Said That

For all you broke-ass Americans out there – which, last I checked, make up over 50% of the friggin’ population – I sincerely hope you are paying strict attention to this ish.  He really said that.  He really friggin’ said.

HuffPostLive: ‘Chicago Gun Violence Returns To the National Spotlight: Is Enough Being Done

Chicago’s murder rate is currently 4 times New York’s and twice as high as Los Angeles.

This truly is a crisis; serious dialogue, analysis, and solutions are desperately needed. Enough is certainly NOT being done.

Univision and NAACP Slam Debate Commission’s All White Moderators

Univision president and CEO Randy Falco on Wednesday sent a letter to Janet H. Brown, the Commission on Presidential Debates’ executive director, expressing “disappointment on behalf of the millions of Hispanics who do not have a voice in the upcoming presidential debates.”

One of my Favorite Rappers is Killer Mike.. One of My Favorite Albums is R.A.P. Music.. Our Intv w/Him

In our interview Killer Mike lays out what he says should be top priorities for any President seeking his vote as well as many within the Black Community. He details a job program in which folks coming into the community must partner with residents. He also talks about expunging the record of those who were incarcerated and returning home. Mike talks about the importance of providing programs and opportunities so one doesn’t return to prison which ultimately impacts the larger community.